Name: Jeff

From: Canada (Ottawa, ON)

Current Profession: Assistant Manager at a campus bar

Brett: What’s Your Big Dream?

Jeff: To win the lottery and travel the world

Brett: What Brought You to Yoga?

Jeff: Injured my lower back while weight lifting and decided to give yoga a shot instead of physiotherapy

Brett: What do You Hope to Get out of Yoga Teacher Training?

Jeff: I want to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga. And maybe teach at some point

Brett: How Long Have You Been Practicing?

Jeff: Only 4 months. I practice about 12-15 times a week though so it feels longer but I’m still a newbie

Brett: What’s Your Favorite Style of Yoga?

Jeff: I really like heated vinyasa classes but I love to balance it out with a Yin class

Brett: What’s Your Favorite Class (or two)?

Jeff: http://www.pureyogaottawa.com/yoga-classes/pure-beats-with-brittany-bryden
It’s really fun!

Brett: What’s Been Your Biggest Struggle in Your Practice? Flexibility.

Jeff: I played a ton of sports before university and never took the time to stretch so my flexibility was pretty bad when I first started yoga. It’s getting better though!

Brett: What’s Your Big Advice for Others?

Jeff: Always take your hands out of your pockets before walking down stairs.

-Lightning Round-

Favorite Mat: Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm (I practice in heated studios and this mat is really sticky)

Favorite Prop: Stretching strap

Favorite Place to Practice: Pure Yoga http://www.pureyogaottawa.com/ or Yoga Town http://myyogatown.com/ Can’t pick a favourite.

Favorite Yoga Hack: Wrapping a strap around the sacrum and feet in reclined bound angle while in supported fish. Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKLJG_RXNK0

Favorite Smoothie Recipe: Not sure of proportions because I usually just eye ball it but a quarter of the cup of spinach, a banana, frozen mixed berries, 2-3 scoops of vanilla protein powder and milk

Favorite Food Recipe: Nutella on anything

Favorite Book: Any game of thrones or harry potter book

Favorite Quote: Live life with more “oh wells” than “what ifs”

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