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eBook and 16 downloadable videos by Brett

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Comes with 14 downloadable videos you can sync across any device – including your phone, Apple TV & Roku

– Open your hips through Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release

– Access new poses with increased range of motion

– Soothe your nervous system with these relaxing classes for all levels

It’s all free as an UPLIFTED member (scroll down)

Brett Larkin Yoga



Ignite Your Best Life through Yoga

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Uplifted is not just another place to stream online yoga classes.

This is an interactive YOGA FAMILY. I’m here to inspire and support you.


Become the happiest person you know


Ignite your best life through the proven science of yoga


Commit to your practice move toward your goals

What you get as an Uplifted yogi:

Own Everything: Download the entire library of Brett Larkin Yoga classes and sync them across every device

Direct Access to Me + Personal Feedback: Outrageously improve your physical practice and move toward your dream life

Training Plans: Take your practice to the next level with step-by-step guides and non-stop motivation and support

Why Join?

#1 Unlimited Downloads, Synced Across Every Device



All my classes available for download on your phone, tablet, computer, Roku, & Chromecast, seamlessly with ONE login.

This means you now *own* all Brett Larkin Yoga content and can download it to any device you choose.

Access my classes on your Apple TV and finish later on your phone.

Do classes even when you don’t have Wifi.

Reduce your phone’s data plan by $20.

You’re welcome!

Not even the most expensive yoga streaming websites have this seamless experience across devices (and none allow you to download classes).

Never buy a  class from me again. No more ads, buffering, or trouble switching between devices. All this means more ZEN for you.


#2 Member-Only Training Guides & Challenges

Every month, I release a PDF training guide around the topic *you* most want, outlining what classes to do in what order. I hear you and I love your feedback.


Beginner Training Guide


2-Week Core Training Plan


4-Week Hip Opening Training Plan

Secret Yoga Alignment Hacks (happening now)

New training plans release each month to keep us all motivated and moving toward our goals between official challenges.

Within the membership, all videos are hyper-organized into collections and sequenced by length, level and focus. It’s never been easier to personalize your practice and meet your goals.

#3 Personalized Feedback


As a member, you get to talk to me on live calls and get personalized feedback on YOUR poses. It’s all about you!

How it Works

1. Snap a pic: The pose that’s always stumped you. The place you feel pain. Take a picture or Instagram length video and post it in our member-only event page.

2. Talk to me: Every two weeks on a Private Livestream with phone Dial-In Access, we’ll screen share and I’ll give you feedback and personalized tweaks. You’ll be able to chime in and talk to me live for any needed clarification.

3. Never stop improving: Not even studio classes provide this level of personal attention. Grow stronger and more flexible, knowing you’re approaching poses the *right* way for *your* body. Together, let’s stretch our body, mind and spirit.

See it in Action:


Recordings will always be sent. You’re welcome to ask anything on the live call – it doesn’t have to be limited to the physical practice.  This is all about giving you whatever support you need to grow in yoga (and life). I can’t wait to chat with you.

Yes – we have international dial-in numbers. Yes, we have hundreds of members from all over the world.


Early Access to Content

Request a class on a certain topic and receive it as soon as I finish filming.

Right now, classes I film get released 6 – 9 weeks after the fact, pending my Youtube promotional calendar.

Within the membership, there’s an immediate feedback loop so I can serve you better. No waiting.

Sample of Unreleased Classes Waiting for You in the Membership

Special Guests

If you love practicing with me, you’ll love the people I love. Enjoy member-only videos and masterclasses with special guest experts I bring in. Everything is based on your feedback.

Book Club


Every two-months we’ll be reading and discussing one yoga / self-development book as a group. This means we’ll also be holding one another accountable to incorporating the book’s principals in a way that improves our lives, and moves us closer to our goals.

VIP Discounts

Members access all my speciality courses for 50% off

Your Input

Everything we focus on will be generated by the community via live conversations and Polls. This community has amazing spirit.

This is all about YOU and what you want and need to thrive and grow.

My relationship with yoga online used to be one-dimensional. Now, it’s a gateway to the most amazing community. I’m constantly engaged and getting feedback on everything.

Alexis J.

Signing up, I had doubts about whether there would be enough content, but there is MORE than enough! I love Brett’s way of teaching. Her videos add so much value to my practice!

Jen N.

I feel so much better. My body is more loose and flexible. I tried with Kino Yoga but something doesn’t work. With Brett it’s so easy.

