spiritual coaching

As a yogi, you’re (probably) on a spiritual path.

Sometimes, we get to a point in our journey of self-discovery when we need guidance.

Personally, I’ve worked with all types of coaches, guides, and healers along the way.

One of the benefits of working with a coach is having a mirror to reflect back to you what you need to focus on. This helps in business, in life, and even, in spirituality.

A new type of coaching that’s become popular in recent years is spiritual coaching.

This unique style of coaching delves into the realms of spirituality, helping individuals connect with their inner selves, align with their higher purpose, and navigate life’s challenges with a deeper understanding. of the world around them.

So, let’s unravel the essence of spiritual coaching, explore its benefits, understand the role of a spiritual life coach, and even discuss how you could become one yourself!

First, what is spiritual coaching?

What Is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual life coaching is a transformative practice centered on guiding people in understanding their spiritual path.

It involves delving into a person’s values, beliefs, and purpose, and helping them to deepen their connection with their higher self.

A spiritual coach acts as a supportive mentor, helping clients tap into their inner wisdom, overcome obstacles, and live a more fulfilling life in alignment with their spiritual essence.

Think of a spiritual coach as a bridge between the earthly plane and the spiritual realms.

As a loving guide, a spiritual coach will help someone connect with their spirit and a higher power, in whatever form that takes.

What Does A Spiritual Life Coach Do?

A spiritual life coach is here to assist others with their spiritual growth.

Through sessions, workshops, and talks, they’re able to help others with everything from forming a positive mindset to energy healing to developing a spiritual practice.

Spiritual life coaching can take many forms.

Ultimately, every coach is focused on personal growth, inner guidance, and helping others live a meaningful life.

Through spiritual coaching services, they might offer a wide variety of services, from guided meditations to talking sessions to practicing yoga while coaching.

Here are a few things a certified spiritual life coach might do:

  • Provide guidance on spiritual practices and rituals. Maybe they’ll lead a Winter Solstice retreat, or a ceremony for the change of the seasons. They might teach someone how to form a ritual for beginnings and endings. Or teach a guided meditation to practice at home.
  • Assist in the exploration of personal values and beliefs. Spiritual life coaches hold space for their clients to get in touch with what’s most important to them. In every spiritual journey, there’s a point when the old way of being needs to be let go and a new vision for life is created. By discussing and talking about values, spiritual coaches help their clients create a life that’s aligned with who they really are. Spiritual coaches can also help confront limiting beliefs, allowing their clients to move forward towards their life purpose.
  • Help clients set and align spiritual goals. Self development doesn’t need to happen alone. A coach will be guiding clients forward and provide support on their spiritual journey. Whether it’s changing career paths, increasing self awareness, or simply becoming more spiritual, a spiritual coach will help their clients, especially new clients, in setting attainable goals that enrich their life.
  • Facilitate self-discovery and mindfulness practices. Guided meditation is often a key part of coaching sessions. Every coach has their own coaching style, but most spiritual life coaches work to enhance mindfulness and self-discovery through exercises like meditation, hypnosis, or even a form of yin yoga. Anything to get the body in a state of deep relaxation where insights and intuition can come forward.
  • Support during periods of transition or crisis. Many clients turn to a spiritual coach during a career change, a loss of a loved one, or a shift in their personal life. During these tender times in one’s life, a spiritual life coach can be a source of tremendous support by offering a spiritual perspective and highlighting the divine aspects (along with the deeper aspects) of what’s going on in the client’s life.

Benefits Of Spiritual Coaching

Embarking on the path of spiritual coaching holds the promise of a profound transformation for both you and your potential future clients.

This holistic approach can be life changing on all levels.

There are so many benefits that unfold along the way.

From deeper self love to getting in touch with your inner self, spiritual life coaching is a fulfilling, enriching calling.

The benefits of spiritual coaching resonate in the core of your being, leading to a more enlightened and empowered lifestyle. Here are some of the (many) benefits:

Enhanced self-awareness and understanding.

Working as a spiritual life coach allows you to deepen your own self-awareness.

The deeper you’re able to connect within, the better you’re able to hold space for your clients to do the same. A spiritual coaching business is unlike other forms of entrepreneurship in that it requires you to go on a journey of personal growth too.

To become a life coach, you must be deeply in touch with yourself, first and foremost.

This enhanced inner relationship has positive benefits for every area of your life – from work to relationships to your spiritual journey.

Improved emotional well-being and resilience.

Let’s face it – life can be tough!

That’s why many people turn to a spiritual coach in the first place.

They need support through life’s challenges. When you go deeper into spiritual life coaching, you become equipped with the tools to remain resilient and rooted in the face of adversity and unexpected change.

Greater clarity on your life purpose.

Chances are you’ve felt the call to be a spiritual life coach for a while.

Stepping into this form of life coaching – and creating a spiritual coaching business – is a path of spiritual fulfillment and will only deepen your own spirituality.

Being so in tune with your life purpose is rewarding and the ultimate goal of life. You can show your clients how to walk their path by bravely walking yours!

Becoming your own boss.

Once you have plenty of clients, you get the freedom to decide how to run your business, who your target audience is, and how you want to coach.

Maybe your life’s purpose is to work with a certain type of person in a certain area.

Or maybe you want to offer your first coaching package only on the weekends.

