Did you know that everything on Earth comes from two primal energies?

Masculine and feminine energies are everywhere. The sun and the moon, the god and the goddess, Mars and Venus.

In fact, each of us has divine feminine energy and masculine energy too. And these two energies are constantly in flux, doing a dance with each other, all day long.

One moment, you might step into your feminine power, while the next, you’re tapping into masculine energy. Each of us has a natural inclination towards one or the other.

However, sometimes, our feminine energy can get out of balance. The signs of high feminine energy are easy to recognize, once you know what they are.

So, let’s start with what high feminine energy is so you can get a deep understanding of how your feminine side presents.

What Is High Feminine Energy?


High feminine energy is when your feminine energy is a little too supercharged. I like to call this the “hot mess” expression of the feminine.

This often shows up as being overwhelmed by thoughts and feeling pulled in a million directions. You might find yourself scattered, frazzled, unclear, and feeling spacey.

In this state where the feminine energy within is overly charged, your high feminine energy will create a sense of imbalance and chaos. It’s like having a surge of electricity running through a circuit, causing everything to spark and sputter uncontrollably.

In this state, it’s hard to connect with your divine feminine energy. In a balanced state, your divine feminine shines through and you walk around letting your best feminine traits shine. You’re a GOFL – a goddess of fun and light. You have a deep sense of who you are and your nurturing nature is perfectly balanced with your sensual pleasure and inner wisdom. You radiate femininity.

However, when you have high feminine, your mind becomes a whirlwind of thoughts, emotions, and sensations, making it challenging to maintain focus and clarity.

Tasks may pile up, deadlines may loom ominously, and your To Do list might feel never-ending. And yet, it feels like there’s never enough time and energy to tackle everything. You just can’t catch up, so you find yourself spinning your wheels.

It’s as if your inner compass is spinning wildly, leaving you feeling disoriented amidst a cacophony of inner chatter.

It can be difficult to prioritize a positive mindset, connect with your gut feelings, or be your authentic self when you’re in high feminine energy. This is the opposite of blocked feminine energy.

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Signs Of High Feminine Energy


When you have high feminine energy, several signs of high feminine energy manifest. These are common signs and can be easily cared for with a holistic approach and by practicing unconditional love for yourself.

It takes courage to look at your high feminine energy on a deeper level. It may be easier to recognize these signs of high feminine energy in other women, and that’s perfectly normal. Eventually, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for being able to notice them in yourself too.

Here are the top signs of high feminine energy:

1. Anxiety and Overwhelm

One of the primary signs of high feminine energy is feeling inundated by a constant stream of thoughts and emotions, making it challenging to think straight, let alone maintain mental clarity and emotional stability. You might not feel comfortable in your own skin because your feminine energy is running haywire.

For instance, you might find yourself lying in bed at night, unable to quiet your mind as worries and anxieties flood in, preventing you from getting a restful sleep.

2. Feeling Scatterbrained

Have you ever gone looking for something, only to look down and find it in your own hand? That’s a sign of high feminine energy.

You might struggle to concentrate on tasks or remember where your car keys are. When you can’t stay focused amidst the chaotic whirlwind of your inner world, it’s hard to be productive or get anything done, let alone go after artistic pursuits.

When you sit down to work on a project but find yourself easily distracted by incoming emails, social media notifications, and wandering thoughts, then you probably have high feminine energy.

3. Constant Multitasking

Another common sign of high feminine energy is a tendency to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, yet never feeling like any progress is being made, as your to-do list seems to only grow and never shrink.

For instance, you might start cooking dinner while responding to work emails, simultaneously helping your child with homework, and planning your schedule for the next day, leaving you feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by the end of the evening.

4. Sense of Disorientation


High feminine energy can leave you feeling disoriented, making it difficult to discern the right direction to take next. If you have a hard time making decisions confidently, then high feminine energy might be your issue.

Maybe while you’re standing in a grocery store aisle, you’re overwhelmed by the array of options and unable to decide what to purchase, ultimately leaving empty-handed and frustrated. Or you might do the same with your online shopping cart – filling it up without ever making a purchase.

5. Inner Chaos

Your gut instincts aren’t anywhere to be found and you feel like your energy is frazzled. Your thoughts and emotions are swirling around in a tumultuous whirlwind, creating a sense of inner turmoil and restlessness.

For instance, you might experience a rush of conflicting emotions during a family gathering, feeling joy, frustration, and sadness all at once, leaving you feeling emotionally drained and confused. This is a sign it’s time to get grounded.

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    6. Inability to Prioritize

    Anyone with high feminine energy may struggle to prioritize, as the abundance of ideas and options can cloud your judgment and make it challenging to discern what truly matters.

    An example of this could be spending hours agonizing over what to wear to a party, unable to settle on an outfit because of indecision fueled by fear of judgment, plus self-doubt.

    An essential aspect of balancing the feminine is getting into a state where your physical appearance radiates your inner strong sense of self.

    7. Difficulty Connecting with Your Intuition

    Despite the feminine energy being associated with intuition, in a state of excess, it can become difficult to connect with your inner guidance, leading to a sense of disconnection from oneself. Especially if you typically have very strong intuition.

