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Being a yoga teacher sometimes means that you’re also a secretary. Not only do you have to teach your yoga class but you also have to take care of the scheduling, payments, and rental space too.

So finding tools to help you do it all with ease is absolutely essential for being a yoga teacher in this modern age.

Luckily, scheduling software can help you do that.

With the right yoga software, you can take care of online booking, create your class schedule, monitor class attendance, and even accept online payment from your yoga students.

And there are so many different booking programs to choose from.

So which scheduling software should you choose?

That’s what this post is going to help you do. I’m going to break down the most popular yoga software on the market so that you can go back to being a yoga teacher and let the software do the rest.

What To Look For In Your Yoga Software

Before you pay for a membership with a yoga software that you’re not sure you’ll like, take some time to figure out exactly what you’ll need it for. Most options are built for yoga studios, which have a fairly steady flow of income, so the yoga studio software market is pretty impressive. The good news is that you can use it too as a freelance yoga teacher.

Some questions to consider before choosing an appointment scheduling software are

  • does it allow class scheduling?
  • does it accept online payment or have a billing feature?
  • does it keep a record of class attendance?
  • does it have automated reminders?
  • does it include membership management?
  • does it offer scheduling for teaching online?
yoga software

The Top Yoga Studio Software On The Market

1. Momoyoga

yoga software reviews
momoyoga scheduling software

Momoyoga was founded in 2014 in the Netherlands, so it’s not new in the industry and is filled with promising features that only a European start-up could offer.

Many of the reviews rave about the ease-of-use and affordability of this app, making it perfect for independent yoga teachers and small yoga studios. The app allows you to schedule your classes, keep track of attendance, set up automated messages, and accept payments. It even allows you to set up a membership so that you can encourage long-term relationships with your students.

A few reviews complained that there wasn’t a mobile app for teachers on the go. But the creators have listened to the complaints and have since created an intuitive and easy-to-use app for both iPhone and Android.

When we asked our students which yoga scheduling app they used, only 25 percent of them said they use Momoyoga. Whether it’s due to the low budget advertising or to word-of-mouth marketing for other brands, I’m not totally sure why more people don’t use it.

If you have experience with this app, drop a comment and share more information!

Key Features

  • accepts online payments
  • 30-day free trial
  • can create a class schedule
  • can integrate with website
  • mobile app for iPhone and Android
  • personal automated messages
  • create memberships and class passes
  • creates invoices and billing
  • clean data export to analyze your yoga business

Free Trial: 30 days
Independent yoga teachers: $16/month
Yoga Studios: $20/month


2. Mindbody

best yoga studio software
mindbody online scheduling software

Mindbody is designed for yoga studios, fitness centers, salons, and wellness-based businesses, so the price is steep for anyone looking for scheduling software as a freelance yoga teacher.

But the features are impressive and worth the high price tag if you genuinely have a need for it.

The coolest feature, besides the marketing suite and complex booking system, is that Mindbody has pivoted to accommodate all of the latest COVID-19 regulations. They now allow yoga teachers to live stream yoga classes within the app with the same booking features as an in-person studio would have.

Key Features

  • marketing solutions to increase conversion rates
  • video streaming for online services
  • schedule bookings and reservations
  • manage staff and payroll
  • run reports on statistics and conversions
  • accepts online payments
  • compatible with different POS hardware
  • has a check-in app for customers/students
  • has built-in market so that students can find you
  • can create your own branded app
  • built-in marketing suite with automated emails and messages
  • include fitness tracking so students can track their progress
  • 1.99% plus $0.55 per transaction

Free Trial: none
Starter $179/mo
Accelerate $369/mo
Ultimate $549/mo
Ultimate Plus $849/mo


3. Acuity Scheduling

yoga scheduling software reviews
acuity scheduling booking software

Acuity Scheduling is a Squarespace product and, like Squarespace, that makes what would otherwise be a complex system super easy to use. Its simplicity is one of the reasons why so many yoga teachers prefer using Acuity Scheduling.

In fact, when I asked my students who graduated from my 200-hour online yoga teacher training which booking platform they preferred, the majority of them said they use Acuity.

Acuity offers all of the basic features that you need as a yoga teacher and for an affordable price. If you want something to take care of your work for you without thinking too much about it, so that you can focus on teaching, then this is a good option for you.

Key Features

  • easy planning and scheduling, like an open calendar with booking options
  • students can reschedule themselves and transfer payments to new classes
  • auto-adjust for time zones
  • has a mobile app for iPhone and Android
  • create client profiles
  • accept online payments
  • offers gift certificates, packages, memberships, and group classes
  • video conferencing integrations
  • sends customized reminder emails and texts
  • share your calendar on social media
  • customize the look to match your brand
  • integrate with third-party apps

Free Trial: 7 days
1 Calendar: $15/mo
6 Calendars: $25/mo
36 Calendars: $50/mo


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4. Zen Planner

best yoga software
zen planner scheduling software

Zen Planner is a popular booking platform and I think it’s mostly due to its catchy name. From what I can tell, it doesn’t offer anything more than the other scheduling programs on this list and is much more expensive than most other options, on par with Mindbody.

