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Abraham P reviewThis is probably one of the most enjoyable yoga classes I have encountered online. I feel equally serene and strong. I loved the recurring positive message throughout the entire class.

– Abraham P.

Autumn youtube yoga reviewBrett! I absolutely LOVE all of your videos! Your sequences are challenging yet placating at the same time!

-Autumn S.

jared yoga youtube reviewYour patter is the best I’ve run into in a long time. Each time you said something about the neck and core the pose unlocked for me. Fantastic sequence and pacing. And I’ve never heard anyone talk to their hips and breathe in intelligence, but hot dang, that worked beautifully. Thank you so much. Your mindfulness throughout keeps coming back for more videos.

-Jared T.

Ashley F yoga reviewThanks so much for this practice, Brett! It was both challenging and rewarding. I often forget while taking faster paced classes how much harder it is to hold postures for longer. I feel wonderful!

-Ashley F.

Bobbie M yoga reviewMy first class with you, Brett. Your explanations of the breathing while moving was the most in depth I have had thus far in 12 months of practice. I feel great. Will do again!

-Bobbie M.

 julia youtube yoga reviewAbsolutely adored and cherished every breathing moment.

-Julia W.

 jen rThank you for providing the best yoga class I’ve found on Youtube in a long time! It was relaxing, without being cheesy.. no unnecessary background music, the cadence of your voice is exceptionally soothing

-Jen R.

 david dI really like your teaching style, probably the best I have found so far, in particular talking about the pause and breathing into all parts of the body. Thanks!

-David D.

blisstree logo5 Best Online Yoga Workouts: 60 Minute Detoxifying Vinyasa Flow– with Brett Larkin Yoga.

The instructor has the most relaxing voice I’ve ever heard. She explains everything really well without talking down to viewers and makes me want to be a more serene human in general.


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March 21, 2014