Every time I step on the mat, my intention is to find more balance.

If I’m stressed out, I want to balance that out with calming energy.

If I’m sluggish, I want to balance that out with some motivational movement.

What if I told you that every day, all day, you are shifting between two energies, allowing one to be dominant at a time? That every person with a body is constantly fluctuating between these two? And as women, we often forget to tap into our feminine side.

Truth: Every person has masculine and feminine energy within us. Usually, one or the other is our dominant energy. We might tend to skew more masculine or more feminine.

Our job – on the mat and in life – is to harness our feminine power and balance it with our masculine energy. I want to show you exactly how to do that so you can let your light shine in the world! By taking my feminine energy quiz, you can get your energy fully balanced and aligned.

But first, we need to talk about what masculine and feminine energy looks like…

Feminine And Masculine Energy

You have both masculine and feminine energy working within you. This has nothing to do with your gender, sexual orientation, or any romantic persona. It’s simply the laws of nature!

In ancient yogic traditions, these universal energy archetypes were referred to as Shiva and shakti energy. Throughout the world, there are many other names for them: yin/yang, Shiva/Shakti, and masculine/feminine. In nature, we see this balance in the sun/moon, day/night, and light/darkness.

Primal societies honored this balance of energies and many of their leaders were androgynous. Like the goddess Inanna of Ancient Mesopotamia. She was the most highly venerated deity and was believed to have the ability to change a person’s gender. Her superpower is documented in ancient poems and demonstrates the importance of fluctuating between these two energies.

You don’t need to be a spiritual healer or a super intuitive person to access these energies. The quiz will help you identify what’s dominant for you.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to override society’s conditioning of masculine and feminine roles. We’re taught that a woman is one thing, a man is another. But we know that those stereotypes are limiting.

In order to tap into your feminine energy, you need to know what both masculine and feminine energy look like, so you can identify your leading energy. Throughout the day, one or other becomes the dominant energy and it’s constantly fluctuating!

Most women I’ve worked with are yearning to tap into more of their feminine energy. They’ve had to operate with dominant masculine energy at work and at home, and they want to know how to bring some feminine traits back into their daily life. And this quiz will help you do that!

First, what does each energy type look like?

Masculine energy loves structure, a to do list, and it is the core energy in society. It’s about making more money through a logical mind, and has little to do with emotions. Dominant masculine energy shows up when you’re feeling ready to act and get down to business. It might look like assertiveness, confidence, protection, and even, stillness. The masculine can thrive within structure and logic, but it can also become rigid and unmoving. Examples include Superman, James Bond, and Achilles.

Feminine energy is much more fluid and passionate. It’s rooted in desire, creativity, feelings, romance, joy, attraction, and words. Dominant feminine energy shows up when you’re feeling inspired and want to express and imagine. It’s what draws you to certain relationships and is heavily rooted in your intuition. However, all that creativity needs a container to express through. Examples include Wonder Woman, Athena, and the goddess Isis.

Together, masculine and feminine energy can balance each other out to aid you in making important decisions, deciding how to best spend your free time, and boosting your relationships. When both energies are in balance, you know what is a priority and also make time to relax and enjoy your friends and family. You have focus, and you have enough time to rest. When these two are working together, it’s like Romeo and Juliet falling in love.

The issue is most women have been taught to operate from their masculine energy. We need to learn how to balance that out with more feminine energy. To step out of doing and into being. To stop hustling and start living.

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When the two are working together, you fall in love with your life, your relationships improve, and your passionate side has the structure to make your dreams come true. As women, we want our feminine to be divinely aligned with our masculine. That’s why I created this quiz to help!

So let’s now look at how feminine energy affects your life…

How Feminine Energy Affects Your Life

Feminine energy needs to be in balance with your masculine energy for you to feel whole and aligned with your highest and best self.

Your feminine energy affects all areas of your life – and when it’s out of balance, might show up in relationship issues, problems with sex, family issues, and even, emotional symptoms.

Feminine energy is receptivity, intuition, nurturing, empathy, and collaboration. When balanced, you’re in touch with your emotions, easily name your desires, give compassionate understanding to friends and family, and your life is filled with harmonious relationships.

You are open to receiving and giving support, and your work is promoting a sense of community and cooperation. In a balanced state, feminine energy contributes to a nurturing environment, where creativity and emotional intelligence thrive, and your light can shine brightly! (Like Audrey Hepburn at the premiere of Breakfast at Tiffany’s!)

High Feminine Energy

When feminine energy is in excess, I like to refer to this as the Rajas state of feminine energy, better known as Hot Mess mode.

When feminine energy is too high, you might be all over the place and feel overly emotional, and unsure of what to do next. A lack of clarity, too many ideas, and taking on too much can lead to a hard time. You might even experience feminine rage. Adding more goals than you can handle leads to one rough day after another. The quiz will help you identify if you’re a person who struggles with high feminine. This can happen to the best of us women, from time to time, so no judgment! It’s simply information to help you in moving forward.

This imbalance leads to difficulties in setting boundaries.

