Quad Stretch: Open Quads in 6 Minutes

Quad Stretch: Open Quads in 6 Minutes

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This is an all levels quad stretch in which we open and lengthen your quads in just 6 minutes. Perfect for after biking, running, cardio or time at the gym!

First we do a variation quad stretch on our belly which opens and lengthens the muscle. I love this pose and incorporate it into almost every practice.

Next we do a deeper quad stretch twist. You can double over your mat to protect your knee here. I offer variations so you can keep it as subtle or deep as you want.

Our quads are some of the largest muscles in the body. Stretching into this area even just for 6 minutes will have a profound effect on your whole system.

Enjoy these quad openers after your next work out and be sure to like this video and share it with a friend.

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May 19, 2014