Did you know even though you and I are both human, only 10% of our gut is the same?! And that the average woman is exposed to 165 chemicals a day?! These are just some of the fascinating factoids I learned in today’s interview with Aggie Lal. Aggie is a best-selling author with over 1 million followers on Instagram. She’s passionate about making biohacking accessible, affordable and available to women. Today, takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of her upcoming book. Discover:

🔹 The right order in which to eat foods (this blew my mind and lines up with ayurveda!)

🔹 Why “diets” don’t make sense and what to do instead

🔹 Aggie thoughts on vegetarianism and veganism 

🔹 The hack of thinking about “preferences” over “rules” when it comes to our diet

GUEST EXPERT: Aggie Lal | https://higherselfacademy.co/ https://biohackingbestie.com/ Get her new book: Biohack Like a Woman

Aggie Lal is a renowned public figure, best-selling author, registered nutritionist, health coach, podcast host, and TEDx speaker. With a strong social media presence and a vast audience across multiple channels, Aggie has become highly influential in the areas of Health, Biohacking, Personal Development, Travel & Lifestyle, and Entrepreneurship.

Instagram: @aggie & @larkinyogatv 

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