If you’re like me, you love yoga not only because it helps you feel good physically, but because it fuels success in every aspect of your life – your job, your relationships, AND in difficult situations.

Many in the yoga community rave about the power of affirmations. I, for one, was never a believer.

Yet as I took the steps toward building the life and career that I really wanted, every mentor I met told me the same thing:

“Mindset is everything.”

What they meant is that while it may seem counterproductive to spend time on things like affirmations or journaling, it’s actually the most important thing you can do to ensure all your actions the rest of the day spring from a place of alignment.

So I did some digging into affirmations as a way to shift my mindset and do self-work.

But they all felt SO CHEESY.

Plus it was a big mystery to me how are you were even supposed to use these affirmations…

Yell them out loud? (I have neighbors)

Repeat them to myself silently? (when?)

Use them somehow in meditation? (I’d rather just relax)

Ultimately, three hacks really changed the game on how I perceived and ended up using affirmations. And now I’m going to share them with you:

1. Personalization

If you force yourself to recite affirmations from a book or audio cassette, the likelihood of it feely cheesy is very high. I found that I needed to create my own personal affirmations that were highly relevant to my life in order for them to resonate with me on a soul-level.

2. Repetition is Everything

If you’re like me, you’re using affirmations to shift your mindset so you can feel happier and achieve the things you want (instead of letting your vritti – your crazy monkey mind – rule the show.)

Why let you mind run amuck when you could be programming new, effective, powerful thoughts into your mind-body complex?

Unfortunately, your brain is sort of like a puppy. Training it takes a TON of time and patience, and repetition is the key.

That’s why my Uplifted Daily Journaling pages (which you can download free) leave space for you to write each of your affirmations 3 times — mentally and physically carving them into your subconscious.

And it’s why —

3. Listening to Your Affirmations is a Powerful Hack

Years ago, I made an affirmation tape recording my own voice saying some affirmations to myself. I’d listen to it as I walked around, ran errands, and did laundry.

The problem was that at the time, my affirmations were boring.

They were generic things like, “you are strong,” “be brave,” and they weren’t targeting specific mindset patterns I was actively trying to shift.

Several months ago, I got back into the game of recording my voice in order to retrain my mind through affirmations.

This time, I spent a full hour getting into a quiet state so I could record my affirmations from a place of PURE CALM. I wanted the affirmations I recorded to bubble up through me from my higher wisdom / inner guidance. I did a bunch of preparatory journaling work to make sure that the wisdom I called forth would be directly related to things I wanted to change in my life right now.

Unsurprisingly, this tape ended up being CRAZY POWERFUL.

I listened to it doing the dishes each morning, walking the dog, and cleaning the house. Soon I had the whole tape memorized and realized that much of this new way of thinking was now completely engrained in my being.

I recently just created a new tape to take my mindset work further.

YOU can do this too.

Enter my special, downloadable affirmation discovery workshop you do at home this weekend with a step-by-step guide on my process.

It involves:

  • Doing yoga
  • Quieting the mind
  • Meditating
  • Journaling
  • Recording your affirmation tape (I show you how to do it on your phone)
  • How to make it into a 30-min loop so you can listen to it all the time

There’s a live Q&A call on February 13th so we can go over everything together and I can answer your questions.

If you want to join me for this workshop (and get support from others doing the same) sign up here => https://brettlarkin.com/uplifted

Remember, if you think this all sounds woo-woo or you’ve been put off by affirmations before, I was in your shoes.

I hear you.

This is different because you’re personalizing what you’re saying to yourself. And that makes all the difference.

If this resonates with you, I hope to see you in the workshop class (which is yours to keep) and our live call next week. Sign up here.



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