Burnout, Loss & the Yoga of Parenting with Sarah Ezrin

Candid conversation alert! Cozy up with me and my friend Sarah Ezrin where we talk about teaching yoga, being moms and why we strengthen our nervous systems by visualizing our children falling from the monkey bars at playgrounds while performing pranayama techniques (not kidding!). 

Sarah started out working in the adrenaline-fueled film industry. Then, took that “hustle energy” into her yoga teacher career, resulting in burnout. After much heartbreak and loss, she wasn’t sure she ever wanted children, but now applies ancient yogic wisdom to motherhood. This is a beautiful listen for any yoga teachers, prospective parents or those with kids at home.    

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Sarah Ezrin is a world-renowned yoga educator, content creator, and mama of two boys. Sarah writes extensively on the subjects of yoga, parenting, and mental health, often interweaving these themes. She is a regular contributor for Yoga Journal Magazine, Motherly, Yoga International, Healthline, and Scary Mommy. Sarah loves guiding people along their wellness and parenthood journeys. Her writing, classes, and social media are supportive, healing spaces where people can feel seen and heard.

For more information on Sarah please connect with her on Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram: @larkinyogatv and @sarahezrinyoga

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