Man in a suit. Eleven-year-old girl with purple hair. Sound stages with various music pumping from every direction.

That was VidCon – the super huge Youtube conference I found myself at last weekend.

Overstimulation and insane overwhelm took over my body pretty quickly. Every time I go to a big conference, I get triggered seeing:

  • Youtubers who have better stats, watch times, and numbers than me
  • Creators utilizing social media and technology in way bigger ways than I can imagine
  • Fancy new camera equipment and tools

Suddenly, I’m in a panic and feel behind on everything.

Have you ever spiraled into sudden overwhelm?

At this glittery bizarre conference, I wanted everything. Suddenly I found myself…

  1. Rushing: I felt so behind, I wanted to step on the gas and never let go
  2. Jealous: So many people were bigger than me, better than me. I didn’t measure up
  3. Self-Doubt: I started wondering “Why don’t I have the things I want yet? Is something wrong with me?”

If YOU’VE ever experienced any of these feelings, you know what it’s liked to be drowning in overwhelm.

It’s a cocktail of envy, self-doubt and wanting to speed-up like a mad man.


Our yoga practice teaches us that we can tune out the overwhelm and switch our mental state, just like we’d change the channel on the radio from pop music to country.

For concrete tips on how to do that, check out the live stream I did called “SIRENS – Police the Voices in Your Head.”

Click Here to Watch

Some additional tips:

1. Get on Your Mat & Flow

Get grounded through your feet. Align your body and mind through your yoga practice. Paradoxically, movement brings us into stillness. Once you’re still, you can step behind the curtain of all “the wanting thoughts” and see them for what they are: noise!

Remember that want you truly want is likely a *feeling* (like serenity or peace). [Click to Tweet]

You don’t want metrics or equipment or stuff. You want to feel good. And that’s accessible to you anytime through your practice. If music helps you find your center, pick out a yoga playlist that elevates your vibration and just flow.

2. Change Your Relationship with Time:

If you need a reminder on how to do that, listen to this podcast (also onYoutube and iTunes).

3. Get Grateful

All of our thoughts about wanting are future-focused. But yoga teaches us that the only reality that exists is the one we’re living in right NOW.

Focus all your energy on the things you’re already blessed to have in your life.

Gratitude really stops the negative mind from spiralling out of control and leading to overwhelm.

Ready to go deeper with me on your inner and outer alignment and gift yourself a weekend of pure positivity?

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