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Ever wonder how people with the demands of small children and fulltime jobs launch their dream career? Today, go behind-the-scenes the journey from “high school English teacher” to “yoga instructor and life coach” with Uplifted alumni Ashlie Franey. Ashlie is now a Higher Self & Identity Coach For Women. Her story reminds us that you have the permission to reinvent yourself, even if you have young children, another career or demanding family. Listen and learn:

🔹 How to choose a yoga teacher training and what to expect inside Uplifted 200-Hour YTT 

🔹 Why boundaries and goal setting are pivotal in times of career transition, and the exact phrases to use with energy suckers and vampires

🔹 The power of RE-EVALUATION, plus what to do if you take an assessment of your life, and don’t like what you find (but also fear making changes)

🔹 Ashlie’s magic morning routine and how she now interweaves life coaching and meditation

If you’re someone wanting to hear the play-by-play of how someone made a career transition into the wellness industry, this episode is for you. 

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