5 Ways I’m Failing as a Yoga Teacher

5 Ways I’m Failing as a Yoga Teacher

Being a Yoga Teacher

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Here goes — one of my mentors encouraged me to make a video getting “real” and “vulnerable” with y’all and even though it feels very scary – I decided to go for it!!!!

I don’t want to participate in yoga perfectionism — perfect poses, clothes, photos. I’ve always LOVED it when my teachers shared with me their struggles and what was going on in their REAL LIFE, as I’m most interested in how yoga can improve our day-to-day work and interaction with loved ones.

Sometimes I look at Instagram and FB and feel that yoga has just gotten too glossy. Too many inversions and fancy workout gear. I wanted to try to put something out there was more about the “real life” “failing” side, as a reminder that we’re all just doing our best and the real benefit of yoga is how it can improve our daily existence and make us happier.

Did any of what I talked about resonate with you?

Let me know PLEASE in the comments.



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