As humans, we tend to believe the old narrative that there are external forces keeping us from achieving our goals. We lean toward a negative self-appraisal of why we aren’t accomplishing our dreams, and struggle with identifying actionable steps to get us where we want to be.

Many people are unsure of who should hire a life coach and are unaware of the benefits coaching has to offer. Some believe that coaching is therapy in camouflage, yet others simply don’t know how incredibly easy it is to connect with a coach on your schedule…

Hello, virtual coach!

Coaching and therapy have their differences and similarities; therapy is about healing and finding the root of the pain that may be embedded in the past. Therapy is driven by the belief that there is an issue that needs to be examined and worked through; therapists diagnose and treat what is distressing the client.

Therapy is hard work and may dredge up suppressed emotions.

Coaching does not operate under the ideology of healing. Instead, it focuses on the belief that the client is whole and ready for a future-oriented change. Coaching is also hard work and while feelings may arise, they are explored from a point of curiosity rather than something that needs to be treated.

A therapist may use coaching techniques, but a coach may not legally use therapeutic practices.

Both therapist and coach are focused on providing services that will bring their client into the best version of themselves and offer relevant support to life changes. However, therapy is recommended when the issues of life exceed internal resources for coping.

Now, let’s talk about the top 21 things a life coach can help you accomplish in four distinct areas of life.

Personal Goals

1. Personal Empowerment: You drive. This is your life. You make the decisions, set the pace, and your coach will help you explore all your options.
2. Fill the gap: Get from where you are to where you want to be.
3. Tools, Strategies & Techniques:  Gain the requisite tools to transform habits.
4. Sharpen your focus: Find unique ways to avoid distractions, pitfalls, and confusion.
5. Personalized plan of action: There is no one like you. Your plan will be customized for your goals and aligned with your purpose.
6. Hold space: Your coach will hold space for you to question, challenge and explore feelings of ambiguity.
7. Mindset: Bring the unconscious to awareness and take inventory of the thoughts that peruse your internal conversations.

Professional Goals

8. Elevate your career: Reclaim the enthusiasm you once had for your job.
9. Manage career transitions: Embark on a new journey and leave the feelings of stagnation behind.
10. Reach peak performance: Strategic insight to align your dream job with your values.
11. Achieve work-life balance: Set clear boundaries and achieve optimal performance.
12. Improve communication: Find your authentic voice to communicate value and significance in workplace conversations.
13. Build self-confidence: Identify and focus on your strengths.
14. Grow your network: Make your presence noticeable, your coach will help you clearly define your expertise and the best way to share it with others.


15. Integrating mind-body-spirit: Integrate a holistic approach to well-being to help you achieve total balance.
16. Spiritual nourishment: Mindfulness. Meditation. Prayer. Whatever means needed to foster a place of surrender and acceptance.
17. Financial Fitness: Gain insight to the essential components of finances and identify areas for improvement.
18. Healthy Relationships: Recognize the ways in which to embody the necessary skills to nurture the foundation in which you will build.
19. Self-Awareness: Bring awareness to the self-defeating beliefs that are holding you captive and foster discernment to change thoughts and behaviors that do not serve you.
20. Accountability: Discover the power of ownership for your actions and the results.
21. Gratitude: Promote appreciation for all that you have and all that you are.

Coaching is about asking the right questions, listening to your dreams, maintaining your vision and confronting your fears.

It is empowering you to make the choices that will lead you to becoming your best self. Your coach walks with you, offering a specialized perspective grounded in accountability and support that will help you identify your larger goals and expand your options.

Coaching is not just for the elite. It is beneficial to anyone looking to empower themselves through a thoughtfully curated plan to achieve specific and desired outcomes. Coaching provides strategic insight to guide their progression and champions their results.

The restraints of distance have been removed through technology-based coaching, so no matter where you are in the world, your virtual life coach can meet you there. Online coaching has the same personalized, challenging and supportive assistance you would receive in-person, without the hassle of traffic!

Life coaching is an investment in your future and can help you clarify your vision, reframe limiting beliefs and, step out of your comfort zone into the meaningful life you deserve.

Next Steps

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Uplifted Guest Contributor, Michelle Langley

Michelle Langley is the founder of Ahava Wellness—an online holistic therapeutic center for wellbeing— a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Personal Development Coach (CPDC) yoga teacher, writer and advocate. She has extensive experience in community wellness and mental health through her social, academic, and legislative work. Michelle is married to her super-coach husband Trae, and they reside in Texas. She is a book connoisseur, a wanderlust who stands on the belief that coffee before words is always the way to go, and mama to six incredible humans.

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