the radiant body

You are a broadcast of light and sound radiating from your own unique soul. Living in the physical body, you experience the world through your Earthly senses. Yet when you learn to live in the radiant body, you experience the world as eternal and ever-expanding.

The radiant body is our final stop in exploring the ten bodies of Kundalini yoga. What a journey! Crowning the soul body, the three mental bodies, and the six energy bodies, the radiant body represent the divine potential within each one of us. In this article, we’ll review what this body is and how to tap into it in order to feel blissfully alive. I like to remind students that it is a birthright to beam inner radiance.

What is the Radiant Body in Kundalini Yoga?

You can visualize the radiant body as a golden halo of bright light surrounding the aura, which crowns your true essence. It’s your natural radiance! The radiant body is the highest and most noble of all ten bodies because it encapsulates all of them. It is deeply connected with our crown chakra.

The last of our ten bodies is connected to the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, who was a warrior saint traditionally seen as the herald of courage and victory.

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Characteristics of The Radiant Body

Affirmation: I am a pure, loving, and radiant presence.

Qualities: Our radiant body is the frequency of our purest, most natural inner radiance. It enables us to attract positive things and people into our life. The radiant body is our source of divine beauty, which goes well beyond physical appearance. The qualities of this light body include:

  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Nobility
  • Confidence
  • Allure

Those with a powerful radiant body draw the attention of a room because they possess something that everyone wants: True confidence. As a result, the relationships of people with strong radiant bodies are genuine and meaningful. Radiant beings effortlessly, almost magnetically attract the people and situations that benefit not only them, but everyone around them. The presence of a radiant being is like a stream of pure bliss nourishing their surroundings.

Others gravitate toward those with a strong radiant body because they benefit from this energy! Individuals connected with this highest light body seem to attract prosperity, as if the universe is smiling upon them.

The flower of creativity constantly blooms in the minds of radiant beings, making them deeply imaginative. Radiant beings are fierce, brave, and have the power to overcome any obstacle that gets in their way with confidence and ease.

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Balancing Your Radiant Body (Tenth Body)

So, what’s your self-care program for the radiant body? Balancing your radiant body will make you glow inside and out. Do this, and you’ll live like the inner goddess that you are, full of beauty and grace 😍 When you care for your radiant body, you are creating a life from the spark of your true essence..

But what does balance look and feel like in the radiant body, and what  about imbalance? Here’s what to be aware of:

Signs of Balance: 

  • Sense of being blessed
  • Living courageously
  • Feeling full of energy
  • A life full of authentic human connection 
  • Deep sense of calm
  • Confidence
  • Magnetism

Symptoms of Imbalance: If you’re not aware of your radiant body or have been neglecting this important layer of your being, you’ll notice:

  • Insecurities
  • Extreme or avoidant shyness – withdrawal from others 
  • Paralyzing fear
  • Unsteady energy levels
  • Stress 
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How to Strengthen the Radiant Body 

Meditation For The Radiant Body

Meditation is one of the best things you can do for the radiant body. This practice combines breath, a kriya (a movement) and a mantra, or chant, to awaken your highest level of being. When performed with your heart set on the divine, this meditation will give you a boost of energy and allow you to repose in a divine state of bliss.

  1. Start in Easy Pose. Lengthen your spine, and focus attention on the natural inflow and outflow of your breath.
  2. Tuck the chin into jalandhara bandha.
  3. Interlace your fingers overhead, with palms toward the top of your head. Breathe deeply .
  4. Once settled in this position, visualize your crown chakra floating above the head. Maintain awareness in this space for as long as you can with arms overhead (maximum 22 minutes).
  5. Close your practice by singing the “sat nam” mantra: This mantra is probably one of the most important mantras in Kundalini yoga. It literally translates into ” Truth is my essence. And that is a bold affirmation because living the truth is an act of pure bravery! This chant breaks the chains of fear that keeps you living small, opens your heart, and frees the mind to imagine that anything is possible.

Respect Your Hair

In Kundalini, it’s said that your hair represents your halo of power. Avoid cutting your hair, treating it with chemical products, blow-drying on high heat or combing too aggressively. Many Kundalini yogis swear by using a wooden comb to keep their hair smooth and natural. 

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Wear White 

Forget about the labor day trend rules – white is in style year-round in the Kundalini community 😉 This color is widely used in Kundalini tradition because it encapsulates all of the colors of the rainbow spectrum while bringing radiance and purity into the soul. Wear white to practice and see how it makes you feel. White actually goes everything; blend lots of neutrals and whites into your wardrobe if you feel this clears energy to give and receive pure divinity. 

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Get 3 Free Training Vidoes from our Kundalini University Experience & Certification Program