Uplifted Yoga Podcast Episode 280 Guest - Lara Heimann

Join me as we discuss embodiment from a neurodevelopmental perspective with incredible physical therapist Lara Heimann. Do you love sinking into a low lunge? Lingering in hip openers? Flowing through feel-good movements? (My hand is raised!) While all of this is okay, our most sophisticated practice develops when we prioritize stability over mobility. In particular, when we truly honor the pelvis as our seat of power.   

Listen and learn:

🔹Practical functional movement tips to honor pelvic stability in your personal practice or public teaching

🔹Why you and your students’ hips may actually be “tight” due to overstretching 

🔹The importance of touching your body to provide feedback so you can change “the inputs” in yoga postures and find “side doors” that reconnect you to your most embodied self. 

Yes – we also touch on Kundalini Awakening. Don’t miss this spectacular anatomical conversation that touches on all the major trends in the wellness industry right now. Yoga geeks, get your pencils out!

GUEST EXPERT: Lara Heimann | @lara.heimann | www.lytmethod.com

A practicing physical therapist and yoga teacher for 27 years, Lara received both her undergraduate and graduate education from Duke University and as a licensed physical therapist, continued her studies with a Post Grad specialization in Neurodevelopmental Training with Recovering Function Organization through Stanford University. Combining her educational background in physiological studies and her passion for movement, Lara completed her 200-hour teacher training. After several years of teaching, she began to notice a void in the inclusion of anatomy in the conversations of yoga training. In the years to follow, Lara began to refine the LYT Yoga Method, combining physiology, kinesiology, neurology, and functional movement patterns to yield a more cohesive movement philosophy. 

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