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I love it when my successful 200 and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training graduates come onto the show to talk about the incredible work they’re doing. And today’s show does not disappoint since we have a steamy topic – SEX! Today, I interview French physician Fanny Leboulanger about pleasure, sensuality, jade eggs and how we can leverage our time on the yoga mat to become more orgasmic. I also reveal all the yogic pleasure practices I’ve been engaging in recently (coming soon to the Uplifted membership). We also talk about pelvic floor health, sexual trauma and practical techniques to de-armor your pelvic floor. Discover:

🔹 How to turn your yoga practice into a pleasure practice

🔹 Why “self-consent” is the basis of thriving sex  

🔹 The science of orgasm in solo play and with a partner

GUEST EXPERT: Fanny Leboulanger | www.fannyleboulanger.com | Your Sexyfied Life Podcast

After years of working as a doctor helping women, Fanny chose to dedicate her life to Feminine Empowerment through self-love and soul-full pleasure. Using a combination of ancient wisdom, modern science, a talent to teach and a French sense of humor (without French accent don’t worry), her mission is to help you reclaim the Thriving Sex and Fulfilling Life YOU deserve, so that you can finally become whole.

Instagram: @larkinyogatv & @withdoctorfanny

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