Whether you did the free Detox Yoga Challenge with me or have ever stumbled into a Kundalini yoga class, you may have heard of ? Breath of Fire ?.

Why do I LOVE this breathing technique so much?

1) Massive ab workout!

Forget straining your neck with traditional crunches. THIS breath tones your deepest set of abs (the transverse abdominis). If you’re someone who wants to be able to step their foot through from downward dog or float up into inversions, this breathing technique is going to get you there!

2) Crazy energizing!

Ever feel a bit blah? Maybe at around 4pm everyday? Breath of Fire is BETTER than coffee. It lights up your whole system. You’ll feel as high as you do after a 30-minute run after only doing it for 3-minutes!

That’s certainly a time saving hack!‚Źį

3) No mat, props or flexibility required

Everyone can do Breath of Fire, regardless of their age or level of flexibility. This breath can keep you in shape even if you’re injured or bedridden.

There are a few contraindications (like pregnancy).

Watch this short, highly requested video for all the details:

Breath of Fire Fast Facts:

Sanskrit Name: Kapalbhati


  • Energizing
  • Heating
  • Detoxifying

Contraindications (who should *not* do this breath):

  • Cardiac problems
  • Spinal disorders (like a painful, herniated disc in the low back)
  • Respiratory¬†infections
  • Pregnant women

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