We’ve all heard references to main feminine archetypes “The Maiden”, “The Mother”, and “The Crone ” as representing the cycle of a woman’s life. You begin in the maiden phase, young and naïve. Grow into the mother, nurturing and self sacrificing. Then end as the crone, old, undesirable, and alone. 

I’m sorry, but the common descriptions of these female archetypes do not appeal to me at all! There is so much more to each of these women, plus there are many other POWERFUL feminine archetypes to guide you on your journey.

Keep reading and I’ll show you.

What Are Archetypes?

An archetype is understood to be a quintessential example or the original model of something that serves as a template for others to emulate. In the realm of Jungian psychology, archetypes are described as symbolic representations of different aspects of the human psyche, which are believed to originate from shared experiences across humanity.

I think of archetypes as powerful universal symbols, patterns, or personality types that represent a fundamental aspect of the human experience. 

Archetypes are most often found in literature and mythology and can be seen as a compressed idea epitomizing a universal concept and resonating cross-culturally around the world.

Everyone, even you, has archetypal qualities operating inside them. They show up as:

  • Learned programs
  • Internal voices
  • Habitual patterns
  • Societal or religious conditioning

Knowing what these different archetypes are and the energy associated with them can be a very useful and important tool in your life.

There are two primal archetypal energies, Shiva (Divine masculine) and Shakti (Divine feminine). All archetypes can be classified under these two energies. For example, working with masculine archetypes you can be a “Hero” or a “Player” and the feminine could manifest “Queen” or “Victim” energy.

shiva shakti

Shakti, life force energy, is the Divine feminine, embodying love and desire. This primal energy resides in all of creation and is associated with movement, deep desire, intuition, nurturing, and emotional connection. Keep in mind that feminine energy is not limited by gender and resides within every person.

Divine feminine archetypes show up in many different forms, from the maiden to the enchantress, or the wild woman archetype to the lover archetype, each one serves a purpose in your life. They are there to help you step into your power, embody your divine feminine energy and move through your life with more ease and alignment.

Why Archetypes Are Important

Why should you care about archetypes? 

Well, life is in a constant state of change and, often, throwing you curveballs. Archetypes help shape your inner world allowing you to move through change and hit those curveballs out of the park. 

They do this by giving you different energies to use in order to respond to whatever life throws at you in the present moment. To adapt and achieve different results. 

For example: let’s say you get thrown an unexpected project at work, it’s outside your job duties and it’s not the first time this has happened. You can respond in different ways. You can embody the victim archetype, “why does this keep happening to me”, “I shouldn’t have to do this”…etc. Or you can embody your inner huntress and let your boss know that this project is outside your scope of work, you don’t get paid to do this kind of work and your current workload is already enough. Setting those firm boundaries and knowing your power.

You can use archetypes in your life to 

  • Navigate a specific circumstance, transition or change
  • Revitalize a relationship
  • Slay problems or blocks with a new energy texture   

These universal archetypes are energies everyone can tap into to help you on your healing journey too. You can invoke the energy of a certain archetype to better charge or discharge energy -OR- to find, explore, refine or discover your own authentic frequency. 

Use archetypes to embody qualities you want to cultivate or to “get into character” to release emotions you’ve repressed. Yes, it’s as easy as that!

Okay, so I talked about the two primal archetypal energies (Shiva/Shakti), but there’s more…

These two primary energies are a lot and can sometimes be too much to understand or try to work with. That’s why a lot of religious traditions fragment them into various archetypes or deities that represent a particular aspect of the divine. 

Let’s look at some of them.

Divine Feminine Archetypes Of The Chakras

There are many female archetypes that go by multiple names. But did you know that there are 7 feminine archetypes that actually correlate to the seven chakras? I know, 🤯. Let’s start by going through the seven divine female archetypes that work with your chakra system, what they represent, their desires and purpose, and then how to activate these energies within you! Then I’ll list a few other archetypes you are probably familiar with and how to work with them.

Mother – Feminine Archetype

Mother - Feminine Archetype

The Divine Mother Archetype corresponds to the Root Chakra (first chakra) – when embodying this mother archetype, you embody your loving nurturing side. You care for yourself and others, feel grounded and safe. The shadow side of this archetype is The Victim, believing life is happening to you, rather than being in control of your own experience.


  • Safety
  • Security


  • Nourishment
  • Grounding

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Ground – let your feet touch mother earth
  • Dirga breath / three part breath
  • Self-care – do the things that nourish yourself
  • Say to yourself, “What I want matters” or “Everything is working out in my best interest”
  • Maintain personal boundaries

Queen – Feminine Archetype

Also known as the Empress Archetype, the Queen Archetype correlates to the sacral chakra (second chakra) ruling pleasure and well being. Queen women know their own identity, what they want and go for it. The shadow side of this archetype is The Martyr, disempowering yourself by “sacrificing” your desires and needs. 


