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You’re probably reading this because you’ve been introduced to the profound energy and chakra magic that comes along with Kundalini awakening.

And whether you’ve been practicing for years or just a few days this life force of consciousness, enlightenment, and meditation is ridiculously intriguing to the mind, body, and spirit.

The Kundalini process combines masculine and feminine energy to form the perfect pair for healing while energy moves from the Muladhara chakra through the solar plexus, carrying vital energy to the higher chakras (like the Ajna chakra) and beyond.

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What is the Kundalini Serpent?

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You may know that Kundalini has been historically represented through the symbol of the serpent, but why? Why a snake?

As most ancient yogic translations, it all starts with Sanskrit. The translation of “Kundalini Shakti” from Sanskrit to English is “Serpent Power”.

This coincides with the movement of energy released within your body from the base of the spine up through the crown. This Kundalini energy is said to be like a snake, coiled at the base of the spine waiting to be released to your highest power.

Symbolically this energy also moves like a serpent and is awakened by specific meditation and consciousness techniques.

Symbolism Of A Serpent

So, Kundalini is represented by the symbol of a serpent, yes, but what does a serpent represent exactly?

Well, Kundalini awakening through meditation is historically represented by a serpent (or snake) because of what the animal has represented since ancient times.

The spirit of a serpent can be thought of as a rebirth, a transformation, and healing of the old form (be that mind, body, and spirit) as it sheds it’s skin and regenerates a new being.

Snakes have also been thought of as an eternal and continual renewal of life.

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How is Kundalini Awakened And Is It Safe?

So, you’ve heard of this life force we call prana, right? This healing energy is said to be coiled at the base of the spine.

When we open our practice with the Adi Mantra, incorporate another specific mantra, use hand mudras, invoke a spiritual energy meditation, or practice Kundalini yoga poses, we can awaken the energy.

It starts to move along the chakra system and can unveil a whole new world of balance between the divine feminine and masculine energy that resides within.

You can think of this awakening or enlightenment as the Garden of Eden of cosmic energy for your brain through deep meditation and Kundalini asana.

Like I said, rising Kundalini energy travels upward to the higher chakras, like a snake slithering as divine energy through all the subtle body centers making it’s way to the crown. It’s an uplifting of dormant, awakened spirit.

But, is it safe?

Yes, and no.

Keep in mind, while awakening the Kundalini is safe, it isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Those who study transpersonal psychology have monitored the effects of psychosis caused by rising Kundalini in those who are unprepared. Many people experience this as a traumatic Kundalini awakening, or something even more scary.

Think of a sudden and unprecedented change in your life. This can happen due to sudden physical and emotional stress or trauma and is referred to as Kundalini Syndrome.

You can read more about the symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome and if you feel you may be experiencing any of these symptoms of unwarned and unprepared Kundalini energy rising please seek consultation from a professional.

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Get 3 Free Training Vidoes from our Kundalini University Experience & Certification Program