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In this episode, Brett explores the mystery of the Polarity Play Kriya, one of the most popular Kundalini Kriyas inside the Uplifted Membership. She delves into the sequencing and significance of the kriya, dissecting each posture and movement. Brett explains the importance of a 40-day practice and the benefits of incorporating squats, arm movements, spirals, and heart-stimulating exercises. She also discusses the release of endorphins during the arm hold and the amplifying mudra at the end of the kriya.

  • A 40-day practice is important in Kundalini yoga for its transformative effects.
  • Squats in the Polarity Play Kriya help ground and anchor the practitioner.
  • Arm movements in the kriya stimulate the heart and balance polarities.
  • Spirals in Kundalini yoga represent natural movements and soothe the mind.

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