Dr Micheline Nader

Special guest alert! Dr. Micheline Nader is a Health Care Entrepreneur, Best Selling author of “Leap Beyond Success” and “The Dolphin’s Dance,” Executive coach, Motivational speaker, Philanthropist and President of Jesra Foundation. Today, we discuss how to:

🔹 Discover your “Emotional Logo”
🔹 Discern what’s your intuition…and what’s not
🔹 Program your emotions
🔹 Align your mindset to accelerate your success

Most yogis are self aware. But according to Micheline, self reflection is a huge part of leadership, and that leadership can tie into our own personal development work. I learned so much in this incredible episode about how our past traumas inform or present-moment decision making. And I know you will too!

GUEST EXPERT: Micheline Nader | www.michelinenader.com

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