For example, in Hot Mess mode you might find yourself saying “yes” to every request, even if it overwhelms you. You may tend to overcommit at home and at work. This could come at the expense of your self-care. Recognizing and addressing this imbalance can be crucial for reclaiming a sense of balance and ensuring a more sustainable approach in your life.

Low Feminine Energy

On the other hand, when feminine energy is too low, I like to call this the Tamas state of Shakti energy. This is when it’s easy to slip into Victim or Martyr mode (both notorious feminine archetypes). You might feel disconnected from your emotions, have an aversion to vulnerability, and difficulties in forming deep connections with others. These are all signs of blocked feminine energy.

You might feel compelled to put others first and ditch your own self-care. The world might feel overwhelming and like there’s no way to change your situation. Women, especially, tend to experience low feminine energy. Nurturing a better relationship with your feminine traits can help you discover your inner power. The quiz will help you know if you need to boost your feminine.

For example, you might find yourself embodying the Victim or Martyr archetype. You could be inclined to downplay your own needs and prioritize others to a totally extreme extent, leading to overwhelm, misplaced guilt, and a sense of powerlessness. You might even have a tendency to adopt a passive role in your own life. By addressing this imbalance, you can call back your power and become the boss of your life again! (Hint: This quiz will help!)

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How Masculine Energy Affects Your Life

Masculine energy needs to be in balance with your feminine energy for you to centered and whole.

Your masculine energy also affects all areas of your life – and when it’s out of balance, might show up in issues with loved ones, work problems, and

Masculine energy is assertiveness, independence, rationality, and goal-oriented behavior. When balanced, you exhibit confidence, leadership skills, and a healthy drive for achievement. You are decisive, take initiative, and are effective in problem-solving.

In a balanced state, masculine energy contributes to a sense of structure, stability, and the ability to navigate challenges with resilience.

High Masculine Energy

A heightened state of masculine leading energy is what I like to call a Rajas state of Hustle mode. When masculine energy is too high, you might become overly competitive, domineering, or prone to aggressive behavior. This imbalance can result in difficulties in forming empathetic connections and collaborating with others.

Low Masculine Energy

On the other hand, when the masculine is too low, you might have a lack of drive, assertiveness, and an inability to take decisive action. I like to call this a Tamas state, or Vegg mode. This is when your leading energy leads you to zone out on the couch and become inactive. Your biggest concern is how many episodes do you get to watch next.

Striking a balance between masculine and feminine allows you to harness the positive aspects of both in your every day life.

Are you ready to see if you have dominant feminine energy? Or discover what your leading energy is? It’s time to take the feminine energy quiz! (Hint: There are no right or wrong answers!)

How To Take This Feminine Energy Quiz

It’s time to take this feminine energy quiz to find out your core energy, get any clues about dominant energy, and see if you can glean any wisdom from the seven feminine archetypes.

You might already have a sense (from your intuition!) what your core energy is and if feminine energy is your dominant energy – or not. Your true nature as a woman (or any gender identity) may be covered up by society’s conditioning. You’re not alone.

It’s time to reconnect with your most important relationship – the one between these two energies, within yourself. You can discover so much about your body, mind, and spirit by developing a health relationship with your masculine and feminine. As a woman, it’s extra important to get more in touch with your feminine side – and this quiz will help you do just that!

Take my feminine energy quiz to get a recommended practice for balancing YOUR feminine energy 👇

Next Steps

Once you get your quiz results, take time to sit with the words and reflect on whether your feminine is dominant, too little, or balanced. The quiz is simply a tool to lead to more reflection.

Embracing and nurturing your feminine isn’t just some woo-woo concept—it’s a game-changer. In a world that often glorifies the hustle and the go-getter mentality, tapping into your feminine side means tuning into qualities like empathy, intuition, and compassion. It’s like adding a splash of color to a black-and-white movie; suddenly, everything becomes more vibrant, nuanced, and alive!

Think about it. When you bring in that feminine energy, you’re not just checking boxes and ticking off to-do lists. You’re diving into the depths of your emotions, understanding yourself and others on a whole new level. It’s about creating connections that go beyond surface-level interactions, building relationships with a genuine, heart-to-heart connection. Who wouldn’t want that?

But here’s the real magic: it’s not just about you. Balancing out the tough, go-getter energy with a bit of softness and receptivity can transform your work life, your relationships, heck, even how you feel day to day. You become more adaptable, more creative, and you start approaching challenges with a kind of finesse that makes life feel less like a never-ending struggle and more like a dance. So, embrace that feminine energy, because it’s a whole new way of living your best, most authentic life.

In the dance of life, finding a balance between masculine and feminine energies is the real sweet spot. Whether you’re a powerhouse in the boardroom or a compassionate force in your relationships, the interplay of both energies creates a symphony that resonates with authenticity and fulfillment.

So, go ahead, embrace the strength of your masculine side and the grace of your feminine spirit. It’s not about one over the other; it’s about the beautiful synergy that happens when they come together, creating a life that’s vibrant, connected, and uniquely yours.

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