Did you miss the memo?

Our yoga focus for May is CORE strength.

(Based on your requests, each month now has a theme and a practice guide to keep us motivated and accountable between official challenges).

Now, I like to use yoga as a metaphor for life. Meaning I’m primarily interested in how yoga makes my life better OFF the mat (more on that in the Yoga Hacks Podcast).

So here’s my analogy for you:

Having a strong core means you have a BACKBONE. ?

You know what you stand for.

You’re living in alignment.

You’re not afraid to say NO to anything that’s not 100% helping you move toward your big, meaningful goals.

Yes, getting in shape for summer is fun, but for me, it’s 110% more motivating to think of strengthening my core as a way to strengthen my inner resolve.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 1.30.50 PM

My big secrets for making core work a priority:

1. Think of core work as physically fueling you toward your big dreams and goals as you feel the burn. Ab work is all about IGNITING your inner flame and motivation. And it’s literally connected to the element of FIRE, Manipura Chakra.

2. Core work centers you, and when you’re centered, you have more POWER. Do some core work, and every yoga pose you do after will feel different. Your alignment will be stronger. Your resolve will be stronger. Then, walk out into the world, and notice if you’re less reactive to things. You can handle anything that comes your way.

3. Take the neck out of it. I hate traditional crunches and sit-ups. That’s why many of my core classes take variations on these traditional movements, offering options where you don’t move or lift the head at all. When I know my head and neck get to relax the whole time, I’m much more interested in working my core.

CLICK HERE to get my fully illustrated Core Training Guide eBook that details all my subtle cues to take your core work to the next level (without straining the neck), taken from my years of teaching The Bar Method & yoga.                          core

It comes with 8 downloadable videos in a training plan that are a hybrid of core workout / yoga flow.

(Secret Side Note: you can get the book and the downloads for FREE inside my new membership community. I’m not fully promoting it yet, but if you want personalized feedback from me on your practice and all my classes synced and downloadable to all your devices, learn more here.)

Also, I believe in “no man left behind,” so I will also be posting the videos that are public on Youtube into our Private Facebook Group so that absolutely everyone can rev up their core with us, no matter what.



PS Here are the newest classes on YouTube you may have missed:


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