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How To Become A Yoga Teacher

If you want to become a yoga instructor, then start here. These are my most helpful articles to get you started.

Yoga Teacher Resources

If you’re already a yoga instructor and you’re looking for resources on how to choose your advanced training or to improve your career, then you’ll love this section of the blog. From how to write the perfect resume to how to find a job, I’ve got you covered.

Yoga Business and Marketing

Why You Need A Yoga Intake Form (FREE download) 

Teaching private yoga classes is a great way to boost your income as a yoga teacher and gain experience with one-on-one teaching. The ONE thing you need to get started? A private yoga intake form. Here’s why: A private yoga intake form is a simple, all-in-one admin...

How to Make a Logo for Your Yoga Business (No Design Skills Needed)

Logo design, branding, marketing...if you're reading this article, you already know that this customer-facing side of your yoga business is important! Learn how to make a logo to use in all of your marketing materials in this guide, compiled specifically for yoga...

Do I need to use Sanskrit to Teach Yoga? 13 Reasons You Should

To use Sanskrit or not to use Sanskrit... that is the big question for many yoga teachers these days! One of the most common questions we yoga teachers find ourselves asking is "do I need to use Sanskrit to teach yoga?" Does it really help students deepen their...

Yoga Alliance

How to Update Your Yoga Alliance Teacher Profile Step-by-Step

‘Tis the perfect moment for a revamp, no?   As many of us are reinventing how we share yoga in the world, it’s an excellent time to give our Yoga Alliance profile a tender loving upgrade and share all the ways we’re growing as teachers! Read on to learn...

On Being a Yoga Teacher

11 Embarrassing Sanskrit Words Yoga Teachers Get Wrong

Namast’YAY or namaste oh no? The list of Sanskrit words yoga teachers get wrong is looong yogis, but we’ll look at the top contenders in this article. The difference between pronouncing a Sanskrit term correctly and making up the closest thing that comes to mind (it...

How Long Should You Do Yoga Before Teacher Training?

You’re wild about yoga and can’t wait to share your joy with students by becoming a teacher yourself! But you’re wondering; how long should you do yoga before teacher training? Is there some kind of rule? Spoiler alert ⚠️ There is no firm rule about how long you...

Chakras and Kundalini

Wanna know about the chakras colors, how they work, and how to balance them? Then check out these posts all about the chakras and Kundalini Yoga. See all of my posts about chakras and Kundalini Yoga here.

Yoga Pose Directory

Explore different yoga postures, alignment, and yogic philosophy behind the poses.

Yoga Philosophy

Learn yogic philosophy, practices, and postures for a deep dive into traditional yoga.



Why the Aquarian Sadhana Is The Ultimate Morning Yoga Practice

I like to say that the little things we do every day are more important than the “big” things we do every once in a while. If you’re a yogi, you know this is true! Just think about how it feels to get on your yoga mat after a couple of busy weeks where you just...

Venus Mudra: The Seal of Clarity & Empowerment

Mudras may be the #1 most under-rated element in a balanced yoga practice. Can you even name one? Ahem. No points for venus mudra 🙄 Mudras are often used like rainbow sprinkles in yoga class; an exciting addition, but definitely not the main attraction. However, when...

Adi Shakti Mantra: Manifest Your Divine Femininity

As you begin to dive deeper into your yoga practice, you may begin to pick up a few practices outside traditional asana. Those familiar with Kundalini yoga may already be well versed in the use of mantras and their benefits. However, even if you've never practiced...

Prenatal Yoga

How To Relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience all sorts of changes to their body. Many of them encounter pain in areas that they never had problems with before pregnancy. One of those tricky spots is in the pelvis. If you feel pain in your pelvis during pregnancy or after giving birth,...

6 Natural Ways to Prepare Your Body For an Easy Labor & Delivery

Giving birth is one of the most powerful experiences that any woman can have. Even so, every woman understandably has concerns about how to make sure she has an easy labor. After all, you're basically shoving a bowling ball out of your lady parts in one dramatic go....