    For instance, you might ignore your intuition warning you about a potentially toxic relationship, rationalizing away red flags and ignoring the many signs, ultimately regretting not listening to your inner voice.

    8. Struggle to Express Your True, Authentic Self

    Lastly, high feminine energy may inhibit the ability to express your authentic self fully, as the overwhelming thoughts and emotions can overshadow your true desires and personality traits. Your self expression becomes dim because you’re not closely connected with your core grounded state of feminine – there’s simply too much!

    Maybe you hesitate to speak up in a group, fearing rejection or criticism, and instead, stay silent, even though you have valuable insights to contribute.

    9. Physical Discomforts

    One manifestation of high feminine energy can be physical discomforts like tension headaches, stomachaches, or muscle tightness.

    These ailments often arise from the body’s response to stress and overwhelm caused by an excess of feminine energy. Pay attention to your body’s signals; they can provide valuable insights into your energetic state.

    10. Indecisiveness

    High feminine energy can lead to indecisiveness, making it challenging to make even simple choices. You might find yourself agonizing over decisions, second-guessing yourself, or feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options available.

    Indecisiveness can hinder progress and leave you feeling stuck in a state of limbo.


    11. Heightened Sensitivity

    When your feminine energy is running high, you may notice heightened sensitivity to external stimuli. Everyday noises, bright lights, or intense emotions from others can feel overwhelming and draining.

    This hypersensitivity can impact your ability to function effectively in daily life and may require intentional self-care practices to manage.

    12. Perfectionism

    A perfectionist streak often accompanies high feminine energy, driven by a desire to excel and meet impossibly high standards. While striving for excellence can be admirable, perfectionism can lead to excessive self-criticism, burnout, and a constant sense of never being good enough.

    Learning to embrace imperfection and cultivate self-compassion is essential for finding balance.

    How to Get Your Feminine Energy in Balance

    Balancing your feminine energy involves nurturing and harnessing its power in a healthy way. The first step is always self-awareness (svadhyaya). Using the signs of high feminine energy, you can recognize when you need to balance your energy.


    Practice mindfulness

    Set aside time each day for meditation, breathwork, or simply taking a walk. Changing circumstances can often be a great nudge to getting into a mindfulness practice. When you feel chaos inside, you can find pleasure in enjoying life, moment to moment.

    Establish boundaries

    You can balance your energy in a meaningful way by learning to say no when necessary. If you’re running high on the feminine, then you need to slow down. Prioritize activities that replenish your energy and align with your unique perspective. This is an essential part of honoring your deep desire.

    Get creative

    Emotional expression is often best done creatively. Even if you have strong emotional intelligence, you can practice self care by finding ways to tap into your feminine energy with creativity, whether it’s painting, writing, dancing, playing music, or through other forms of expression. Think of this as an exercise in connecting with your feminine essence.

    Connect with nature


    Your body has a keen sense of peace when it’s surrounded by natural beauty. Spend time outdoors regularly, whether it’s taking a leisurely walk in the park, hiking in the mountains, or simply sitting in a garden, to recharge and reconnect with the natural rhythms of the earth.

    When you get in touch with the present moment, your emotional intelligence comes back online. A feminine woman finds joy in slowing down to ground herself in nature.

    Prioritize self-care

    Whether it’s through intimate moments in fulfilling relationships or preparing your favorite healthy foods, make time for the things that nourish your body, mind, and soul. Maybe that looks like taking relaxing baths, practicing yoga, journaling, or indulging in hobbies that bring you joy. Come up with new ideas and incorporate physical touch whenever possible – it’s so nourishing!

    Seek support

    Women find deep connections to be supportive. If you enjoy intimacy, surround yourself with supportive friends and community members who honor and respect your feminine energy, and don’t hesitate to reach out for professional support if needed. There are various forms of emotional support out there, and you can find the one you prefer best, whether it’s a talk therapist or a life coach.

    Practice Embodied Yoga

    YouTube video

    Life has a bright side and a dark side. When you get on the mat, you can enjoy expressing whatever emotions you need to process.

    Engage in somatic yoga practices that focus on connecting your body with your breath, allowing you to embody your feminine energy fully and cultivate a sense of inner balance and harmony. Let your strong imagination wander as you celebrate what a powerful force you are by moving your body.

    Get Grounded

    Place your feet on the ground and breath. Do a grounding yoga pose, one with the most limbs on the ground. Monitor your breath. When your energy is frazzled, the best thing you can do is slow down and get grounded.

    Final Thoughts

    The good news? You have a natural ability to balance your feminine energy.

    By recognizing the signs of excessive feminine energy and implementing practical strategies to restore equilibrium, you can cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and inner harmony.

    It’s essential to honor both the masculine and feminine energy within, embracing the inherent strengths of each while navigating the ebb and flow. These energies are always dancing with each other. Don’t beat yourself up if your energy is out of balance. You might be having a divine feminine awakening.

    Embracing the journey of balancing feminine energy is not only a path towards personal growth but also a powerful means of contributing to greater harmony and well-being in the world around us. Plus, when you learn how to balance your energy, you find joy in life.

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