Are you intense? Passionate about your life? Sports-addict? Workaholic? A leader in your field? Ambitious to your own detriment? Stressed, tight or in pain?

Let me help you unwind and get in touch with your highest self.

Experience Myofascial Release Bodywork (MFR)

myofascial release brett larkin  Benefit from

– Increased self-awareness/self-knowledge

– A deeper connection with yourself and their loved ones

– Unwinding/state of peace/freedom from pain

Patients are referred to Myofascial Release Therapists when traditional therapy (including talk therapy), medication, or surgery has failed to produce the desired results. I’ve studied intensively with John Barnes and received life-changing treatment myself for over 3 years.

As a dancer, yoga teacher, and student of many modalities of massage, I’ve found MFR to be the ultimate technique for personal transformation and healing.

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Myofascial Realse – The Missing Puzzle Piece to Pain Relief (Health Journals)

What is Myofascial Release?
















Yoga privates and bodywork range from $80 – $150 pending time and location and are available in San Francisco at Satori (40 1st St, downtown), Zazen (2219 Filbert St, the marina) or my home studio (Russian Hill). I offer yoga/meditation privates OR myofascial release bodywork (MFR). Of course there’s always the option to combine all three to meet your unique needs.

Contact me to schedule a session.