As a freelance yoga teacher, this probably isn’t the software for you. If you run a yoga studio or manage lots of different sites, then this could possibly be worth the hefty price tag…

…though I would argue that Mindbody has more comprehensive offerings and a more user-friendly platform.

Most of the negative reviews speak to its basic design and its not-so-easy-to-use platform. Many reviewers also complained that their customer service wasn’t all that helpful.

You can give their free trial a go and see for yourself whether or not it’s worth it.

Key Features

  • member mobile app and staff app
  • attendance tracking
  • simplified check-ins from any device
  • event management, including registration, payment and communication
  • online scheduling
  • reporting and dashboards
  • retail options for selling and tracking merchandise
  • automated messages and scheduling
  • simplified billing and invoice options
  • membership management
  • advanced workout tracking
  • marketing tools to increase your discoverability

Free Trial: 15 days
0-50 Members: $117/mo
51-100 Members: $157/mo
101-250 Members: $197/mo
251+ Members: $227/mo


5. WellnessLiving

best scheduling software
wellnessliving scheduling software

WellnessLiving is the more affordable alternative to Mindbody, offering just as robust of features for a fraction of the price. The most impressive feature, to me, is the Zoom integration for live classes along with the FitVid integration for a customized video-on-demand channel.

It’s like combining Uscreen (the platform I use for my Uplifted membership) with your booking software, making it easier than ever to be a virtual yoga teacher.

This software is mostly designed for yoga studios, though. So as an independent yoga teacher, the price tag may not be worth all of its fancy features.

Key Features

  • Zoom integration for live-streaming classes online
  • FitVid on Demand integration for online classes with a customized video-on-demand channel
  • advanced reporting and analysis
  • rewards and loyalty program built-in
  • manage client lists and profiles
  • accepts online payments and works with POS hardware
  • manage staff
  • hosts customer reviews
  • mobile app for clients and staff
  • include custom websites
  • email and text message marketing

Free Trial: none
COVID-19 Promo of 50% off
Basic Plan: $59/mo
Advanced Plan: $99/mo
Professional Plan: $129/mo


6. Glofox

yoga studio software reviews
glofox schdeuling software

Glofox is designed more for gyms and studios than individual yoga teachers but is worth mentioning in this list because of its popularity.

After all, if so many people are using it then they must be onto something, right?

This scheduling app offers all of the same basic features as Mindbody and WellnessLiving, including on-the-go payment options so that you can book students in at the last minute.

The live streaming options come with the Growth plan, which does not list their prices on the website. They also do not offer a free trial, making it a tool mostly for established businesses with a steady flow of cash.

Key Features

  • made as a contactless gym
  • studio management
  • membership management
  • schedule classes
  • online booking
  • attendance tracking
  • payment processing via website, mobile app, or POS hardware
  • mobile app for teachers and students
  • automated messaging
  • personalization capabilities for mobile app
  • live stream classes with the Growth plan

Free Trial: none
Starting at $110/mo


7. Vagaro

best yoga scheduling software
vagaro scheduling software

Vagaro is like an online marketplace for salons, gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios, and wellness practitioners. Users can hop onto the main website and search for services within their area, making it easy for people to find you.

Though this could be extremely helpful for budding yoga teachers, it works under the assumption that users know about Vagaro in the first place. If you’re renting a space to teach yoga, then you’d probably have greater visibility (for free) with Google My Business, instead.

There are a lot of negative reviews about the software not being so easy to use and inflexible. In many cases, users can book classes without leaving any information about themselves, making it harder to keep track of potential leads and, therefore, losing money.

Vagaro seems best for established gyms that aren’t concerned about following up on leads, customizability, or really anything else aside from the basic necessities. For some, this is exactly the attraction because it eliminates a lot of unnecessary confusion in the setup. For others, it’s too restrictive for their needs.

Key Features

  • live stream integration
  • automated reminders and notifications
  • customer tracking
  • integrate with social media, Yelp, and cloud-based accounting services
  • membership management
  • accepts online payments and in-person payments
  • mobile app for managing calendar and scheduling
  • online marketplace so that local customers can find you easily
  • online retail options

Free Trial: 1 month
Individual Plan: $25/mo
2 Users: $35/mo
3 Users: $45/mo
4 Users: $55/mo
5 Users: $65/mo
6 Users: $75/mo
7+ Users: $85/mo


Final Thoughts

A lot of management software out there is perfect if you are a yoga studio owner, but that means it comes with a higher price. If you’re just trying to help your student improve their yoga practice, though, then yoga scheduling software for individual yoga teachers is the best option for you.

And if you don’t want to pay for a booking system at all, then I suggest using something like Calendly. It’s free, easy to use, and integrates with Google Calendar.

Got another class scheduling and booking system that you think should have made the list? Let me know in the comments and we can add it!

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