Alignment Mistakes You May be Making in Warrior One

Alignment Mistakes You May be Making in Warrior One

Warrior One is one of the hardest yoga poses to do correctly.

This yoga pose may look simple, but it’s actually very complex.

In this quick 2-minute video, we look at how to do Warrior 1, and the alignment of this yoga asana, especially because  Warrior 1 is often not broken down in a studio class.

Enjoy and take what you learn into an online yoga sequence or into a studio class.

Video transcript below!

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Hands down, one of the most difficult yoga poses is Warrior 1. It is a tricky pose, and often not broken down during a studio class.

Let’s go over this pose in detail, really fast, so the next time you’re in class, or doing your home practice you know exactly what to do.
When you step back or forward into Warrior 1, you want to have a nice wide stance.

Then it is good to have your hands on your hips, and imagine your hips are facing forward like headlights.

So your back thigh is rotating inward, and your front thigh is rotating out. So your hips are square to the front of the room.

It’s good to often let your elbows rest open like a goal post so your shoulders aren’t creeping up by your ears.
So relax them, and then you can re-extend.

Hug your left and right inner thigh in towards one another so your legs are super strong as you press through the back heel and bend through the front foot a little more.

Then lift your low abs up and in, so your low ribs aren’t splaying open.

And there you have it Warrior 1.

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July 11, 2014