the queen archetype

Imagine a day where you feel utterly pampered…

After getting a massage and facial at the spa, you get to relax in the lap of luxury, being waited on hand and foot, while indulging in gourmet food and whatever brings your heart pleasure.

This is the ultimate queen archetype energy.

The good news? It’s available to you anytime, even if you can’t escape to a luxury holiday resort.

In fact, you don’t need to go anywhere to tap into your inner queen. Along with the mother archetype, the mystic archetype, and the sage archetype, the queen archetype is one of the most powerful universal symbols of feminine power.

Of all the female archetypes, most women love the feeling of embodying their personal power like a Queen would in fairy tales.

So, how do you get in touch with your queen archetype? Let me show you…

What Is The Queen Feminine Archetype?

The Queen archetype represents a powerful and authoritative feminine energy that embodies leadership, sovereignty, and regal grace.

Often associated with wisdom and maturity, the Queen exudes confidence, decisiveness, and a strong sense of responsibility.

She rules with a blend of compassion and authority, commanding respect and admiration from those around her. She focuses on justice and the wise administration of resources and power.

She’s so abundant that she’s able to share her plethora of resources with others. She is the queen of self care and often shares this luxury with close friends by doing activities to pamper themselves. She follows her heart’s desire and knows all her needs are met.

She’s not afraid to uphold her boundaries either. When a hard time arises, she has the resources to get to the other side.

As the pinnacle of feminine strength and intelligence, the Queen inspires others through her visionary leadership and ability to make tough decisions for the greater good.

In mythology and folklore, queens such as Queen Elizabeth I of England and Cleopatra of Egypt exemplify this archetype with their strategic prowess, political acumen, and unwavering commitment to their realms and people.

This queen archetype holds both worldly power and earthly pleasure, standing firmly in her domain and proud of her accomplishments. She is surrounded by beauty and ensures that everyone is well taken care of.

She appreciates luxury, comfort, and the material aspects of life, delighting in acquiring high-quality, exquisite items for maximum enjoyment.

Her ultimate goal is to reconnect with self-love, starting with embracing pleasure and trusting that her needs will always be fulfilled. She lets her body lead the way and commands respect from those around her while taking radical personal responsibility for her life.

Queen Archetype Characteristics

Deepest desire: Feminine power
Ultimate Goal: Allowing her inner queen to rule and achieving great things in the world
Deepest fear: Running out of resources, scarcity, and losing control of her amazing life
Signature move: She uses her wit and charm to get what she wants
Hidden talent: Harnessing her female sovereignty to lead by example and show many women how to enjoy the finer things in life

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    Queen Archetype Strengths

    Of all the feminine archetypes, the Queen is one most people align with strength and power. Even though the Evil Queen archetype (as seen in Snow White) gets a bad rap, the divine feminine aspects of this queen energy make it one of the most potent female archetypes.

    Her self-awareness is her superpower, along with:

    Authority and Leadership

    The Queen archetype embodies authority and leadership, commanding respect and admiration through her confident presence.

    She possesses the ability to make decisions with wisdom and clarity, guiding others towards growth and success like many masculine archetypes do too. Queen women embody this authoritative energy in a nurturing way, similar to the Lover archetype.

    Generosity and Abundance

    Known for her generosity, the Queen believes in the abundance of resources and ensures that those in her realm are well-provided for.

    She creates an environment of prosperity and shares her wealth and wisdom freely with others, especially other women.

    Beauty and Grace

    Surrounded by luxury and elegance, the Queen appreciates aesthetics and ensures that her surroundings reflect her refined taste. She embodies grace and poise in her demeanor, inspiring others with her dignified presence.

    Like the sage women, she makes deliberate choices in how she curates her surroundings.

    Strategic Vision

    The Queen is a visionary leader who plans for the long-term prosperity of her realm. She sees the bigger picture and strategically navigates challenges to achieve her goals, fostering stability and growth. Self care is the fuel for her greater vision.

    She trusts her own hands to build the future she wants to see and isn’t afraid to go her own way, with or without a powerful man by her side.

    Marriage isn’t essential for her success although relationships enhance her ability. However, with a mature masculine, she will express matrimonial devotion.


    Confident in her abilities and decisions, the Queen exudes self-assuredness and resilience. She remains composed in times of adversity, inspiring confidence and trust among her subjects.

    She has no time for petty jealousy and is remembered in history as the archetype who masters her shadow work, including that of the shadow queen.

    Empowerment of Others

    Empowering others is central to the Queen archetype’s role. She nurtures the potential of those around her, fostering personal and professional development, and encourages others to step into their own leadership roles.

    This isn’t about gender politics—she wants everyone to win.

    Queen Archetype Weaknesses

    Even with all these strengths, the Queen also experiences some challenges on her feminine odyssey. If this is your dominant archetype, you might recognize these…

    • Rigidity: The Queen archetype may become overly rigid in her beliefs or methods, resistant to change or new ideas that challenge her authority or disrupt her established order.
    • Pride and Vanity: Being surrounded by beauty and admiration, the Queen may struggle with pride or vanity, potentially leading to a sense of entitlement or arrogance.
    • Control Issues: Due to her authoritative nature, the Queen may have difficulty delegating tasks or trusting others to handle responsibilities, leading to micromanagement or a lack of collaboration.
    • Isolation: The Queen’s position of power can sometimes lead to isolation or a sense of loneliness, as maintaining authority may distance her from forming genuine, equal relationships with others.
    • Overprotection: Like a mother protecting her children, the Queen may overprotect her realm or loved ones, potentially stifling their growth or independence.

