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How To Become A Yoga Teacher

If you want to become a yoga instructor, then start here. These are my most helpful articles to get you started.

Yoga Teacher Resources

If you’re already a yoga instructor and you’re looking for resources on how to choose your advanced training or to improve your career, then you’ll love this section of the blog. From how to write the perfect resume to how to find a job, I’ve got you covered.

Yoga Business and Marketing

This Cold Email Will Help You Land a Corporate Teaching Job

Great news, y'all! Nowadays, even more companies are realizing the advantages of having a wellness program, and are eager to offer yoga to their employees. So if you’ve been on the fence about teaching corporate yoga, YOUR TIME IS NOW! If corporate yoga is not part of...

This Cold Email Will Help You Land a Studio Teaching Job

The increase in virtual yoga options has made online yoga more accessible than ever—fantastic! Aaaaand, there’s still something just so darn special about in-person classes, ammaright? Whether you’re a fresh-outta-training teacher, or an established professional who’s...

9 Yoga Modifications for Pregnancy and How to Teach Them

Regardless of your level of expertise as a yoga teacher, chances are, you will have someone who is pregnant in your vinyasa yoga class at some point in your career.  You don't have to be a practicing prenatal yoga instructor to guide pregnant students but it's...

Yoga Alliance

Yoga Nidra Training Certification: Immersion, Online, Or In Studio

Since emerging into the Western world, yoga has grown and evolved immensely through different styles and variations. The ancient Eastern system is now a Universal one that yogis practice, teach, and preach all over the world. Old, young, weak, and strong - there's a...

How To Log Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours

If you've decided to join Yoga Alliance (and to maintain your RYT certification), then you'll need to log your Yoga Alliance continuing education hours. Once you’ve completed some of your CE requirements, you'll need to log those CE hours as soon as the certificate...

The Only 7 Yoga Alliance Membership Benefits (Some Are Free)

There are a handful of questions that are certain to enter the minds of all freshly certified yoga teachers. And in the yoga world, the biggest question of all is whether or not to join Yoga Alliance and if there are any benefits to a YA membership. While it's not...

On Being a Yoga Teacher

How Long Does It Take To Be A Yoga Instructor?

YTTs these days often appeal to students with the message that you can become a yoga instructor in under 30 days! Is that really true, though? How long does it take to be a yoga instructor - really? Depending on your goals, becoming a teacher can take anywhere from 1...

How Much Do Yoga Teacher Trainings Cost?

From less than $1,000 to upwards of $8,000, the cost of yoga teacher training programs is all over the board. How much do yoga teacher trainings cost? is an important question to ask when doing your research before committing to a YTT, especially if it's your first....

8 Reasons It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Become a Yoga Teacher

The life of yoga teachers and what it takes to become a yoga instructor is mythologized and misunderstood. The uninitiated often wonder, is it hard to become a yoga teacher? The myth: It's super hard to become a teacher because you have to learn everything about yoga...

Chakras and Kundalini

Wanna know about the chakras colors, how they work, and how to balance them? Then check out these posts all about the chakras and Kundalini Yoga. See all of my posts about chakras and Kundalini Yoga here.

Yoga Pose Directory

Explore different yoga postures, alignment, and yogic philosophy behind the poses.

Product Reviews

Check out my honest opinion on yoga mats, yoga props, books, and clothing in these helpful product reviews.

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Yoga Philosophy

Learn yogic philosophy, practices, and postures for a deep dive into traditional yoga.


How To Do Breath Of Fire (Kapalabhati) Safely

https://youtu.be/SQS4Ad-16vE Breath of Fire Fast Facts Sanskrit Name: KapalbhatiBenefits: EnergizingHeatingDetoxifying Contraindications (who should *not* do this breath): Cardiac problemsSpinal disorders (like a painful, herniated disc in the low back)Respiratory...


Surya Mudra: What Is It And How Do You Use It?

One of the most important lessons for yogis to learn is that yoga is much more than asana classes.  As you dive deeper into your practice, you'll find scores of philosophy, breathing techniques, cleanses, meditations and other wellness practices. All of these are...

Buddhi Mudra: What Is It And How Do You Use It?

If you've ever found yourself with racing thoughts, unable to concentrate, off in your yoga practice, or fidgeting in meditation, you may wonder what you can do to bring more balance to the body and mind. Buddhi mudra can help! Often, we can use the physical body...

Shuni Mudra: The Seal of Patience

You may be used to making sacred shapes with our bodies during an asana class but what about sacred geometry with our hands?  'Mudra,' is the Sanskrit word meaning hand gestures or hand position. Mudras can enhance our practice by guiding a subtle flow of energy...

Prenatal Yoga

6 Crazy Easy Pregnancy Meditation Tips For A Powerful Practice

You’re embarking on an incredible journey. You’re already so in love with your baby, you can’t wait to meet the newest addition to your family. As an expecting mother, your body is changing before your eyes. You’ve got aches and pains in muscles you didn’t even know...

Six Essential Prenatal Yoga Poses for a Powerful Birth

Pregnancy is a time where expectant mothers are experiencing more stress than usual: discomfort from morning sickness, pelvic pain from the loosening of connective tissues, and fear about the upcoming labor and delivery process. The third trimester can be especially...