Have you ever felt like you just don’t vibe with a place? Or maybe you’ve gone on a trip somewhere and have this overwhelming feeling that you are home? All of a sudden you’re trying to find ways to make a permanent move. 

This is because certain geographical points are affected by your unique planetary alignment. I know, you’re either like 🙄 or 🤯.

It’s a pretty cool science though, let me explain…

What is Astrocartography?

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Astrocartography is a specialized branch of astrology that examines how the positions of celestial bodies at the time of your birth influences your life experiences in different geographic locations on Earth. It combines astrological principles with cartography, the science of mapmaking, to create maps that depict the varying astrological energy influences across the globe.

The fundamental idea behind astrocartography is that the energies of the planets, as indicated by their placements in your natal chart, manifest differently in different parts of the world; affecting various aspects of your life, including personal growth, relationships, and career choices.

The Science Behind Astrocartography

Astrocartography suggests that the alignment of planets at the exact time of a person’s birth influences their life experiences, and these influences vary depending on where they are in the world. By overlaying a person’s astrological birth chart onto a map of the world, astrologers can identify places where certain planetary energies are heightened or mitigated, offering insights into potential life experiences in those locations.

Astrocartography is rooted in traditional astrology principles combined with geography and astronomy. To create an astro map, your birth chart is overlaid onto a map of the Earth’s surface. This map then displays lines and zones corresponding to the positions of specific planets at the time of birth.

If you aren’t familiar with astrology, you might want to start with reading up on your zodiac sign and what it means to awaken to the aquarian age.

Understanding the Planetary Influences

Understanding the Planetary Influences

Understanding the planetary influences involves recognizing how different planets in your birth chart correspond to specific regions on Earth. 

Each planet symbolizes different energies and themes, such as love (Venus), ambition (Mars), wisdom (Jupiter), or restriction (Saturn). When these planetary energies intersect with particular geographic locations, they influence various aspects of life you’ll experienced there. For example, someone with a strong Venus influence in their birth chart might find love and relationships flourishing in areas where the Venus line intersects, while someone with a prominent Saturn influence may face challenges or experience personal growth in regions aligned with the Saturn line. By deciphering these planetary influences, you gain deeper insights into the dynamics at play in different parts of the world and how they might impact your life.

How Birth Charts and Geographic Locations Interact

How Birth Charts and Geographic Locations Interact

Birth charts and geographic locations interact through astrocartography to reveal unique patterns and opportunities. For instance, someone with a strong Jupiter influence in their chart might find success or expansion in places where Jupiter’s energy is prominent, such as regions associated with travel, higher education, or philosophy. Conversely, challenging planetary placements in certain locations may indicate areas where you might encounter obstacles or difficulties. 

Astrology is fascinating and fun. Although reading up on things the age of Capricorn or trying to figure out what happens during the age of Aquarius don’t tell you much of how astrology can affect you personally. These astrological maps give you insights into YOUR direct experience and what actionable steps to take in your life NOW!

Benefits of Astrocartography For Yogis

Astrological mapping is another level of awareness for yogis. It gives you insight into how planetary energies influence your yoga and meditation practice, as well as your personal growth journey. 

If you’re ready to increase awareness and overcome the challenges that have plagued you then you might want to spend some time where Saturn intersects your chart. Or perhaps you feel you’ve put in the work and are ready to assist your kundalini awakening. Then you’ll want to see where your Jupiter line intersects your map and maybe take a trip there! By aligning your practice with favorable planetary influences, you enhance your spiritual development and overall well-being. Knowing where to go when you need to find peace or have a reset is a powerful tool to have in your yogi toolkit.

Read up on how astrology crosses with yoga in this article about the sutras of the aquarian age.

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Personal Growth and Self-Discovery Through Astrocartography

Personal growth and self-discovery through an astrocartography chart involve recognizing patterns and themes in one’s life experiences across different geographic locations. By exploring how planetary energies manifest in various places, you can gain clarity on your strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth, leading to greater self-awareness and fulfillment.

Look at the places you’ve been and see how they interact with the planets. Do you see any patterns? For example, when I look at my Saturn line I see it crosses a place I spent a large portion of my life with my family. That came with challenges, as does anyone’s upbringing. But, Saturn asks you to reflect and examine your relationships. It says this is a place of emotional challenge and growth. When I reflect I realize that is exactly what occurred while I was living there. It gives a greater awareness to that time of my life and although I knew I had tremendous growth I can recognize the deeper aspects of that growth and trust everything worked out as it should have.

How to Use Astrocartography for Decision Making: Career, Relationships, and Relocation

There are so many big decisions to make in life. Astrocartography maps can help with those decisions, including career, relationships, and relocation. Considering the planetary influences in different locations, you can make informed choices that align with your goals and aspirations. Or you can avoid areas that might bring challenges you aren’t ready for yet. 

Examples include:

  • When choosing to work on advancing your career you may want to consider where the masculine energy of Mars is located in your chart. This could indicate positive areas for career advancement.
  • If looking for love or to deepen intimate connections try identifying locations conducive to nurturing relationships or finding romantic partners. Try vacationing there and see what happens!
  • Knowing the areas will resonate with your unique energy can make the selection process for relocation easier for you.