    The Shadow Side of The Queen Archetype: The Martyr

    When the Queen archetype enters her shadow side, she can slip into Martyr mode, where her innate qualities of leadership and authority become distorted by self-sacrifice and a sense of unworthiness. This happens to many women in the world, even our powerful role models, for example, Serena Williams, Princess Kate, and any woman who has had many eyes on her.

    The Queen in Martyr mode finds validation in sacrificing her own happiness and needs to maintain a facade of peace and stability for others.

    The queen archetype believes deeply in the righteousness of her sacrifices, viewing her unfulfilled life as necessary for the greater good and describing situations as hopeless or unchangeable.

    This mindset is fueled by a deep-seated guilt and a belief that she deserves her own suffering, rooted in feelings of unworthiness to receive love or fulfillment.

    In Martyr mode, the Queen relinquishes responsibility for her own well-being, expecting those around her to do the same. This behavior is often reinforced by societal norms that valorize sacrificial acts for the benefit of others.

    Despite any personal dissatisfaction, the Martyr Queen resists change, preferring the familiar discomfort of sacrifice over the uncertainty of pursuing her own dreams or confronting internal obstacles to growth.

    This avoidance is driven by low self-esteem and a fear of confronting personal challenges.

    Ironically, the Queen archetype in Martyr mode derives a sense of strength and power from manipulating others into conforming to her sacrificial behavior.

    She may find solidarity with other Martyrs who similarly glorify suffering as a virtue, fostering a cycle of mutual validation and praise within their circles.

    This martyrdom mindset can become ingrained and perpetuated across generations and close relationships, impacting how she influences and interacts with her children and those closest to her.

    Ultimately, the Queen’s descent into Martyr mode undermines her innate qualities of leadership and empowerment, compromising her ability to fulfill her potential and lead with authenticity and grace.

    Recognizing and addressing these shadow aspects is crucial for the Queen to reclaim her true strength and embody her archetype in its highest expression of benevolent leadership and self-empowerment.

    The Queen Archetype Examples

    When you’re embodying Queen archetype energy, you might start their day with a clear sense of purpose and organization, efficiently managing tasks and responsibilities with grace and authority. You prioritize self-care rituals that enhance your inner queen.

    Of all the archetypes, pampering and luxurious self care is the most important to the Queen. For example, a day at the spa followed by a visit to the beauty salon then a stop at the nail salon would be a Queen’s dream come true. She’s always ready to follow her luxurious with a course of fine cuisine.

    In myths, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, embodies Queen archetype energy through her strategic prowess, intelligence, and ability to rule with fairness and justice.

    She is revered for her wisdom, strategic thinking, and ability to inspire and protect her people.

    You might recognize the Queen in Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones – also known as the “Mother of Dragons.” Other examples include Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, Beyonce and Oprah.

    Queen energy isn’t exclusive to women and can also be found in these king and queen archetypes:

    • Zeus, Hera (Greek Mythology)
    • Ra, Isis (Egyptian Mythology)
    • Odin, Frigg (Norse Mythology)
    • King Arthur
    • Darth Vader
    • Simba
    • Cleopatra
    • Queen Elsa (Frozen)

    How To Embody The Queen Feminine Archetype

    Embrace Your Inner Authority and Leadership

    Embody the Queen archetype by stepping into your inner authority and leadership potential. Take ownership of your decisions and actions with confidence and grace, knowing that you have the wisdom and capability to guide yourself and others towards positive outcomes. Put your name in the ring to be a featured panelist and embody this archetype as you do.

    Cultivate Grace and Elegance

    Foster a sense of grace and elegance in your demeanor and surroundings. Let go of jealousy and lead by example, letting the course of your life radiate peace and refinement. The world needs you to be one of our queens.

    Practice Generosity and Abundance

    Embrace a mindset of generosity and abundance, believing in the inherent sufficiency of resources and opportunities for yourself and others. Share your knowledge, skills, and wealth freely, creating an environment of prosperity and growth. The queen archetype gives freely, as she knows her needs are met and she has no space for scarcity, jealousy, or holding back.

    Lead with Compassion and Wisdom

    Lead with compassion and wisdom, making decisions that consider the well-being of others while upholding fairness and justice. Listen actively to different perspectives and seek to empower those around you through supportive guidance and mentorship. This archetype thrives on seeing different world perspectives and being balanced out by her divine masculine King energy. All queens lead with grace, compassion, and wisdom.

    Create a Luxurious Environment

    Let your home reflect your epic self-care. Surround yourself with beauty, whether through art, decor, or nature, and curate spaces that inspire creativity, peace, and harmony. Make yourself comfortable, have cozy blankets around, soft slippers, and indulge in an extra course of dessert.

    Practice Self-Care and Self-Love

    Nurture yourself through self-care practices that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Prioritize self-love by honoring your needs and boundaries, ensuring that you replenish your energy and maintain resilience in your leadership journey. The queen archetype puts her needs first, so she can give from an overflowing cup.

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