“Am I a fraud?!”

I feel that way sometimes because of [drumroll]…my meditation practice.

It’s not as “perfect” as the fantasy 30-minute, 5am cushion-sitting, yoga teacher meditation montage that plays in my head.

[note: in that fantasy, I’m also wearing a golden-threaded robe, my hair is thicker, and I’m magically bathed in soft, white light.]

Like you, I am someone who LOVES yoga.

I always make it to my mat.

But meditation, well…Let’s just say I have ups-and-downs.

So I made it a project to get curious as to why.

I know that meditation is good for me (on an scientific and soul level).

I always feel better after I meditate.

I realize the benefits of meditating are guaranteed.

So why don’t we all DO IT consistently?

There’s not a lot in life that has a 100% guaranteed, positive effect as the outcome. I enjoy meditating a lot more than I enjoy flossing my teeth. Yet somehow with flossing my teeth, my stats are better in terms of consistency.

What gives?!

The truth I uncovered (and I share in hope that there’s a kernel of truth in there for you too), is that my struggle-fest with meditation doesn’t have to do with discipline, habit formation, ‘style’ of meditation, or anything like that.

And it definitely has nothing to do with not having enough meditation cushions. (I have five).

It has to do with mindset and a lack of self-worth.

When you create time to meditate, you stop doing all other things. You’re literally sitting in stillness and opting out of “normal” life.

You take time away from doing the dishes, walking the dog, helping the kids, folding your family’s laundry, fixing the car…

You say NO to everything but you –

You prioritize your stillness, your quiet time, your Zen OVER EVERYTHING ELSE.

On a sub-conscious level, this can feel scary. Or selfish. Or self-indulgent.

What I realized, is that committing to meditation requires placing a high value on your own self-enrichment.

I am the master of my day, my attitude, my time, and am committed to ensuring I perform at my personal highest potential today.

My highest potential is valued and needed.

It’s what everyone around me (and this world) needs.

People who take the time out to meditate are people who truly value themselves and have high self-esteem. Who are SERIOUS about setting themselves up for success. Who TRUST that taking care of themselves first, will make all the subsequent taking care of others and to-dos more easeful.

This is why I’m hosting a “Zentember” meditation challenge inside Uplifted next month.

Sign up here => https://www.brettlarkin.com/uplifted/

“Challenge” actually isn’t the right word.

It’s a Meditation Exploration.

I’ll be helping you develop a personalized style of meditation that works for you that includes a Pranayama (a breathing technique), Visualization, Mantra, or Theme, followed by a Grounding Exercise.

I have new video tutorials on some of the breathing techniques that never get properly explained (like Breath of Fire), and offer up a variety of downloadable meditations for you try in a month-long “meditation plan.”

As a group, we’ll be committing to meditating for 20 days in a row (starting with just 5-minutes a day) from Dec 5 to Dec 25.

Completing the journey will be like a Christmas present to ourselves (…and to store clerks and family members everywhere) since we’ll be so calm during the typical holiday insanity.

Doors are only open to sign up for 72-hours. So don’t procrastinate if you’re interested => https://www.brettlarkin.com/uplifted/ ?!

Happy holiday season. From my heart to yours, namaste ?


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