cord cutting ritual

Are you tied to something no longer serving you? Do you need to completely release yourself from a person or situation?

It’s time to get out the imaginary scissors to conduct a cord-cutting ritual.

What Is Cord Cutting?

You have many energetic “cords” tying you to relationships, beliefs, and even material objects. When you find that you are giving more energy to these cords than you are receiving you could call them toxic. Cord-cutting refers to severing the ties of energetic cords that draw your own energy away from you.

What Is A Cord Cutting Ritual?

A cord-cutting ritual is when you spend dedicated time with yourself in a sacred space to recognize your unhealthy habits and intentionally sever the cords that bind you to them. Whether it’s a person, place, thing, or habit/belief, you are severing the energetic ‘cords’ that keep you connected in order to improve your well being. It’s another form of self love. Releasing what is no longer in your best interest and connecting to your shakti energy.

The intention behind whatever ritual steps that you choose is what will have the most impact on your future self.

cord cutting ritual with sage

Cord Cutting Ritual Meaning

Cord-cutting rituals serve a powerful purpose in providing a tangible and symbolic method for letting go of lingering energies that may be hindering personal growth. By engaging in a purposeful release, you can experience a newfound freedom. The act of consciously choosing to sever cords, whether with a past relationship or aspects of past lives, is a proactive step toward releasing negative energy. It will release energy that might be holding you back or even help clear blocked feminine energy.

Ready to experience a cleansing in your energy field and release those lingering negative emotions? Let’s delve into the steps of this type of ritual, so you can personally feel the liberating effects it brings.

It’s about taking intentional action to create a process for positivity and personal growth by shedding what no longer serves you.

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How To Do A Cord-Cutting Ritual

Are ready to be free – YES! Celebrate your choice of cutting energetic cords that are keeping you down.

Start by gathering the supplies for your sacred ritual time. These props and symbols are of course helpful for setting the mood, but your ceremony is no less without these items.

Note: more important than these items is the intention you set and the time you spend with yourself in this process.

  • Quiet comfortable area: You need a place where you won’t be disturbed during this time. This place should be somewhere you feel comfortable, preferably where you can be alone as long as you need.
  • Candles: One candle or many candles, your choice. White candles are symbols of purity, black candles assist in releasing negative emotions.
  • Sage or Palo Santo: These are great choices for purifying yourself and the space. You can use whatever cleansing herb you prefer.
  • Pen and paper: For writing down what you want to release.
  • Fire-safe container: For burning your paper if you choose this route. – safety first always.
  • Sacred objects: Finally, if you have any crystals or maybe a photo you want to burn, bring into your sacred space any object that you want with you. Your favorite blanket or anything you have a healing relationship with.

Before you enter your ritual space, I want you to think deeply about what you want to release. This could be an ex-partner, toxic family members, or it could even be energetic cords tying you to a material item.

What toxic relationships or beliefs are draining your energy?

The answer to this question is the energetic tie you need to release. You may already know the answer to this question, or you may need to think more deeply about it over some deep breaths. Take time to journal on this.

Congratulate yourself for getting this far. Determining that you want to cut the cord is half the battle. Now that you have shown yourself love and have chosen to start a new life without these draining connections in your future, let’s start the ceremony!

burning sage
  1. Cleanse and prepare the area: Now is the time to burn sage or palo santo, whatever you are using to cleanse the energy surrounding you. Start by cleansing in each direction, North, East, South, and West. You want to cleanse as much of the area as possible before you take your seat. Don’t forget to cleanse around yourself as well. This step will rid any stagnant unwanted energy from your ceremony. Light any candles you are using now.
  2. Arrive in your space: Find your most comfortable position. I would encourage sitting on a cushion and finding a long spine to allow energy to flow freely up and down the nadis.
  3. Connect with your breath: Take a few moments to feel deeply connected with your breath. Deep breaths bring more prana into your being. This will help power up your energy preparing to cut the cord no longer serving you.
  4. Communicate your intention: Clearly state your intention. Whatever your preferred method is, you can speak it aloud, write it down, or repeat it 3 times in your mind. Use your very personal intention or something more general like “I am here to release energetic cords that no longer create value in my life”
  5. Write down what you want to release: Write down whatever it is that you are here to release. It could be past relationships still haunting your present, it could be energetic cords keeping you tied to a particular person, or it could even be trauma from a past life that you are ready to release. Write it all down on the paper.
  6. Burn the paper: Find your fire-safe container and light the paper. Drop the paper into the container and watch until it is completely burnt.
  7. Visualize Release: Now that your words have been released, let your eyes feel heavy and close them if that’s comfortable. Imagine the energetic cords that connected you to the people, situations, or emotions you wrote down. Picture them as tangible, ethereal threads of energy.
    Envision a pair of scissors or another symbolic tool in your hand. With deliberate intention, start cutting through these cords one by one. You can even move your arms in a swiping motion as if you are physically cutting the cords from your body.
    As you sever each cord, imagine a burst of healing and cleansing light emanating from the cut ends. See the light expanding and filling the spaces where the cords used to be.
    Visualize the released energy transforming into something positive and nourishing. It could take the form of a warm, golden light enveloping you, signifying a newfound freedom, clarity, and self-empowerment. Feel the weight of the attachments lifting, and the renewal of your energy as you let go of what no longer serves you.
    Focus on cultivating feelings of liberation, peace, and joy. Envision yourself stepping into a place of fresh beginnings and unburdened potential. Remember to actively embrace the positive transformation that comes with releasing what no longer aligns with your well-being.
  8. Express gratitude: Express gratitude for the lessons these cords taught you and be grateful for the fresh energy you have now created in your surroundings.
  9. Close the ritual: As you prepare to go out into the world with a new sense of self, blow out the candle that helped you burn your list.
  10. Reflect and reground: Before you get up, journal down some thoughts about your experience cutting ties. Bring your palms together at your heart center and rub the palms together. This will bring you back into this moment of new and fresh energy.

