Have you ever wondered how advanced yogis step their foot through from dog to standing poses with ease? Landing in just the right place? Or how they glide from dog to plank while maintaining perfect alignment? (Even though the distance between your hands and feet in these poses is *completely* different?)

Do they have super secret graceful yogi powers?

Are they an evolved species?

Is the answer more green tea and matcha?


I can share with you what they’re doing…


It’s all about –

Micro-foot adjustments.


Advanced yogis know how to make tiny micro-movements with their feet to aid certain transitions. This ensures they always land in the right place. These micro-movements are a sure fire way to get the most out of your time on the mat. You get stronger, faster. You avoid injury because your alignment is always correct.

The mystery is that no one ever talks about these micro-adjustments.

Not even in teacher training. Why?

My theory is that because once you become a hardcore yogi, these micro-movements become second nature. They become engrained in your DNA. You forget it’s something you’re doing.

Case and point: I had totally forgotten I do this.

Luckily, I have all of my amazing Uplifted community members! They reminded me by asking specific questions about these transitions that seem so elusive. That’s when I realized…

These footing adjustments are a *thing* I’m doing. I can TEACH them.

Hence, the creation of my newest series, with super close-ups of my feet (yes, I got a pedicure first), teaching these transitions.

YouTube video

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YouTube video

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