  • Pleasure
  • Self-Love


  • To bring abundance
  • Improvement

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Ujjayi breath
  • Dance/fluid movement
  • Do the opposite of your default programming(like leaving an extra large tip when you get your next coffee)
  • Say to yourself “I’m responsible for me” and “I do what I choose for my own well being and happiness”

Huntress – Feminine Archetype

Huntress - Feminine Archetype

The Huntress Archetype could also be claimed as the Warrior Archetype. She is about power, self worth and being strong of will, coming from the solar plexus chakra (third chakra). When you aren’t embodying your inner huntress/warrior you are stuck in the Servant Archetype, taking care of all others above yourself.


  • Empowerment
  • To fully express their talents/gifts while maintaining personal boundaries


  • To foster a strong sense of self
  • Help you accumulate your personal power

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Breath of fire
  • Strengthening postures(plank, boat, etc.)
  • Rediscover the activities that bring you joy
  • Use the affirmations, “I am responsible for my own actions” and “I’m ready to reclaim who I really am”

The Lover – Feminine Archetype

The Lover - Feminine Archetype

The Lover Archetype resides in your heart space (fourth chakra). She loves all aspects of life, especially herself. She craves deep connection but knows that her love and joy come from within herself, not from outside sources. When you turn away from the lover you become The Actor, pretending to love but never letting yourself be vulnerable and experience how deep true intimacy and intimate relationships can go.


  • To live in the present moment
  • Be fully in touch with your feelings


  • To love all aspects of life
  • Bonding your spirit to daily life

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Sitali Pranayama
  • Move between opening and surrendering(sun breath is perfect for this)
  • Take steps to becoming more vulnerable with your loved ones
  • Use these affirmations: “I love this life and life loves me” and “There is gratitude in my heart and inner peace is in my soul”
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The Muse – Feminine Archetype

The Muse - Feminine Archetype

The Muse Archetype is the divine feminine archetype of creation bringing inspiration and ways to communicate your unique ideas. This positive female archetype correlates to the throat chakra (fifth chakra) with the shadow side being The Silent Child Archetype. The silent child masks their emotions, has a fear of rejection, and/or emotional outbursts.


  • Honest, clear and direct communication
  • For actions to align with messages 


  • To speak your truth
  • Staying true to yourself and your values

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Ujjayi breath
  • Singing and throat activating poses like cat/cow
  • Find a creative outlet(painting, singing, dancing, etc)
  • Say “I freely speak my truth” and “I am an active listener”

Sage – Feminine Archetype

Sage - Feminine Archetype

The Sage Archetype is able to utilize both sides of the brain (analyzing and creating) to create clarity and an instinctive knowing. Similar to how the third eye chakra (sixth chakra) functions. When you aren’t embodying your inner Sage or Intuitive then you’re stuck in the Intellectual Archetype, disconnected from your body and overthinking EVERYTHING!


  • Trust, in themselves and life
  • Deep interconnectedness


  • Access deep knowing tied to your authenticity
  • Pay attention to subtle messages, believing in synchronicity and symbols

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
  • Intuitive movement – listen to your body and move the way that feels best
  • Trust practices
  • Sage affirmations: “I listen to my inner voice” and “my intuition will reveal the path meant for me”

The Mystic – Feminine Archetype

The Mystic - Feminine Archetype

The Mystic Archetype desires to go beyond themselves and connect with the Universe. To then bring that wisdom down into themselves and be wholly authentic, just as your crown chakra (seventh chakra) would. When you don’t connect with your inner mystic you become the Egoist, solely focused on the physical world and self obsessed. 


  • Connection with the Universe (Spiritual connection)
  • To be wholly authentic


  • Transcending polarity
  • Awareness/Personal transformation

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
  • Meditation and spiritual practices
  • Be conscious of how you use your energy
  • Use Mystic affirmations like: “I welcome faith and release doubt” and “I embrace all of me”

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Other Feminine Archetypes

Maiden Archetype – Feminine Archetype

Maiden Archetype - Feminine Archetype

The Maiden is the epitome of innocence. Often thought of as childlike or naive, her playful spirit is also the ultimate representation of trust and receiving from the Universe. Traits we tend to lose as we become jaded by life. If you lean too much into the naivety of The Maiden you run the risk of becoming The Damsel believing yourself to be completely powerless.


  • Ease
  • Presence


  • Playfulness
  • Surrender

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Kundalini bear claws
  • Have a dance party
  • Do something fun and childlike – jump in the bounce house at the birthday party with the kids!!
  • Repeat to yourself “I am graceful and live my life with ease” and “I have the potential to achieve all of my desires”

Enchantress Archetype – Feminine Archetype

Enchantress Archetype - Feminine Archetype

The Enchantress is enigmatic and sultry. She embodies her sacred sensuality inviting all her desires to come to her. She is often thought of negatively as a seductress. Sexuality may be frowned upon in modern society, but in ancient times it was celebrated as a powerful part of being a woman. The opposite of the Enchantress would be the Hag, one who keeps herself veiled and is often stuck reflecting on the past rather than looking towards the future.


