You love yoga, but every modality has limitations. Does yoga provide everything we need for optimal health and graceful aging? Let’s investigate… Today, I interview my friend Dr. Jen Fraboni (who you may know as the infamous @DocJenFit on Instagram) about yoga’s potential shortcomings. Not only do we dissect yoga’s pitfalls, we tell you exactly how to mitigate them for a pain-free active lifestyle. Learn:

🔹 The movements yoga is “missing” and what to do about it

🔹 How you should be weight-lifting with easy ways to start

🔹 Is yoga cardio? And how much cardio do we need?

🔹 Why foam rolling is better than stretching

And so much more. Don’t miss this playful episode, jam-packed with tips. Your body will thank you. 

GUEST EXPERT: Dr. Jen Fraboni | 

Dr. Jen Fraboni, PT, DPT, is an internationally-renown physical therapist who specializes in helping people overcome chronic pain and maximize physical performance. As the founder of the new platform and app, “Jen.Health,” she brings a unique, whole body approach to strength, mobility and pain-free living. In 2019, Jen was named one of the top 50 most influential healthcare professionals. Jen’s easily accessible approach has garnered her more than half a million followers on social media and millions of views of her health and fitness videos. 


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