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3 Yoga Alignment Cues That Every Beginner Should Embrace

via Yoganonymous: New to yoga? Don’t panic if you’re in information overload and overwhelm. There are a lot of yoga poses, many unfamiliar Sanskrit words, and not a ton of classes designed specifically for beginners where you’ll get individual attention. If you’re...

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Journal Your Way to Confidence, Courage, and Kicking Ass

via Yoganonymous: If your last journal entry was in crayon and something along the lines of “Dear Diary,” don’t panic. The kind of journaling I’m talking about here has nothing to do with recounting how your day was. Use of gel pens and stickers is optional. My kind...

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The Easiest Way to Make Time for Yoga

via Wanderlust: “Not enough time.” This is an excuse we use for pretty much everything. But the benefits of a regular yoga practice are so immense that it’s really worthwhile to make the time. How? An at-home morning practice. This can be as short as one quick pose or...

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WTF Is Mindfulness, Really?

via Greatist: I’m a yoga teacher and I’m confused by mindfulness. That’s pretty scary to admit. Here’s the problem: “Mindfulness“ is talked about so frequently these days, by everyone from Oprah to theCEO of LinkedIn, and encapsulates so many concepts that it’s become...

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