what will happen during the age of aquarius

Our first response to dramatic change is often exhaustion. If we stay present and welcome the change, though, it’s actually possible to charge your energy as the new unfolds before you. 

Today, we’re exploring this theme through the hot topic in astro-spiritual circles everywhere: What will happen during the Age of Aquarius? The new era, the Age of Aquarius, calls for collective consciousness and presence as we shift from old to new. Emerging from the chaos of 2020 and the years following, listen to your inner call for connection even more so – and stay present, yogi!

Sounds exciting, right? But what is that actually going to look like? What influence does the Aquarian Age have on our yoga practice and daily life? Read on to find out.

What Will Happen During The Age of Aquarius?

aquarius star sign

Sooo.. lotsss will happen during this new astrological age! The development of technology (space travel, social media, Netflix, and sooo much more) are just a glimpse of how the Age of Aquarius is impacting our daily lives. An overload of information is available at any time of the day, global communication is happening this very second in complex media networks, and connections are being made with people we might not ever meet in person.

The Age of Aquarius signals a shift into an era of progression, new ideas and a new “normal”to go along with them. We see the change happening in the acceptance of gender fluidity and brave collective attempts to fight for equality all over the world.

Overall, this new era welcomes a sense of moving away from the “I” mentality to a collective focus on “we”. More than that, we are uniting as communities to create collective change. Expect the renewal of old social structures and the disruption of patterns and systems that no longer serve our lives or the planet Earth.

When Does the Age of Aquarius Start?

You tell me, yogi! Haha really though – there is no clear ‘start date’ to the Age of Aquarius. Each astrological age is a cycle that lasts roughly 2,160 years, and it’s generally accepted that there’s a transition period between each age that varies in length depending on the vibes on Earth. Among astrologers, the dates for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius range from 1447 A.D. to 3597 A.D. Some astrological sources even suggest 2012 was the big day #1. Whether the Age of Aquarius is dawning or is already in full swing, we can feel its energy impacting humanity.

Can you feel it? It’s important that we support each other AND make sure to fill up our own cup during this transition. This means practicing daily sadhana and using the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age to navigate when it all just feels like too much. Now more than ever, it’s important to become aware of our emotions, acknowledge how we feel, rise up and get involved in our community to make the most of this energetically charged moment!

This is a great yoga class designed to support you through this process:

YouTube video

Through practicing the Aquarian Mantras, Kundalini asanas, and meditation, we address our internal being no matter what the external world looks like. We also have kriyas, which evolve over time to help us find our way back from what is happening in our external world to our true inner selves. As Guru Singh mentions in my online Kundalini yoga course, our internal being always stays the same. Stay connected with this, and you’ll weather whatever storm is in your path ⛵

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Astrological Ages are Based on Precession of the Equinoxes

Here’s some star science for you skeptics out there: What’s with the timing of these astrological ages anyway? Our beautiful Earth moves backward through the zodiac signs; from Aries to Pisces, from Pisces to Aquarius, and so on. Among astrologers, there is the common belief that humankind has been through six ages related to the zodiac constellations.

A loooong time ago, an astronomer introduced the phenomenon of “precession of the equinoxes or zodiac“. It describes when the constellation of stars behind the sun at the vernal equinox changes. The vernal equinox happens when the sun crosses the celestial equator, which happens twice each year (day and night are equally long on those days).

Over time, the sun’s position in front of the background stars shifts into a new zodiac constellation. Why? Because the orientation of the rotational axis of the Earth is changing while spinning around ☝️ Prior to our current Aquarian age, the sun was sitting in front of the constellation Pisces.

Transition As A Period of Time, Not A Date

As you can imagine, transitioning from one Age to the next does not happen in the blink of an eye. Change is gradual when we look at the big picture of our solar system and the stars beyond it. Like, it takes thousands of YEARS for our solar system to circumnavigate our galaxy (around 25,000 to be exact). The sun resides in each zodiac sign constellation for at least 2,000 years.

That means it takes time to get into full motion with the age of Aquarius. We can already see its impact. Think about the industrialization we’ve been through and our highly advanced technology nowadays! Yoga and mindfulness have become familiar concepts in most households along with proven methods for personal growth and development. 

This major shift among humans, from pursuing political freedom to standing up for human rights, isn’t all rosy. It also brings about the abuse of highly advanced science (e.g. pollution, nuclear bombs…) and constant connectivity (information overload). As we settle into this new age, humanity will slowly adapt and find ways to create positive change, together. This change will be supported by mission-driven non-profit organizations, conscious businesses putting in the hard work to lower their impact on nature and serve social justice, and individuals taking ownership to live a more sustainable life. The sky is literally the limit here!

2020’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

On December 21st, 2020, Jupiter passed Saturn in an astrological even like we’ve never seen before. These two planets have a constant racing game going on with Jupiter passing Saturn every 20 years. However, it’s been around 400 years since they came as close to each other as they did in December 2020. This ‘Great Conjunction’ was also the first time in 800 years that Saturn was overtaken at night, making this exciting event visible to almost anyone who looked into the sky.

The December 2020 conjunction took place in the zodiac constellation of Aquarius at zero degrees. Yes, zero! Isn’t that calling for a fresh start? This is a time where we, as a society, get to start from scratch and have a closer look at what we’ve been doing up until now. On a personal level, this new age is a perfect time to get rid of any old habits and make space for some new adventures that encourage you to grow into your best self.

Are You Chanting Correctly? Refine Your Tune with Me! 👇

Are You Chanting Correctly? Refine Your Tune with Me!

    Elemental Transformation: Water to Air

    In astrology, there are four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) that each correspond to three zodiac signs. 

    pisces water element

    Pisces is a Water sign.

    According to astrologers, a water sign is associated with sensitivity and sentimentality. There is a tendency to hold on to people and material items way past a healthy edge. On top of that, emotions tend to ebb and flow like ocean waves.

    In the Age of Pisces, people sought guidance from above. Society was firmly entrenched in religious and monarchical hierarchies with strict frameworks and a focus on material wealth as the ‘end goal’.

    aquarius air element

    Aquarius is an Air sign.

    The air sign, however, is associated with collaboration, creativity, and taking action. Like the movement of a playful breeze, there is less focus on holding on, and a shift to the “you-do-you” mentality.

    We can see this already with our dispersed social networks. New communities evolve through friends of friends, and there is a strong call for justice for all.

    Those with Aquarius as their Rising Sign, Moon Sign, or Sun Sign may feel particularly connected to the Age of Aquarius.

    Aquarian Characteristics That Will Guide The New Age

    So, what does it all mean? What can you expect from the Age of Aquarius? Think of how you feel after doing a big detox: At first you feel a bit…low. It’s all those toxins surfacing! This is exactly what all of us are going through – a massive collective detox. We might feel pain, there might be struggle, but at the end of it all – we come out completely renewed and ready to take on the world ✨

    Aquarian traits like innovation and hope will dominate this new age. Aquarian energy fills us with inspiration and confidence for a new beginning as we are pressed to make shifts in our approach to living life. Climate change and sustainability will remain important as we seek ways to create collective environmental responsibility.

    Ok…wait a second. If the Age of Aquarius brings us closer together, why on Earth is there so much finger-pointing and frustration out there🤔?

    Well, as with any change, moving into a new Age isn’t easy. Change brings uncertainty and fear as we let go of old patterns. The answer? Time and practice. It will take time to understand this time of upheaval as an opportunity to use our highest spiritual intellect and apply our practice. But I know we can do it! Kundalini yoga shows us how.

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