what comes after the age of aquarius

Are you constantly thinking about what’s coming next? Worried about the future? Breakfast after yoga, work after breakfast, next year’s vacation, next quarters bills to pay… Add in your love of zodiac signs and the sun’s position and you’re probably already wondering what the next new astrological age is going to be after the age of Aquarius. Here’s the scoop:

Right now, we are in a transition period moving out of the Piscean age. We’re experiencing the very beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is a once in TWO MILLENNIA phenomenon, yogis! Need some backstory?

The Piscean Age refers to a specific period in the astrological cycle as understood in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan (the now rejected founder of the modern Kundalini Yoga tradition.) The astrological cycles are divided into four major ages:

  • Sat Yuga (Age of Truth)
  • Treta Yuga (Age of Ritual)
  • Dvapara Yuga (Age of Doubt)
  • Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness)

The Piscean Age, also known as the Age of Darkness or the Kali Yuga, is said to have begun around 2,000 years ago and ended in 2012. This Piscean age was characterized by a focus on individualism, materialism, and external power structures. It was a time when the collective consciousness was primarily driven by ego, competition, and separation.

The transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age began in 2012 and is still ongoing. The Aquarian Age is here to bring a shift in consciousness, emphasizing unity, intuition, and the recognition of our interconnectedness as a global community. It is a time of spiritual awakening. The Age of Aquarius, is a time of new beginnings, major changes, establishing new systems, and speaking your truth.

But… what comes next? You guessed it. A new age will start; The Age of Capricorn. This is everything you need to know about it.

What Comes After The Age of Aquarius? 

brett larkin practicing kundalini yoga wearing white

According to western astrology, we’re currently transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. Once the Aquarian Age comes to an end, we will transition into the Age of Capricorn.

While the exact dates are a bit fuzzy, the Age of Capricorn is expected to kick off around 3,500 to 4,000 AD. Don’t overthink it, yes that is well beyond your lifetime and even your children’s lifetimes. While the Age of Aquarius pushes humans to focus on more than just themselves, the energy of Capricorn will bring another shift to society.

Hot Tip: If thinking this far off is feeling overwhelming and you’re still figuring out how to deal with today, try these 7 Aquarian Age Mantras for some peace of mind. They are a powerful way to tune in to this present moment of transformation.

Are You Chanting Correctly? Refine Your Tune with Me! 👇

Are You Chanting Correctly? Refine Your Tune with Me!

    The Trouble With Measuring Astrological Ages

    Astrologers use a few different methods to measure astrological ages. One common way is to look at our solar system and how long it takes to circumnavigate our galaxy (roughly 25,000 years).

    This cycle is then divided into twelve equally long astrological ages (approx. 2,100 years), which correspond to the twelve zodiac signs.

    In the Age of Aquarius, the constellation Aquarius is behind the sun during the vernal equinox. The vernal equinox is an event that happens twice a year when the sun is above the celestial equator so day and night are the exact same lengths. Cool, right?

    When this background constellation changes behind the sun’s location to Capricorn, this signals the shift from the Age of Aquarius to the Age of Capricorn. But the zodiac constellations won’t just change out like the earth’s rotation, in a day. It happens over a loooong transition period of several hundred years.

    So you can probably see why there is no definite answer as to when one Age begins and the other ends. Because each Age is so long, it’s difficult to measure them precisely. Add into that the different ways many astrologers measure the zodiac, either using sidereal zodiac or tropical zodiac dates. It gets confusing and muddies the water.

    The Age of Capricorn Is Coming 

    Astrology tells us that each zodiac (or sun) sign reveals a person’s true nature. We are assigned a zodiac sign at birth, depending on which one the sun is positioned in, and this sign stays the same for the rest of our lives. If you’re really wanting to deeper into this you can even have a birth chart done that will map all of the planetary and star positions at the exact moment of your birth. It is a lot of fun to do so I highly recommend it!

    Each of the twelve zodiac signs represents certain characteristics, which you may have encountered in yourself and those around you. They are also ruled by each of the four elements. Meaning, there are three air signs, three earth signs, three fire signs, and three water signs. Aquarius is an air sign. This helps explain why Kundalini Yogi is so popular right now. It’s literally a set of techniques to RAISE energy (ushering more air into your system).

