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Practicing yoga takes commitment.

Think about it.

Every time you come to the mat, whether for a delicious morning yoga routine or for a calming yoga nidra session in the evening, you’re building upon all the hard work that you put into your yoga practice leading up to it.

And when you take some time away from your yoga practice?

Your hips tighten right back up. Your mind goes a little wild during meditation. And don’t even get me started on your breathing exercises.

So yeah, a regular yoga practice takes commitment.

But even if you’re committed to practicing yoga, it can be a little difficult dedication time to your practice each day.

And even harder trying to decide which routine to do (doing the same old vinyasa flow gets a little boring when you’re doing it for the fifth day in a row).

That’s why yoga challenges are so popular.

They give you structure and guidance for your daily yoga practice. They often introduce you to new postures, strengthen new muscles, and increase flexibility in areas that you might otherwise ignore.

And if you’re like me, then you’re obsessed with yoga and really just want to deepen your yoga practice!

Well, my friends, I get you and I’m here to help. Let me be your virtual yoga teacher who guides you through your very own at home yoga challenge.

Wanna know how? Then keep reading 🙂

How To Do An At Home Yoga Challenge

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert yogi, a yoga challenge is a lot of fun. It gives you the opportunity to really dive into your personal yoga practice and go deeper than ever before. Within a few weeks, you can break through barriers that even your overpriced local yoga studio might not be able to do for you.


Because it is *your* commitment to a regular yoga practice that you can do right at home.

But uh, here are a few tips for getting started.

Do It With A Friend (Yoga Challenge For 2, Anyone?)

Listen, I love practicing yoga on my own. Most of the time, it’s my me-time that I look forward to each and every day. But the truth is that sometimes it’d be fun to check in with a friend or a group of like-minded people on what they’re experiencing during the yoga challenge.

It’s fun to tell someone how much more open my hips feel, or how much longer I held plank pose.

Plus, it’s a lot harder to skip a day when you’ve got friends to hold you accountable.

Set Some Goals

Setting goals helps keep you motivated and make the entire journey seem worth all the effort. Whether your goal is simply to commit to something for 30 days or to finally master king pigeon pose, setting goals serves as the proverbial carrot during the yoga challenge.

Some of my favorite goals to set during these challenges are

  • certain postures or moves that are just out of reach for me
  • developing enough core strength to get into a handstand or other difficult yoga poses
  • building lower back strength and flexibility so that I can master dancer’s pose with ease
  • to be able to sit in meditation for X amount of minutes

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Celebrate Your Gains

Even if you haven’t hit king pigeon pose (or whatever other yoga poses you have your eye on), that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your gains along the way. I remember the first time that I was able to touch my nose to the floor in half pigeon… it felt like I was on top of the world! Being able to stretch your body in new ways is something to celebrate. So celebrate! And trust the journey to get to your yoga goals in the future.

Choose A Challenge (And Then Stick With It)

With all of the online yoga videos out there, it’s easy to bounce around from one free yoga class to the other. As fun as that is, it kinda takes the routine out of the entire challenge…

…which is an important part of the challenge.

So plan out the set of yoga videos you’d like to follow for the challenge and then In the end, you’ll feel SO good knowing that you not only completed the challenge but that your personal yoga practice has improved with it.

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Keep Track Of Your Daily Practice

At first, it’s easy to remember which yoga videos you’ve completed or which new asana you were able to accomplish… but after a week, two weeks, or a month, it can all become a blur. So be sure to mark your progress each day by writing down which routine or workout you completed, where you experienced noticeable improvements, and what your goals are for the next day. By the end of the challenge, it will be so exciting to be able to look back and see all the progress you’ve made!

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Try My Free Online Yoga Challenges

So you wanna do your own at home yoga challenge? Let’s do it 🙂 Here are some of my ready-made challenges just for you!

8 Day Yoga Detox Challenge

YouTube video

This yoga detox challenge moves you through poses that support a natural detox process. Each vinyasa flow class focuses on twists, bends, balancing poses, and more to detoxify the body in eight days. Not only will you improve your yoga practice, but you will also support your overall health and well-being. Join me!

21 Day Detox Fusion Yoga Challenge

YouTube video

This fun yoga challenge includes yoga videos with all kinds of routines to stretch the hips, build strength in the legs, arms, and back, as well as provide proper instruction on where to place the hands and feet in each of the yoga postures. It’s a fun yoga challenge that lasts three weeks, making it the perfect length to build a sustainable habit.

7 Day Chakra Challenge

YouTube video

Yoga is built from a traditional practice, called Tantra (no, not the westernized sexy kind). Within Tantra yoga, we learn about the chakra system, how to balance the chakras, and what to do when your chakras are blocked. In this seven-day chakra challenge, I walk you through both asana and meditation to support your chakra energy system.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

If you’re looking for a little more variety, then check out my free yoga calendars for 2019. Each day of the month, I assign a free yoga class that you can find on my YouTube channel. It’s a great way to develop a regular yoga practice no matter what level you are at!

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