Alexandra Roxo

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Embodiment is the new buzzword and lucky me, I get to have a TRUE embodiment expert on the show today for an extremely juicy convo. My friend Alexandra Roxo and I discuss everything from the repression of emotions in society to nervous system capacity to reality TV. You don’t want to miss this! Listen and learn: 

🔹 What to do as an empath when you feel overwhelmed by the horrors happening around our world
🔹 How to cultivate your feminine energy and sensuality in relationship 
🔹 Ways to feel your feelings and reveal the truth of your heart even when it’s uncomfortable to be that vulnerable 

Don’t forget to also grab Alexandra’s book, Dare to Feel, which is a combination of memoir, poetry, and ritual suggestions.

GUEST EXPERT: Alexandra Roxo | 

Alexandra is a bestselling author, artist, spiritual seeker, and teacher and mentor in the space of feminine embodiment, sacred sexuality, and spiritual transformation. She has mentored thousands of women in embodying their full magnificent self and seeing it as…SACRED and NECESSARY medicine for the planet!

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