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If you want to become a yoga instructor, then start here. These are my most helpful articles to get you started.

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All the burning questions you have about Yoga Alliance that the rest of the internet won’t answer can be found right here. From Yoga Alliance membership benefits to whether or not you even need to be certified, I cover everything that Yoga Alliance has to offer.

Am I Qualified to Teach After Taking a 200 Hour YTT?

Am I Qualified to Teach After Taking a 200 Hour YTT?

Perhaps you’re a recent YTT graduate, or maybe you’re thinking about enrolling in a yoga teacher training (yay!). If you’re wondering “Am I qualified to teach after taking a 200 hour YTT?” this is all you need to know!

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So you’re thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, huh? I’ve got you covered. From how to choose a training program, what to do to prepare, to how to find a job as a yoga instructor, I cover all the topics you need to be successful as a yoga teacher.

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Wanna know about the chakras colors, how they work, and how to balance them? Then check out these posts all about the chakras.

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All of the latest content about Kundalini Yoga.

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If you’re already a yoga instructor and you’re looking for resources on how to choose your advanced training or to improve your career, then you’ll love this section of the blog. From how to write the perfect resume to how to find a job, I’ve got you covered.

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From Breath of Fire to Vedic Meditation, everything you need to know to start your own pranayama and meditation practice can be found here.

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Learn about different yoga poses, yoga sequences, and the history of yoga by exploring my yoga category on the blog.

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Yoga and meditation are powerful tools for your pregnancy that can not only help you be healthy during your pregnancy but also your baby too.

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All of the different yoga poses and postures can be found here. 

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