In modern culture, sexuality has lost its sense of connection. The truth is: healthy sexual energy is a major part of any spiritual life.

In fact, sacred sexuality is an ancient spiritual practice that honors the sacredness of the physical body, the power of sexual desires, and the connection between physical and spiritual realms.

As a yogi, when you think of sacred sexuality, your mind probably thinks of tantra. And while tantric sex is a thing, there’s so much more to sacred sex that’s rooted in ancient tantric philosophy.

So, today, I want to enhance your spiritual growth by taking a look at sacred sexuality, and how loving communion is not only a source of pleasure, but also of bringing the divine right down here to earth.

So, let’s start with what sacred sexuality is (and isn’t)…

What Is Sacred Sexuality?

Sacred sexuality encompasses a spiritual approach to intimate connection. Think spiritual sex. From this point of view, sex and pleasure are seen as an exchange of life force energy.

Sacred sex reveres the body, honors the power of sexual energy (especially the sexual orgasm), and acknowledges the profound connection between carnal pleasure and spiritual functions.

In essence, sex can be a spiritual experience, when it’s approached with mindful awareness.

Let’s take a brief look at how the body can be a vehicle for direct experience with the divine through tantra.

Tantra is the ability to connect with universal wisdom and bring that spark into everyday life; to go up and bring wisdom back down. Before tantric philosophy emerged in the 6th century, the focus in yoga was always on going UP — transcending the body and achieving enlightenment. The body in many ways was the enemy.

But from a tantric perspective, in tantra yoga, the body is not only your friend, but also a vehicle for liberation. Spirituality from a tantric view isn’t just about ascending the physical into the spiritual realm. It’s about going up to connect with a higher power (god, the universe), to get to enlightenment and pure bliss (samadhi), and then, bringing that wisdom back down into your body.

Spiritual sex is a powerful tool for communing with the sacred through intimacy with a partner.

So, how is this done? There are a wide variety of types of sacred sexuality practices.

Types Of Spiritual Sexual Practices

Now that we know the roots of tantra, we can see how tantra and other forms of sacred sexuality can be incorporated into our sex lives. People say these practices are best experienced with a trusted partner, but can be practiced on your own too.

Tantra Sexual Practices

  • Breathwork: By using conscious breathing techniques, you can deepen relaxation, tune into your desire, and enhance energy flow with your partner. Eye contact helps too!
  • Conscious Touch: Whether you prefer to fly solo or with your partner in a long term relationship or marriage of many years, you can practice mindfully exploring touch and sensuality to deepen intimacy. This is a sacred practice and can bring your relationship to a level of soul union.
  • Rituals: One beautiful part of tantric sacred sex is incorporating rituals to honor the divine within yourself and your partner. Maybe this looks like practicing an essential oils ritual or honoring each other’s physical cravings.

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    Taoist Sexual Practices

    Derived from Taoist philosophy, these practices focus on cultivating and circulating energy (Qi) throughout the body for health, vitality, and spiritual growth. Key components include:

    • Sexual Alchemy: Techniques for transmuting sexual energy into higher spiritual states, using genital stimulation and achieving ecstatic states.
    • Microcosmic Orbit: Circulating energy through the body’s energy channels (meridians) to enhance vitality and balance.


    Karezza is a gentle and slow approach to making love that emphasizes emotional connection and spiritual intimacy over orgasm. This means the focus on the awareness of the other person and creating a sacred union that’s healing for both you and your partner, with a focus on the divine aspects of each other.

    • Non-goal-oriented: This type of sex focuses on the journey of intimacy and what we call foreplay, rather than achieving a specific outcome, like an orgasm. This can be just as beneficial for your physical health.
    • Mutual Pleasure: Sex is focused on prioritizing the pleasure, feelings, and spiritual well-being of each person equally. Your partner’s pleasure is as important as your own.
    • Emotional Bonding: As you embrace each other, you’re cultivating deep emotional connection and intimacy through sustained physical contact. This is a great way to stay present and let go of shame around the body.

    Each of these spiritual sexual practices offers a unique pathway for you and your partner to explore the intersection of spirituality and sexuality, fostering healing, connection with each other’s spirit, and a fulfilling union.

    Now that we’ve discussed the types of sex practices that you can engage in, let’s talk about the how.

    How To Cultivate Sacred Sexuality

    Whether it’s your idea or your partner’s, embarking on a journey to cultivate sacred sexuality can feel daunting, but embracing openness and curiosity can lead to profound growth and connection. You can truly take your relationship to new heights, connecting on a soul level.

    Sacred sexuality has been practiced around the world for centuries, so it’s important to remember there are many women and men who’ve tried this type of sex out before, and there’s nothing wrong with expanding your horizons, especially if you’re already spiritually inclined.

    To begin, approach your partner with honesty, vulnerability, and a shared commitment to exploring new realms of intimacy, while honoring each other’s boundaries and desires along the way.

    Here are a few ways to get started…

    1. Cultivate Presence and Awareness

    Start living in the moment in your daily life, so that when it’s time to begin sex, it’s easier to connect. Do a slow yin practice before sex.

    Then, during intimate moments, you’re ready to fully engage with the present moment and connect with your partner on a deeper level. Let the worries of the world melt away and take a moment from your busy lives to connect in mind, body, and spirit.

    You can incorporate deep breathing, body scanning, and sensory awareness to heighten sensations and enhance connection. Bring what you’ve learned on the mat, into the bedroom!

    2. Prioritize Emotional Connection

    Sex can be limited when it’s only focused on the physical. To connect in the way nature intended us to, you have to foster open and honest communication to deepen trust, both inside and outside the bedroom.

    Before sex, take time to connect emotionally, expressing your desires, fears, and feelings with vulnerability and compassion. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with trying new things. In fact, sex was sometimes considered a way to worship god and the soul of your partner.

    3. Explore Sensuality

    Get your senses involved. Engage in sensual activities that awaken your senses and cultivate pleasure outside of sexual intercourse. Experiment with massage, dancing, or bathing together to ignite sensual connection.

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    4. Honor the Divine Within

    Your soul craves intimacy with another. Start by honoring the sacredness of your own body and your partner’s body as vessels of divine energy.

    When you view sex as a sacred act of union, you’re opening the door for a more spiritual experience. You can even use these sacral chakra affirmations.

    An illustration of sacral chakra affirmations

    5. Explore Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

    The best way to explore is to take some time to learn outside of your intimate time. You can seek out resources and classes that teach tantric practices and sacred sexuality.

    I recommend this class to get you started:

    YouTube video

    Common Questions About Sacred Sexuality

    What happens spiritually when you have sex?

    Spiritually, sex can be a powerful gateway to transcendence, fostering connection not only with your partner but also with the divine.

    It can lead to states of heightened awareness, deep emotional release, and a sense of oneness with the universe.

    Through sacred sexuality practices, you and your partner may experience a merging of energies, a profound sense of love and bliss, and even spiritual awakening.

    Closing Thoughts

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