    The Age of Aquarius brings a strong sense of community and hope, according to the traits of Aquarius. Capricorn, on the other hand, is often associated with big picture thinking and a goal-driven mindset, sometimes isolating in order to achieve. If we were alive to experience the Age of Capricorn, it would be a very interesting shift to experience, don’t you think? It’s like a bunch of free spirits, adventurers, and loving friends (Aquarian characteristics) shift roles and become big business leaders and goal-oriented individuals (Capricorn characteristics) when we move into this new era. This is so inspiring and exciting to think about.

    The Age of Capricorn at a Glance 

    Ruling Planet: Saturn
    Element:  Earth
    Symbol:  ♑︎  sea goat

    Qualities of The Age of Capricorn

    Hard work, the desire to do well, and making dreams come true are quite typical for the sun sign Capricorn. Repressing emotions in order to move on is typical for Capricorns. They love taking on responsibility and striving for success. They are also said to be “old souls”, possessing  wisdom beyond their years like a sensible adult in a kid’s body. If they do wrong, they will try hard to make it right.

    A person with this zodiac sign can come across as holding much wisdom and sticking to tradition – the tried and true, so to speak! While the Age of Aquarius is characterized by the free spirit vibe, the Age of Capricorn will most likely make folks more grounded.

    I like to imagine this present Aquarian time as a period of exploration and adventuring, trying things out in order to get rid of the old stuff that’s not working any more. Moving into the Capricorn future, we arrive at “So, what now?”. As if we were reflecting on our experiences and feelings after a long retreat to use our passions in the right way and make things happen.

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    Elemental Transformation: Air to Earth

    In astrology, there are four elements that each correspond to three zodiac signs:

    • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    • Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
    • Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

    We are currently transitioning from the Water to Air element (i.e. Pisces to Aquarius). Moving into the sign Capricorn will shift us into the Earth element. What does that mean?

    Just think about it: Earth is associated with the resources that we need for life. It connects us to our first chakra needs and the tangible world. Air is grounded in the heart chakra, governing breath and giving us the ability to express ourselves and connect with one another. While the Air element enables the free flowing, new-ideas-exploration-mode, the Earth element focuses energy on security and stability. 

    age of capricorn earth sign

    This elemental shift may reflect a focus back on material wealth. Earth signs are all about quality over quantity and choosing relationships wisely, however, so the Age of Capricorn is sure to be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

    The Piscean Age brought human history towards the search of a higher power, organized religion and such, the Aquarian Age I believe will now bring humans together in community and reign in true equality and as we move into the Capricorn age which will be the awareness center, when the divine will not be a secret anymore and all humanity will feel secure and grounded in their connection to planet earth and The Divine.

    What Does This Mean For You Right Now?

    brett larkin practicing kundalini yoga

    Does all this mean you need to start doing more research on the Ancient Greeks or the Mayan Calendar to prepare yourself for a zodiacal constellation rising? Absolutely not. As previously stated these transitions can take hundreds of years, and the astrological ages themselves last for thousands of years. Unless earth’s inhabitants unlock the fountain of youth or the keys to immortality, no don’t sweat it. This is just some fun facts!

    Some things you CAN DO during this Aquarian Age are:

    • Work with the equinox. Try this class, a sadhana designed for the Aquarian age on the spring equinox point.
    • I also have this one for the fall equinox.
    • Work with polarity: As you know from my Kundalini Demystified course polarity is an important part of life and fully understanding this concept will help you understand a lot of what happens around you.
    • Create connection and community by doing a 40-day kriya. A 40-day kriya will change your life, seriously. Not only will it help center you but it will increase your connection to Source, and if you work with one like the one inside my Uplifted community you’ll also connect with others doing it as well. Since the Aquarian Age is all about community and expansion this is a perfect step to take.
    • Take this quiz and figure out exactly which yoga journey YOU should be on right now.

    Next Steps

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    Get 3 Free Training Vidoes from our Kundalini University Experience & Certification Program