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Feel like you don’t know enough? That no one would ever want to hear what you have to say? Scared to put yourself out there and share your gifts? So many yoga teachers struggle with imposter syndrome. And (bad news) it never goes away. But we can cope and overcome this self-limiting thought pattern. In this episode, I unpack all my practical strategies to slay imposter and share your gifts. Learn:

🔹Why it’s actually *better* to just be a little bit ahead of who you’re helping

🔹How to overcome your fear or hurting someone else

🔹Allow your teachings to channel through you so you can shift into a place of service

🔹Why it’s ok not be first to market, and okay to launch your idea (even if someone is 🔹already doing something similar!

🔹How to recognizing self sabotaging thought loops, get over yourself, and your gifts 


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