  • Mystery 
  • To pursue dreams


  • Alignment
  • To become your most vibrant self

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Breath of fire
  • Sufi Grind
  • Love yourself – spoil yourself with some flowers or a luxurious sweater
  • Look in the mirror and say, “I’m sexy” and “It’s safe for me to be sensual”

Wise Woman – Feminine Archetype

Wise Woman - Feminine Archetype

Similar to the sage women, the wise woman(sometimes also referred to as the Crone) has had a life full of experience. She uses those experiences and her intuitive nature to guide herself and those around her. The Hermit is the Wise Woman’s shadow, becoming defensive, a recluse and shunning those around them, often missing the lessons life brought them.


  • Knowing
  • Solitude


  • Guidance
  • Honoring your innate wisdom

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Meditation
  • Body check – check in with how your body feels in different situations, use that as a guiding force.
  • Self improvement – learn your negative patterns, why they are there, and how to move past them.
  • Work with phrases like, “I trust my intuition” and “I honor what my body is telling me.”

Wild Woman – Feminine Archetype

Wild Woman - Feminine Archetype

The wild woman owns her feminine power and lives life to the fullest. She’s not afraid to ask questions or give in to her desires. She is fearless and moves through life with a sense of ease by being her authentic self regardless of what anyone, especially society, thinks. The shadow of the wild woman would be the Good Girl. The one who does as she is told and doesn’t question those around her.


  • Freedom
  • Truth


  • Disrupt the status quo
  • Be unapologetically honest with yourself and others

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Lion’s breath
  • Work with Kali – like in the Kali Challenge
  • Get “wild” – play with your animals on the floor, embody and animal yourself
  • Remind yourself “I give in to my desires” and “My voice matters”
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The Healer – Feminine Archetype

The Healer - Feminine Archetype

The Healer Archetype is a beautiful facet of the primal energy full of compassion for others and a desire to help them on their healing journeys. She understands that everything you need to feel whole is already within you. When you are no longer in control of your healer energy you may turn in The Rescuer archetype. The Rescuer looks for problems to fix, always seeing what is wrong with people, becoming overly controlling of those they are trying to “help”


  • To make whole/restore balance
  • Healing


  • Transformation
  • Repair

Archetype Awakening Exercises

  • Box breathing
  • Try a kriya for healthy alignment
  • Work on healing yourself, making healthy lifestyle choices, seeing a therapist, etc.
  • Use affirmations like, “I am whole” or “My body is healthy and powerful”

What Female Archetype Am I?

What is your default archetype? This can be a hard question to answer. I have a practice that I teach in my Yoga For Self Mastery course that I think really helps with this. 

Give it a try:

Step 1: Start by pulling out your archetype deck. I love the Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss. If you don’t have a deck of cards that’s okay! Make a list of all the archetypes and their shadows, you can use the list in this blog and even do your own research to add more!

Step 2: Next you’ll go through the list and pick out any that resonate with you. The ones that you really like or that you see in yourself. 

Step 3: A couple of days later you’ll come back and look at the ones you chose, eliminating any that aren’t really resonating anymore.

Step 4: Now go back to the ones you didn’t choose and examine them from a different perspective. Call yourself out on your behaviors. For example: you may not have chosen the hermit the first time, but then you realize that sometimes you do get overly defensive and try to shut people out. Add it to your pile! It’s okay if there are a lot in your pile.

Note: If you’re doing the Caroline Myss method, everyone has a victim, a prostitute(enchantress), a saboteur, and a child. You’ll keep those because they are ones you’ll work with for your entire life.

Step 5: Every other day you’ll go back to your list, or group of cards, and re-examine which ones really pertain to you, the good and the bad parts.

Step 6: Once you’ve got your list narrowed down to four or five archetypes journal on them! Ask these questions.

  • How does this archetype move through your life in a positive way
  • How does this archetypes move through your life in a destructive way
  • How can I channel this energy moving forward

Step 7: Finally ask yourself which of these archetypes feels the closest to your essence.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you gain more awareness of your energy and how you can modulate it. You can get more details on this method and walk through it with me in Yoga For Self Mastery.

yoga for self mastery

You aren’t limited to being one archetype. You may have a dominant archetype and been showing up as one more often than others the majority of your life, but you don’t have to. Trying to identify only as one will prevent you from becoming your highest and best self. 

All of them live within you and you get to CHOOSE who you want to be.

Closing Thoughts

Archetypes evoke deep, shared meaning across cultures and generations. They are a universally recognized symbol, pattern, or personality type that represents a fundamental aspect of the human experience. They each serve a purpose in your life. Working with your Divine feminine archetypes gives you the ability to shapeshift, to access a different energetic frequency than your norm in all aspects of your life. 

You may be a human being, but these Divine feminine archetypes say you can embody a powerful Greek Goddess whenever you like 😘

Go deeper with archetypes and how to use them everyday with the Embodied Yoga Life Coaching program.

Next Steps

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