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Have you been working on bringing more balance to the feminine energies inside you? You just might have a tool to help cultivate that balance already on your shelf! 

Let’s chat about crystals and feminine energy, beautiful souls! Whether you’re a crystal newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, these gems bring a touch of magic to the journey of embracing your feminine energy. Ready to dive in?

What Is Feminine Energy?

shiva shakti

Feminine energy, in a nutshell, is the nurturing, intuitive, and receptive force within us. It’s the Yin to the Yang, the Shakti to Shiva, bringing balance, unconditional love, and softness to our lives.

But let’s go a little deeper than that shall we?

Shakti in Sanskrit refers to the feminine energy or life force energy within you. Fun fact: Shakti is also the Goddess of Creation in the Hindu belief system. 

Now, I could go back and forth between saying yin energy/yang energies, or intertwining a Greek word for the goddesses here and there, but I’m going to stick to referring to Shakti, the Divine feminine, and Shiva for the masculine. This is a yoga blog after all 🤷‍♀️.

If you’re wondering what some of the qualities that radiate feminine energy are, here is a quick list of your Shakti attributes:

  • ♀️ Empathy
  • ♀️ Intuition/psychic abilities
  • ♀️ Nurturing
  • ♀️ Receptive
  • ♀️ Empowered
  • ♀️ Passion/desire

This is opposite of the Divine masculine, Shiva traits, which include:

  • ♂️ Drive
  • ♂️ Protective
  • ♂️ Goal/action oriented
  • ♂️ Confidence
  • ♂️ Protectiveness

It’s important to know the characteristics of both masculine and feminine energy in order to know when you are out of balance or when you need to bring more of one into a certain situation over the other. 

For example, let’s say you’ve got a big project due at work and you’re on a deadline. This would be a situation to call on your masculine traits, that hustle during the workday. But then you get home and find you started your menstrual cycle, you feel rundown and you’ve got all kinds of negative emotions running through you.

Call to the nurturing energy of your feminine side and give yourself some unconditional love to reset and feel better. See? You could need both even in a single day!

Never forget, these energies transcend gender. So whether you have a female body or a male body they are in every person and you need both in order to move through all life brings.

Take my feminine energy quiz to get a recommended practice for balancing YOUR feminine energy 👇

Why Heal Feminine Energy

Principles of Somatic Yoga

When you radiate feminine energy you are more adaptable to the constant changes life brings. You are attuned to your emotions and feel things fully. Healing your feminine energy will also work to bring your masculine energy into balance. This will make you less prone to burnout and aggression. 

Because both feminine and masculine energies live inside you, inside all of us, you can’t just say, “I’m a woman so I only need feminine energy”, or “I’m a man and masculine energy is all that matters”. No, the two energies do a beautiful dance inside everyone to bring harmony into your life. That said, sometimes one starts to overpower the other, and with modern society being so driven and achievement oriented masculine energy has had the spotlight. This is why things like chronic burnout are becoming more common. 

When you heal your feminine energy you are giving yourself a soul-hug, connecting with your intuition, expressing your emotions freely, and finding harmony in the dance of life. Healing your Divine feminine energy connects you to your inner goddess, to the entirety of your life force. Who doesn’t want to live their life with the ease these dancing energies can bring?

So I guess the real question is, why wouldn’t you heal your feminine energy? 😁

I’ve got a great Kundalini for Feminine Energy class on YouTube that you can try too! Totally free.

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What Are Divine Feminine Crystals?

Before getting into the specifics of what Divine feminine crystals are let’s review what crystals in general are and how they work:

Okay, so crystals are like nature’s little treasures, formed deep within Mother Earth. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What makes them extra special is their unique molecular structure. Picture it like a perfectly organized stack of building blocks. This structure gives crystals their distinct properties and ‘magical’ vibes. 

Here’s where the magic kicks in. Crystals are believed to interact with energy fields, both within and around us. Remember that “building block” structure? Well, it vibrates at a specific frequency. When you introduce a crystal to your energy field, it’s like a dance party – your energy and the crystal’s energy start grooving together.

Ways crystals work with your energy

  • Amplification – Crystals are like energy boosters. They amplify your intentions and the energy you bring to the table. It’s like turning up the volume on your vibes.
  • Resonance – Each crystal has its own powerful vibrations, just like your favorite song has a distinct rhythm. When you connect with a crystal’s high vibing frequency, it’s like finding your energetic jam.
  • Balancing – Crystals are little energetic maestros. They can help balance your energy, kind of like tuning an instrument. If things are a bit out of tune in your energy orchestra, crystals can help bring back harmony.
  • Protection – Ever had that feeling of wanting to create a protective bubble around yourself? Certain crystals, like Black Tourmaline or Obsidian, are like energetic bodyguards. They create a shield, warding off negativity and negative energy.
  • Healing – Crystals are like nature’s healers. They’re believed to have healing properties or subtle energies that can support physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Think of them as holistic wellness allies.
  • Intuition – Crystals are like antennas for intuition, you know, that third eye chakra space (sixth chakra). They can enhance your inner wisdom and help you tap into that gut feeling often referred to as your intuition.
  • Mindfulness – Working with crystals is like a mini-mindfulness practice. Holding a crystal, meditating with it, or simply having it around can be a reminder to stay present and centered.

