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Fully Inflated Myofasical Release Ball

Roll out shoulder pain, hip pain and so much more. Fun to use in bed or on the floor. Comes with special “Roll it Out” instruction video I made and free shipping in the USA!

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Yoga Trapeze

No, it’s not for gymnasts. This is an insanely healing, therapeutic tool that’s relieved my low back pain in ways I never thought possible. Use it at home or in the park. See how your spine transforms when you hang on a regular basis.

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Favorite Yoga Block

Foam blocks are my favorite since they’re lightweight AND soft to rest my head on. I like 4″ blocks over 3″ since they’re sturdier and offer more support (especially in restorative poses). Be sure to get two, not just one, as I promise the moment you own one block you’ll wish you had two for symmetry and bonus restorative poses.

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Infinity Strap COTTON

  • Unique infinity shape keeps loops open for easy use
  • No hardware to hurt your hands or feet
  • No buckles to fuss with or constantly readjust!
  • Compact design means no extra strap in your way
  • Deepen  poses and maintain proper alignment
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Infinity Strap BRIK

The BRIK is the only yoga block featuring FOUR different heights for maximum versatility!
It’s Patented angled design allow you to use it flat or diagonally.
The original, ergonomic design opens up amazing new possibilities – like using against a wall!
Made of 100% sustainable, all-natural and eco-friendly cork which offers the best combination of comfort and firmness.
Great to use in pairs!
3.5” x 5.5” x 8.75″
Use code “LARKINYOGA” at Checkout for 10% OFF
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Favorite Starter Mat

Crazy, but after hundreds of dollars spent on yoga mats, my Wai Lana mat that I used when first learning how to do yoga remains my favorite. It’s super light weight, comfy, non-stick and can roll up into a suitcase. Mine has been to India with me twice and dozens of other places in the past 10 years and it’s still in better condition than many more expensive mats I’ve owned. Built to last.

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Favorite Premium Mat

Been practicing awhile and ready to upgrade to a “designer” mat? I suggest Jade. You can see my orange Jade mat in almost all my videos. FREE SHIPPING.

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CranioSacral Therapy and Lymph Drainage TherapyCranio you can do at home. CranioCradle® is an easy, non-invasive way of relaxing soft tissues and decompressing bones to open the channels that allow the body to nourish all its vital systems. Highly recommended for those with TMJ, neck or cervical spine issues.

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Yoga Jellies for Wrist Pain

The best yoga prop you’ve never heard of. Use yoga jellies to decrease the acute angle of your wrist in all yoga poses and as cushioning anywhere on the body (hips, knees, sit bones, and more). Perfect for those with wrist pain due to down dog or too much chaturanga.

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I love using sage to “cleanse” my yoga space before I practice. I also just run around my whole house with it sometimes to reset the energy and cultivate relaxation. Makes your whole home smell like your favorite yoga studio. Great for meditation! Here’s where I’ve found it at the best price.

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Myofascial Hand & Foot Balls

One of my favorite toys. Use this kit under your desk at work, in a car, while cooking, and more for opening fascia throughout the whole body.

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Myofascial Foam Roller

The MELT Method uses a specially designed soft body roller to simulate the results of hands-on manual therapy treatments. Softer than your average foam roller designed specifically for hydrating your fascia.

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Foam Roller

The key to a healthy body that’s never sore from working out – foam rolling. This is the exact roller I use in my free “how to use a foam roller video.” Essential if you do Bar Method, cycling, running or any kind of strength training beyond yoga.

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Lanna Eco Body Rollers

Gorgeous rollers that you can also leave out as decorations in your house. Use code BRETTFIVE on their site for 5% off.

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