yoni mudra

What Does It Mean?

Yoni mudra is one of the most popular yoga mudras that is meant for quieting the mind and promoting inner peace.

The meaning of word yoni in Sanskrit means “womb” or “source.” Mudra means “gesture” or “seal” and is typically used during meditation for healing energy. The Yoni mudra is connected to the Goddess in Hinduism, or Kundalini Shakti life force energy, which is represented by the goddess Kali. This mudra invokes the primal and natural energy of creation.

You may be wondering… who is Kali and what does the goddess have to do with Kundalini energy?

Kali represents endless time and space, the womb, as well as darkness and mystery. The downward-facing triangle that your hands create with this mudra represents the symbol of Shakti, or feminine, cosmic energy.

Kundalini energy lies dormant at the base of the spine in the muladhara or root chakra and through the practices of yoga, mudra, meditation, and chakra visualization…

…you can bring this energy up to the top of the head where the crown chakra lies and possibly even experience a kundalini awakening.

Since this mudra allows you to “go within” and become more internal, which is said to be more “feminine,” you can use it whenever you need to escape the chaos of daily life.

Yoni Mudra Benefits

  • This mudra relates to the pelvis, uterus, womb, sexual organs, and the entire female reproductive system, increasing fertility and helping with menopause.
  • Some of the mudra benefits include a calm mind, mental clarity, along with connection with your life force energy and inner consciousness. It gives you a sense of groundedness during meditation and promotes deep internal relaxation.
  • It would be great to incorporate this mudra into your yoga practice or during a hatha yoga class since it strengthens the nervous system and allows you to feel bliss.
  • It also helps with mental and physical anxiety by bringing you into a deep connection with the earth and feminine energy.

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    How to Do This Mudra

    1. Get into a comfortable meditation posture, keeping your spine and head straight.
    2. Press the tips of the thumbs together and bring in front of your pelvis (svadhistana chakra).
    3. Bring the tips of the index fingers together and point them downward, creating a triangle-like shape. Interlace the rest of your fingers and focus on your breath.
    4. Close your eyes and lips and focus on your womb space. Allow your energy and attention to flow downwards magnifying apana vayu.
    5. Take a few full deep breaths to release any stagnant energy. You can use pranayama breathing techniques such as three-part breathing—breathing fully into your abdomen, the rib cage, then the chest. If this feels like too much for you, normal breathing in and out through the nose is perfectly fine. Just remember to close your mouth.
    6. As you breathe in and out, become aware of how you are feeling and notice the pranic energy being dispersed throughout your entire body. If you notice you are feeling blocked in any area, you can focus on sending the breath to that specific spot.

    You may feel some tingling sensations or vibrations. This is completely normal and due to the increase in pranic energy.

    To add some extra oomph into this mudra, you can try some tantric breathing or listen to AdiShakti mantra chanting which calls upon the power of the divine feminine.

    The best yoga postures to be in while practicing this mudra are Utkata Konasana or “Goddess Pose” and Tadasana, Standing Mountain Pose.

    Try to stay with the mudra for at least five minutes or more.

    Pelvic floor exercises can also be incorporated into this practice if you feel inspired, but just performing the yoni mudra is enough for you to feel more love, creativity, along with a connection to your womb space and your inner goddess energy.

    Yoga mudras are life-changing. We hope that you feel the benefits of this mudra and can feel more balance and harmony in your life.

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