It’s important to note that the magic of crystals is as much about your intention and belief as it is about the crystal itself. It’s like having a cosmic co-conspirator in your journey to inner peace.

So how does all of that work with your Divine feminine energy? 

Divine feminine energy crystals can resonate with the energy of the moon, water, and the nurturing essence of the Divine feminine. They connect to and can amplify your inner goddess. They can heal and bring balance to that part of your unique makeup.

I go through allllll of this in my Yoga for Self Mastery course where I teach you how to develop your own personalized yoga practice to connect with your divine feminine energy.

5 Crystals For Feminine Energy

5 Crystals for feminine energy

Now that you’ve got the background on what your feminine energy is, and the what/how crystals work I know what you’re wondering. Exactly which crystals will work to bring balance to your Divine feminine energy? Well….here is a short list of a few of the best feminine energy crystals to help you along your path. 

1. Moonstone

The moon is often associated with Divine feminine energy or goddess energy. So it makes total sense that a moonstone would be a great stone to harness this energy. Moonstone is basically like a cosmic mirror, reflecting the energy of the moon. It enhances intuition, promotes emotional balance, and connects you to the cycles of nature. All of which are feminine attributes. 

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz

The ultimate heart healer, hence its association with the fourth chakra (heart chakra), Rose Quartz is like a warm embrace. It is one of the best crystals to invite love, compassion, and self-care into your life, creating a soft and nurturing space. Feminine energy is nurturing and compassionate. Self care can be a BIG step into accessing your divine feminine. Are you starting to see the correlations to that inner goddess energy?

3. Amethyst


Amethyst is like a serene spa day for your soul. Its healing energy makes it a beautiful stone to soothe stress, enhance spiritual awareness, and encourage a peaceful mind, aligning perfectly with feminine aspects.

4. Labradorite


Labradorite journeys into your inner realms. This wonderful healing stone boosts intuition, taps into your magical side, your creativity and self expression, and helps you navigate the unseen with grace. One of the amazing gifts the Divine feminine gives you is adaptability. This is the perfect stone to keep with you to work with that attribute.

5. Rhodonite

Photo by Jody, @jodetoad

Rhodonite is like a wise friend. This wonderful crystal nurtures self-love, heals emotional wounds, and empowers you to embrace your unique feminine qualities. This could also be the best crystal for connecting to your higher self.

Crystals to Connect to The Divine Feminine FAQ

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What crystal is good for femininity?

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for embracing femininity. Its gentle, nurturing energy encourages self-love and compassion. Rose Quartz is personally one of my favorite crystals! Some suggest strawberry quartz as well, but strawberry quartz can be a little harder to come by. Moonstone, with its lunar vibes, is a wonderful stone for enhancing feminine energy and intuition as well, but there are so many others to choose from!

Are chakra crystals good for feminine energy?

You can work with the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, and the crown chakra to activate your feminine power. However, working with the system as a whole will be to your benefit because the role of the chakras is to move Shakti up to meet Shiva. Any beautiful crystal representing the color of the chakras(a blue crystal for the throat chakra or yellow for solar plexus for example) will be great for your lunar energy.

How to activate feminine energy?

Meditate with feminine crystals, set intentions, and surround yourself with their soothing energy. Nurture yourself more. Take time for self care and the things that soothe you. Know your self worth! This will help activate your Divine feminine as well. 

What stone balances feminine and masculine energy?

Labradorite, as mentioned earlier, is a powerful crystal and wonderful balancer, harmonizing both feminine and masculine energies for a holistic blend. Also look toward other crystals that balance the heart chakra like green calcite for example. Bringing the heart into balance is a great step to balancing these polar energies. 

How can I incorporate crystals into my practice?

Easy! Just choose a crystal to connect with and you can place it on/near your mat or even on your physical body during savasana. It doesn’t have to be just one either, you can choose multiple crystals to connect with and set one in each corner of your mat! I have an entire podcast episode where I interview Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey on exactly this. Give it a listen!

Final Thoughts

Crystal healing can be a great option for many parts of your life. Whether you’re wanting an energy amplifier to help you kick coffee or increase your self awareness/personal growth, or just something to protect you from negative energy. The best crystals to use are the ones that resonate with YOU!

Masculine and feminine traits are so out of balance in our modern lives. Use feminine energy crystals to honor that important part of your being and increase your own light. Now, I’m going to grab my rose quartz crystal and sit down for some meditation 😉 ✨💎.

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