No matter how you define yourself as a spiritual life coach, you also have the power to define your business.

How To Become A Spiritual Coach

Becoming a spiritual coach is easier than you probably think. It’s a thoughtful, intentional journey that’s accessible to you. Here are the key steps to kickstart your path:

Personal Exploration

First, start with deep self-reflection and exploration of your spiritual beliefs and practices.

Why do you feel called to become a spiritual life coach?

What would it mean to you to have your own coaching business?

Is it important to you to become a certified spiritual life coach?

Think about your why, what kind of coaching niche you might consider, and what your preferred coaching journey might look like. Spiritual coaches work in many ways, and you get to define how you want to step into the coaching world.

Education and Training

I cannot emphasize this enough: Invest in a certified training program that’s reputable, that you trust, and that is well-established in the coaching industry.

This is why I created the Embodied Yoga Life Coaching (EYLC) certification program.

I want to help spiritual coaches learn everything they need to know about how to run a spiritual coaching business, how to become a certified spiritual coach, and what spiritual coaching niche is right for them.

A certification program, like EYLC, will help you connect with a cohort of other coaches with shared beliefs and give you support as you transition into becoming a spiritual life coach.

Practical Experience

The best way for any aspiring spiritual coach to grow their business is through experience.

To become a spiritual coach and run a successful coaching business, you have to get your feet wet in the coaching world.

Offer a coaching package to get more clients, and do practice sessions whenever you can. This new life will require you to show up as a coach for your clients and find balance.

Build Your Practice

Create your life coach business plan  which can also be used for spiritual coaches or any other type of niched down coaching.

Building your practice as a coach involves more than just passion; it requires a strategic roadmap to turn your vision into a thriving reality.

Start by defining your niche and target audience. Understanding your ideal clients and their unique needs is the cornerstone of your plan. Dive deep into what makes your coaching approach distinct and how it resonates with your chosen niche.

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Save Hours with my Proven Formula. FREE Yoga Business Plan Download

    Next, outline your services and offerings. Clearly articulate what sets your coaching apart, whether it’s specialized spiritual practices, unique coaching techniques, or a blend of both. Detail the value you bring to clients and how your approach addresses their specific challenges.

    Consider your life coach marketing strategy. How will you reach potential clients? This could involve a combination of online presence, social media, networking, and collaborations.

    Building a strong online platform and utilizing digital marketing tools can amplify your reach and attract clients interested in your coaching expertise.

    Financial planning is a crucial aspect. Estimate your startup costs, ongoing expenses, and potential revenue streams. This includes setting realistic pricing for your services and planning for future growth. In essence, building your coaching practice involves a thoughtful synthesis of passion, strategy, and adaptability. Your business plan is your partner in this journey, guiding you through this exciting and rewarding path.

    Common Questions About Spiritual Coaching

    How does spiritual coaching differ from traditional life coaching?

    A spiritual coach incorporates spiritual principles and practices into the coaching process, focusing on the client’s spiritual growth and connection.

    Traditional life coaching is more close to talk therapy, focusing on the mind and body, whereas spiritual life coaches focus on the spiritual life of their clients.

    Is spiritual coaching aligned with a specific religion?

    No, spiritual coaching is inclusive and respects diverse spiritual beliefs. It is adaptable to individual perspectives and is not confined to any particular religious doctrine.

    Religious leaders may choose to become a spiritual coach, but any certification program will be inclusive to all and give clients access to an open form of spirituality not defined by any one religion.

    However, religious coaches may decide to offer a coaching package that incorporates their religion of choice.

    Can spiritual coaching be done remotely?

    Yes, many spiritual coaches offer remote sessions through video calls or phone conversations, making it accessible to clients worldwide. You get to decide how you will connect with your clients.

    How long does it take to see results?

    The timeline varies for each coach and client. Some clients experience immediate shifts, while others may see gradual transformations over time, depending on their commitment and engagement with the coaching process.

    Life coaches follow a similar process in their coaching business.

    A spiritual life coach can expect to work with clients for different amounts of time, depending on the client’s unique needs.

    Can you integrate spirituality with other forms of therapy or counseling?

    Yes, absolutely! Personal development happens in many arenas.

    Many coaches find value in combining spiritual coaching with other therapeutic modalities.

    It can complement traditional therapy by providing a holistic approach to personal growth, combining spiritual exploration with psychological well-being.

    You get to define your coaching practice and what you do as a spiritual life coach.

    An energy healer might incorporate energy healing in their practice.

    Or a yoga teacher might incorporate yoga into their practice (hint, hint!)

    What does a typical package include?

    A coaching package typically includes a series of one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to the client’s needs.

    It may incorporate meditation, self-reflection exercises, and actionable steps to align with spiritual goals.

    Some packages might also offer ongoing support, resources, and tools for continued personal growth.


    Spiritual coaching is like a deep dive into the soul’s realm, where you assist others in shedding the old, embracing a better mindset, and stepping into the expansive territory of growth.

    Picture it as offering a cosmic makeover for your clients.

    During a session, you might sprinkle in some magic like an embodied yoga sequence, to help your client make a powerful shift.

    As the coach, you get to decide what levers and pulleys to activate to make the most impact.

    Now, if you’ve been daydreaming about becoming a coach but aren’t quite sure how, I can help you.

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