How to Read an Astrocartography Map

To read astrocartography maps, first, obtain your natal chart with precise birth details. Meaning exact time and geographical location of your birth. Then, overlay it onto a map of the world using astrocartography software or consult with a professional astrocartographer. You can always create a free account and look it up on places like

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Next, identify the planetary lines on the map, which indicate areas where specific planetary energies are accentuated or subdued. These lines represent areas where the energies associated with those planets are either heightened or diminished. 

Finally, interpret these influences in relation to your personal goals and aspirations. For example, as I said earlier, a line representing the influence of Venus might indicate locations where themes related to love, beauty, and harmony are accentuated, while a line for Saturn could signify areas where one may encounter challenges or experience personal growth and discipline.

Working on certain websites or with a professional astrologer will make interpreting line placements and meanings a lot easier.

Astrology Map Lines

There are so many lines on these maps that it can be really overwhelming. Here are some quick definitions of what each type of line corresponds to help guide you with your interpretations.

Planetary Lines

  • Sun Line ☀️ – Sun lines are associated with self confidence and living your best life
  • Moon Line🌙 – The moon lines represent emotions, intuition, and the Divine feminine
  • Mercury Line ☿️ – Mercury means strong communication and intellect
  • Venus Line ♀️ – Love, values, and success are ruled by Venus
  • Mars Line ♂️ – The Mars line represents ambitions, passions, and motivation
  • Jupiter Line ♃ – Jupiter rules abundance and expansion
  • Saturn Line ♄ – This is the line of duties and responsibilities
  • Uranus Line ♅ – Uranus is associated with creation and innovation
  • Neptune Line ♆ – Your Neptune line connects you to your spirituality
  • Pluto Line ♇ – The Pluto line shows places of transformation
  • Chiron Line ⚷ – Nicknamed the “wounded healer” Chiron line is one of deep wounds and hurts. An area of immense personal growth

Key Lines

  • AC Line(Ascendant line) – AC lines correspond to your personality. Meaning if a planetary line or celestial body is an AC line those aspects of your personality will present more so in the locations it crosses.
  • MC Line(Midheaven line) – Midheaven MC lines are about your professional life. The MC line for planets relative to your career like Mars or Mercury would be good to look at.
  • IC Line(Imum Coeli) – IC lines correspond to your home and family life. If you were looking to expand your family you might want to look for where your Jupiter IC line runs.
  • DC Line(Descendant line) – Your DC lines have to do with relationships. A Venus Descendant line is great to look at if using relocation astrology to find love.

Combining Yoga and Meditation with Astrocartography Insights

You are a unique individual, and your birth chart is another piece of the puzzle that proves it.

Combining yoga and meditation with astrocartography insights can deepen one’s spiritual practice and self-awareness. By understanding how planetary energies intersect with their practice, you can tailor your routine to align with auspicious locations, enhancing the benefits of yoga and meditation. It’s also just a lot of fun!! If you love mixing astrology with your yoga practice check out this aquarian sadhana.

Tips for Beginners in Astrocartography

You might be just as confused about astrocartography as anyone trying to figure out when the aquarian age ends. That’s okay, here are some tips for beginners in astrocartography:

  • Start by obtaining your birth chart with accurate birth details.
  • Use reliable astrocartography software or consult with an experienced astrologist for accurate mapping.
  • Research the meanings of planetary lines and how they correspond to different areas of life.
  • Experiment with visiting or living in locations aligned with favorable planetary energies to observe their effects firsthand.
  • Keep an open mind and be willing to explore the connections between astrology, geography, and personal experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Astrocartography

I’m sure you still have questions, so here are some of the most common questions that get asked about astrocartography.

Where should I live based on astrology?

The ideal location to live based on astrology depends on your individual preferences and goals. Sit with yourself and meditate to determine your goals. Then visit your astrocartography chart. Match up your goals to your lines on the map and let it guide you to locations that support your aspirations and growth.

What is my astrocartography?

Your astrocartography map is going to be unique to you. Remember, astrocartography refers to the mapping of planetary influences onto geographical locations based on your individual birth chart. You’ll either need to seek out a professional astrologer or use one of the free astrocartography services online to determine your specific map.

What is the soulmate line in astrocartography?

The easiest answer to this question is that the soulmate line is one of the most positive lines and is your Venus lines. However, the soulmate line in astrocartography refers to areas where planetary energies indicate strong potential for romantic connections or significant relationships. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is only on your Venus line that this can occur. Some say to look at the planets ruling your 5th and 7th houses too. These maps, although fun, are quite complex and I’d definitely recommend asking a professional if you are looking for specific answers.


Astrocartography can offer you valuable insights into potential life experiences in different regions and help you make informed decisions about where to live, work, travel, or pursue personal growth opportunities. This is great to help you feel more in alignment, but to truly feel in alignment and be your best self you have to do the inner work. You have to figure out what lights you up, how to regulate yourself and release control. All skills I teach in my Yoga For Self Mastery Course.  Take that one step farther with Embodied Yoga Life Coaching to be fully in touch with your body and your unique frequency. Once you’ve done this you’ll know exactly the path you want to take and where to look on your astrocartography map 😉.

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