kundalini moon centers

Emotions! Ugh! They can be so unpredictable. Wouldn’t life be easier with a map of your energy centers that could help predict emotions? 

Guess What! There is a map, it’s the Kundalini moon centers!

What Are Moon Centers?

As Amirta Kaur so beautifully said, “Learning more about each of these centers may be the greatest gift a woman can give herself.” With this gift, you can anticipate your emotional state. This sounds like a superpower to me!

Men and women both have the moon point located at their chin. These centers are always active. Men’s ability to grow hair on their chin allows them to “insulate this center“. This can keep their emotional spectrum stable.

Women have an emotional spectrum that is more “changeable” due to the moon moving through the additional 11 centers. The moon, which astrologically rules our emotions, moves around a woman’s 11 centers shifting to the next moon center every 2 1/2 days.

phases of the moon

Women’s moon centers are like an emotional filter. Imagine the moon moving around to each center shining through a type of feeling. This filter will reflect all your emotions while the moon lights up a specific center. If you pay close attention you may start to notice a pattern!

Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini to the West, claims that you can better understand your emotional fluctuations by understanding how the moon is flowing through your 11 moon centers.

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kundalini demystified

Each moon center has distinct characteristics, so if you study the map of the 11 centers and your own emotions, you can anticipate how you might feel. On a cheek day – maybe you book the day off! When the moon is in the vagina it’s time to plan date night!

Let’s explore this body map so you may become sensitive to your Moon center power!

The Eleven Kundalini Moon Centers

So where exactly are the 11 moon centers in Kundalini yoga you ask? Since the sequence of this cycle is individual to every woman, let’s break them down starting from the bottom to the top.

Eleven Moon Centers in Kundalini Yoga
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1. Inner thighs

You’ll be looking for validation as the moon moves through this center. This is a time when you may feel a strong desire to prove yourself. You will be more productive, and creative, and want to bring ideas or projects to fruition. You go girl!

2. Clitoris

As the moon passes through this sensational center you may feel like a social butterfly. You are especially friendly and will find it easier to network and make new connections during this time. The key themes of this center are charming and talkative.

3. Vagina

Very similar to the clitoris you are feeling social but you are seeking a deeper connection than in the previous phase. So you may be social, but not in the fun outgoing way of the clitoris of making new connections, but in a deeper, more intimate way. You may want to have a small social gathering with longtime friends rather than go to a party.”

This center point is located in the inner membrane of the vagina (what you see on the outside is the vulva).

4. Navel

This point is at your belly button but straight through the stomach located on the spine. When the moon is here you are feeling most insecure and vulnerable. This is an ideal time “to practice things that lift your energy up and bring you joy. I’d also encourage you to meditate on your insecurities to start working with them instead of against them.

This sequence would be a great start to a Navel day.

YouTube video

5. Breasts

While the moon passes through the breasts you will feel more compassionate. You will notice that you want to give during this time, but be careful you don’t give too much of yourself during this phase. Depleting the heart’s center can lead to other imbalances and you want to keep yourself in homeostasis.

This sequence will help you tune into the energy of the area.

YouTube video

6. Back of the neck

Are you feeling romantic? The Moon is likely traveling through the back of the neck. During this time you will notice that even a small gesture will win you over. Once you are in tune with your centers this is a great time for flower delivery ;). Be careful, seeing as you might be a little more whimsical during this time, you should avoid making big decisions.

When the energy is in the neck, this sequence can bring your focus to this area.

YouTube video

7. Lips

The lips are all about communication, which can be good and bad. This is a time to be mindful of what you say to others. Meditate and bring yourself to balance before speaking. Or discern your own feelings before you talk. If you’re feeling a little surly then you might want to keep those lips closed.

8. Ear lobes

At this time you will notice you are more analytical and want to discuss your values. This would be a great time to meditate on your values so you may have a deeper understanding of what drives you all month long and how those values will be implemented into your daily life.

kundalini demystified

9. Cheeks

Watch out for this time of the month. You might feel that as highly emotional and all over the place. You’ll feel like you are out of control. That means this is the time when your personal practice is the most important to keep you balanced. Meditate, do yoga, and journal. All of the things that you know keep you grounded. Use your knowledge of the moon centers to avoid intense conversations or encounters during this phase.

I recommend this sequence for the cheeks phase to come into focus before you start these days.

YouTube video

10. Eyebrows

When the moon transits through the eyebrows you will notice you are feeling very imaginative. Be creative during this time. Make plans, and let new ideas flourish, but don’t try to execute any of those ideas until you cycle back to your thighs. During this phase, you will notice an increased sensitivity in your eyebrows.

11. Hairline

The uppermost center is at the hairline. Also known as the Arcline – the halo. You are your most authentic self when the moon is in this center. “You are closest to your truth” in this phrase, says Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa.

When you are closest to your truth, use this practice to get even closer.

YouTube video

How to Chart Your Moon Centers

The Kundalini yoga moon centers can be tricky to track. It involves being truly connected to yourself to identify what center is active.

Unfortunately, the moon centers do not follow the zodiac lunar cycles or the menstrual cycle. Similar to the menstrual cycle, which center can abruptly change due to sudden emotional trauma. You can see how tracking this personal cycle would be difficult.

If you are serious about understanding your mood through each moon center, spend a few months tracking where you believe the energy is focused daily.

Using your bullet journal or a digital sheets program you can easily use this article to make your own tracking for the month. Label each center and the underlined words down the page, along the top write the date.

chart your moon centers

Review daily the different keywords for each center. If you felt more than one of these each day, rank the most frequent feelings with the highest number.

As you track your emotions over a few moons, you may be able to predict how you will be feeling based on the moon’s movements. SUPERPOWER ACHIEVED!

Meditation for Balancing the Moon Centers

Our lovely lunar friend in the sky is a constant reminder that whatever phase you are in – you are always whole. None of these energies is bad, they all work together to create balance.

To meditate on the moon centers, start with the traditional Kundalini yoga tune-in. After you are tuned in to the kundalini energy begin with attention to your breath and attempt to ground yourself. Review each of your twelve centers (don’t forget the chin!) thanking them for the unique energy they bring you.

Closing Thoughts

If you have a goal to better understand your moods and energy, this practice will allow you to understand and hopefully be able to predict your emotional world. This makes you a SUPER woman!

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