Karina G.

Member Investment

$14.95 a month!

or $149 for the whole year (save 15% and get two months free).

The price of Uplifted will go up in 2017. In joining now, you lock in this low price for life and will never be charged more. Your first *2 weeks* are free no matter what! Experience the platform. Feel the heart of this community. This is your tribe.

Our next live call to give feedback on your poses is on January 25th.

Join Now - Our Live Community Call Starts in








Other yoga subscription sites you just do yoga. Uplifted is like a close-knit family. There’s a lot of positive feedback. Since joining and making yoga a daily practice, I feel the peace and calm throughout my day.

Joanne P.

Before joining Uplifted, I didn’t know if I was doing my poses right. Now I’ve learned that and so much more, like morning routines for successful people, deepening my practice, meditation. There is no one out there like Brett. Her teaching approach is like no other. I’ve learned more with her in just a few months than with studio classes in the past.

Maria G.

I love the simplicity of following uplifted’s weekly yoga schedules. Brett offers high quality classes and an amazing variety of videos.

Shannon W.


I want to sign up, but can I pay *not* via credit card?

Yes! You can pay via Amazon or Paypal by clicking here. Right now, this option is only available for the yearly subscription. Of course, if you’re not happy with the service, just let me know and we’ll refund you.

Will courses I’ve previously purchased on BrettLarkin.com or on your current mobile app be available on the membership?

Yes, Beginner Yoga Jumpstart, Always be Stretching, Just the Hacks, Sequencing Masterclasses and any courses or classes you may have purchased in the past can all be unlocked for you on Uplifted.

Are the challenges, 18 Days of Yoga and 8 Day Detox included in the membership?

Yes – these are one of many new “collections” in Uplifted and available free with your subscription. You can download them too 🙂

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep! And it’s super easy to do.

Why can’t everything be totally free forever, all the time?

I’d love that too! However, everything about running my yoga site costs money: Hosting fees, email service provider fees, editing fees, equipment costs, cameras, lights, web hosting fees (do I need to go on?). Running my yoga site is expensive and insanely time-consuming. But connecting with you gives my life meaning. I make the choice daily to support independent brands and businesses that I love. Aligning my money with the things I value brings me joy. This is your opportunity to do the same, for me.

This membership enables me to make more content for you, better and faster. It also let’s me give you 100x more value through personalized feedback.

I already belong to GaiamTV, My Yoga Online [Insert Subscription Yoga Site Here] – how is this different or better?

Every yoga subscription site on the market is the same: they all offer a one-way experience in which you stream classes. That’s it. What I’m offering is a TWO-WAY experience. I motivate you. I care about you. I dialogue with you non-stop. I create what you want and provide personalized feedback. I want to help you ignite your best life!

Other Subscription Sites

One Way Viewing

Practice Alone

Broad & Unstructured

No Personalized Guidance

Students Are Anonymous

Just Yoga Videos

Brett Larkin Yoga *Uplifted*

Learn Through Personalized Feedback


Practice in a Motivated Community

Training Plans & Challenges

We Are a Community That Supports Each Other

Personalize Your Practice, Live Your Best Life On And Off The Mat

What is VHX?

VHX is the video distribution platform that powers our membership site. Download the VHX app on any device, enter the email address you used to purchase Uplifted, and see all my content instantly (no password required).

How does accessing the content  work? What happens immediately after I buy?

A “Watch Now” button appears which will take you to the members-only dashboard where you can access my whole Youtube library (plus Members Only content and videos not yet on Youtube). You can view the videos on your PC, but what’s really cool is accessing the member’s library though all of VHX’s apps. Find VHX on iPhone, Andriod, Roku, Chromecast or AppleTV. All you have to do is enter your email address (same address you used to sign up) and the members area will appear. Download videos to the app for when you don’t have wifi, or directly to your Dropbox to own.

Ultimately, everything about this membership site is designed to – you guessed it – Uplift your life.

Easily sync, stream, and download content across devices.

See massive results once you get the personal feedback you need on your practice.

Come to your mat regularly with a community of like-minded yoga friends. Dive deeper into your practice with tons of bonus resources on mindset, yoga, meditation and life hacks.

If you’re still reading – this is your tribe.

Sign Up Now

Limited Space Available. The price of Uplifted will go up as the community continues to grow. Lock in your place as a member today.

More questions?

You know the drill – hit me up in our Private Facebook Group.

Shaking with excitement and love. From my heart to yours,