I bet you thought the goal of yoga was to achieve samadhi or enlightenment, right? WRONG. More precisely, yoga is about dismantling the 5 kleshas (obstacles) which prevent us from realizing that samadhi (bliss) is our natural state. Deep dive with me into eleven critical epithets: Verses 2.1 to 2.11 of the Yoga Sutras, where I’ll give the often overlooked kleshas – the obstacles and afflictions that cause suffering – the attention they deserve. Discover:

🔹 Why the concept of avidya (ignorance) is often mistranslated and misunderstood 

🔹 How the kleshas aren’t created equal, but actually function in a hierarchy 

🔹 How to “grade” your kleshas using Patanjali’s framework   

🔹 Why the kleshas likely won’t be eliminated (no matter how much you practice), but how you can leverage them to become more discerning in your day-to-day life. 

If you enjoyed the episodes where I’ve read the Yoga Sutras aloud, you will love this nerdy episode. 

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