Here’s what no one ever tells you: Yoga was always meant to be profoundly personal. A yoga practice adapted uniquely to you is *twice* as potent as a generic group class that’s one-size-fits-all. In a world with personalized medicine and personalized nutrition, of course you should have your own personalized yoga ritual. This is how yoga was always MEANT to be. So it’s time to put together your most potent practice with my brand new book YOGA LIFE. Are you ready?

🔹 Discover your five winning “soulmate” yoga postures

🔹 Design an adaptable tailor‐made practice that works for YOU and YOUR BODY. 

🔹 Drop “Yoga Habits” into your jam-packed day, whether it’s during a traffic jam, a toddler meltdown, or a life-changing crisis. 


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