Amanda Bucci

You probably think of social media as “one more thing” that’s stealing your time. Or as “one more thing” you have to DO in your wellness business. But what if instead of another task, it was the ultimate mirror to fuel your personal development and evolution as a healer and leader? Today, I speak with my incredible friend and fellow entrepreneur Amanda Bucci about how to get over yourself, show up authentically on social media, and conquer imposter syndrome once and for all. Listen to learn:

🔹Why defining you “North Star” and creating a boundary document with yourself and your audience is essential for your growth, success and sanity

🔹How to “pre-process” your fear of posting and being seen on social through emotional regulation techniques 

🔹 What to do about mean comments, haters, trolls, and how to use what triggers you to fuel your personal brand and evolution 

GUEST EXPERT: Amanda Bucci | @amandabucci @followedbook

Amanda is an author, entrepreneur, and Transformational Life Coach who helps people figure out what it means to be authentic. Since 2014, she’s created hundreds of hours of video content to educate and entertain, published hundreds of thousands of words across all the major social media channels, and worked with clients ranging from first-year business owners to some of the most popular podcasters in the world. Amanda specializes in helping people through the emotional work and practical steps to living authentically in their businesses, lives, and relationships.

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