Knowing how to tap into your feminine energy can be helpful to this process as well.

Types Of Cord-Cutting Rituals

Above are steps to guide you through the basics of cutting cords. You may find that especially toxic cords have strong energetic ties that could use a little something extra to heal. Here are some other types of cord cutting rituals to add extra power to the basics above.

Cord Cutting Mantra

A cord-cutting mantra is a potent focal point, enhancing the ritual’s transformative effects. By verbally declaring the intention to release and sever energetic ties, the mantra reinforces commitment, redirects thoughts toward healing, and generates vibrational energy. This intentional use of language facilitates a deep internal shift, aiding in the release of emotional attachments and fostering a refreshed self-awareness and a positive mindset.

Choose a meaningful mantra that speaks to you. Something like “I release the ties that bind”, or, “I sever the energetic cords that no longer serve my highest good.”

Repeat your chosen mantra as many times as you feel is appropriate during your ceremony.

Cord Cutting Spell

Most witches would encourage you to use a spell in your ritual. A spell is just an intention put into words gracefully. You can use this spell below or use it as a jumping-off point to create your own spell to amplify your cord-cutting rituals.

By the fire’s bright embrace, I cast away these binding ties, with each uttered word, let the cords of old dissolve. As this parchment turns to ash, so too does the grip of the past release its hold. By the power within me, I reclaim my essence, free and whole. So may it be.

Spiritual Cord Cutting

Spiritual cord-cutting goes beyond the typical process of focusing on personal relationships and situations. It’s about addressing the energy cords tied to your spiritual beliefs and the ways they might be holding you back.

If you’re in the midst of a spiritual transformation and want to break free from old, limiting belief systems, this practice helps you release those cords. It’s a powerful step toward personal and spiritual growth, acknowledging that you are moving forward in your journey with the divine and that you’re actively shaping your process ahead.

Cord Cutting Candle Ritual

You can cut cords without candles but do you really want to? As the candles burn you are in contact with the fire element. You can use two candles or more, depending on how many candles you have you may want some water nearby. 😂

In the basic outline above candles are present but you can make the candles a very integral part of the ceremony. You may want to use specific candles holding specific meaning. Or light a candle through each step of the process.

Have you heard of chime candles? These are smaller shorter candles that burn completely in 2-2.5 hours. They come in a variety of colors and each color has a different meaning.

Karmic cord-cutting 

Instead of just severing immediate connections, this intention aims to cut cords that might be rooted in past-life or karmic experiences. So, you’re not just letting go of current issues but also addressing deeper, long-standing energetic links. It’s like a more holistic approach to a cord-cutting ritual, considering the broader spiritual context beyond the immediate circumstances.

To do a Karmic cord-cutting ritual, you need to have a heart-to-heart with your past lives. To cut cords with your past life you need to recognize the cords tying you to the past so they may heal your future.

    Cord Cutting Interpretation

    So you have done your cutting ritual and now what? Did those toxic cords disappear? First off, think about why you did it—was it for healing, personal growth, or to ditch some negativity? Then, picture the symbolism in cutting those cords and what it feels like now that it’s done. Pay attention to your emotions during and after – if you’re feeling lighter or more clear-headed, that’s a good sign. And check your overall vibe, do you feel more balance between your masculine and feminine energy – a successful cord-cutting should leave you feeling empowered and open to positive stuff.

    Basically, it’s about understanding what it all means, feeling the changes, and knowing that it’s working for your well-being.

    shiva shakti

    Common Questions About Cord Cutting

    You probably still have some questions about cutting an energetic cord. Here are some of the most common questions answered!

    How does cord-cutting affect the other person?

    Cord-cutting rituals have the most effect on the person performing the ritual. The other person may be oblivious to the cutting cords. Energetic cords share energy so if the other person is sensitive to energy shifting they just might notice it in their energetic cord.

    The other person may or may not notice the shift in energy but either way, it will have positive effects on both individuals involved by encouraging healing and fostering a healthier dynamic.

    What color candle for cord cutting?

    The color of the candle you use will give off different vibes. White candles are all about purity and cleansing, while black ones are more about banishing negativity. So, depending on whether you’re aiming for a fresh start or specifically cutting out some heavy stuff, you might want to choose a color that aligns with your intention.

    What are the benefits of cutting the cord?

    Cord cutting after romantic relationships end helps heal emotional wounds, allowing a fresh start for personal growth. It’s like clearing space for healthier connections.

    Similarly, cutting cords with a family member can bring emotional independence, relieving familial pressures, healing generational trauma and fostering authentic connections by letting go of unresolved issues. It’s about creating space for more positive dynamics within any relationship no longer serving you.

    What happens after the cord is cut?

    After the cord is cut in a ritual, it’s like this symbolic and energetic reset button. You’re letting go of any lingering negative ties, creating a fresh start. It’s a bit like shedding emotional baggage, and people often feel a liberation or divine feminine awakening from toxic cords and renewal in the relationship.

    You’re essentially opening up to new possibilities and a more positive chapter in your life. A few months later you may notice toxic people have faded out of your life completely!

    Final Thoughts

    Cord cutting is a powerful practice that spans emotions, energy, and spirituality. Whether dealing with relationships, seeking healing, or transforming spiritually, consciously cut ties symbolizes renewal and personal growth. Remember the strength in intention, visualization, and letting go.

    Whether in a traditional or spiritual context, cord cutting offers self-discovery and invites positive energies into your life—a journey toward liberation, healing, and embracing your unique path.

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