can you become a yoga teacher online

With the entire world turning to the internet for everything from medical care to food delivery services, it’s only natural that a yoga teacher training would also go online.

But can you actually become a yoga teacher online?

After all, a major part of learning how to teach yoga is to work hands-on with a yoga teacher and to actually teach others…


Well, yeah, kind of. But depending on the training program, you can get that same experience and expertise all online.

If you’re thinking about becoming a yoga teacher but you can’t commit to an immersive program or the time that your local yoga studio demands, then an online teacher training might be a great option for you.

And if you do it right, then you don’t have to sacrifice any of the good stuff that a traditional training program comes with.

Here are a few things to look at when you’re trying to select the best online YTT program for you.

What To Expect In An Online Yoga Teacher Training

yoga certification

Wanna know a secret?

You can expect pretty much the same exact thing in an online teacher training program as you might get in an instructor certification program at your local yoga studio…

…even the same thing as you might find at a yoga school in some faraway place, too!

We can thank Yoga Alliance for that.

While Yoga Alliance is severely lacking in following through with their intended role in the yoga industry, they did a great just setting up a universal curriculum for instructor certification courses to follow.

The main difference between an in-person certification program and one done online is the actual face-to-face hours, which can be arranged with your lead yoga instructor if you’re keen on getting your RYT status.

This is actually the differentiating factor that earns you your RYT status with Yoga Alliance and what allows you to become a yoga instructor online.

So what’s in the curriculum for a 200-hour course, anyway?

  • Techniques, Training and Practice: 100 Hours
  • Teaching Methodology: 25 Hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology: 20 Hours*
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 30 hours
  • Practicum: 10 Hours

Depending on the program that you choose, you may cover all types of yoga or do an intense focus on just one, like restorative yoga or Ashtanga yoga.

But you will for sure cover the postures (asana), meditation, pranayama, and the general yogic philosophy that informs all types of yoga.

If you’re interested in eventually completing a 300-hour teacher training course, then you will get more information on advanced techniques and the business of yoga.

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Benefits Of An Online Yoga Teacher Training Program

There are obvious benefits to an online-based certification program, the main one being that you can do it from wherever you are. Some programs are self-paced so that you simply move through certain modules and complete an exam at the end of each module to progress onto the next.

Others, like mine, are more structured and interactive learning so that you join a class and develop a relationship with your lead instructor and peers along the way.

With my program, for example, you learn the material through modules and get your hands-on experience by recording yoga videos of yourself and sending me the videos. We also have regularly scheduled classes where we discuss what we learn and develop our skills.

Once the program is complete, you will likely take a final exam to establish your knowledge and earn an instructor certification that may or may not qualify you for RYT status. Be sure to check with your lead yoga instructor whether or not you have the option to become a certified yoga instructor through the program.

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Drawbacks Of An Online Yoga Teacher Training Program

Of course, there are certain drawbacks to a strictly online course.

First, it’s sometimes harder to get to know the other practitioners in the program when you’re separated by a computer screen. While my program eliminates this by bringing all of the practitioners together through yoga videos and virtual classes held through each module.

Another major drawback for many people is that an online program does not automatically offer you a Yoga Alliance certification. This can easily be solved by choosing a program that offers a hands-on experience module, which satisfied YA’s in-person experience requirement.

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So, Can You Become A Yoga Teacher Online?

It really depends on which program you choose (and whether or not it fits your learning style).

Meaning, just because you can technically become a yoga instructor online doesn’t mean that this is the right option for you.

It’s important to really evaluate the training program to see if it’s high-quality. (There are many programs popping up that are scammy or just looking for a quick buck without truly offering you the education and knowledge you seek).

If you wanna know more about online programs, click the picture below and send me your email. I’ll reach out and send you more details and answer any questions you may have 🙂

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