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With the whole COVID-19 pandemic and yoga studios around the world shutting down, things have gotten a little complicated for the yoga community.

Especially considering that many yoga practitioners are stuck at home without much to do, people need yoga now more than ever before. And as yoga teachers, we must adapt our teaching strategies to meet the current needs of our students.

With so many different options for online teaching, it can seem overwhelming to figure out where to begin…

…but I am here to help!

I have been teaching yoga classes online for nearly a decade, and online Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT) for the past 5 years.

It has always been my mission to turn yoga teachers into entrepreneurs and business owners and that’s exactly what my 300-hour teacher training course teaches. These times have made it clear that now is the time and online is where it’s at.

Here are my tips to help you develop the best online teaching strategy to support your students and yourself during COVID-19.

#1 Create the Right Product & Experience

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Your audience has all the answers you need to help you create the right product. Connect with your audience and ask them what they are craving, missing or need right now.

A few questions that will help guide you in creating your product may be

  • do they want online classes that they can practice on their own time (ie via watching a YouTube yoga channel)?
  • or are they in desperate need of guidance and interaction in a live forum (ie through a live online yoga class on Zoom)?
  • do they want a personalized plan with day-by-day instructions (like with your own yoga app)?
  • do they want a community with whom they can virtually engage?

Once you know the right product to create, you can offer your students a personalized experience that will support them now and become a reusable asset for your business in the future.

#2 Think About Temporary vs. Reusable Content

Look, online entrepreneurship is here to stay.

And with this whole stay-at-home pandemic, there is no better time than the present to begin building your online business.

Instead of thinking of your online strategy as temporary, consider using this time to create reusable digital assets in your business that can serve you now and become part of a new business model as you move forward.

Platforms like Zoom and Youtube allow you to record yourself as you guide meditation, lead dharma talks or teach. Take advantage of technologies that allow you to make your offerings sustainable and reusable as you develop and continue to refine your online teaching strategy.

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#3 Establish Yourself as a Leader in Your Niche

Now is the time to step up and get into action, establishing yourself as a leader in this time of transition.

Start your mission now, rather than waiting. It is inevitable that things will keep shifting in our current situation, but online entrepreneurship will continue to grow…

…I know from years of experience!

Focus on building your audience. Consider offering free, by donation and scholarship options in addition to being paid. Cultivate your community and give them the sustainable products they want and need now.

#4 Consider the Long Term

As you establish yourself as a leader and cultivate your audience, consider your lifestyle and monetary goals as you build your online brand.

Take a step back and think more about the long term. Remember, your audience has all the answers!

Keep in touch with your community in ways beyond the mat. Let them know that you are here, not just during times of crisis but for the long haul.

Let whatever you do during this time be strategic rather than reactive. Show up consistently and genuinely and be the beacon of light your students need during these uncertain times.

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