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How To Become A Yoga Teacher

If you want to become a yoga instructor, then start here. These are my most helpful articles to get you started.

Yoga Teacher Resources

If you’re already a yoga instructor and you’re looking for resources on how to choose your advanced training or to improve your career, then you’ll love this section of the blog. From how to write the perfect resume to how to find a job, I’ve got you covered.

Yoga Business and Marketing

The Best Yoga Business Coaches to Skyrocket Your Income

Forget about mixing… I say business IS pleasure! I love making business a spiritual practice. I love to teach yoga in person, online, and sell my trainings. If you want to see how I achieved this with templates you can use to score you first yoga studio job, leverage...

Best Blog Platform for Yoga Teachers

As an SEO, I've used a lot of different blogging platforms with a mix of different SEO tools. I've tried everything from a drag and drop website builder to a headless CMS, and I know what "website maintenance" really looks like. So when Brett asked me to write about...

How To Become A Yoga Therapist After Your YTT

You’re obsessed with yoga or teaching yoga (me too!). If you’ve already been teaching yoga and want to learn more and go deeper, perhaps you've considered becoming a yoga therapist. What’s that all about? When I was researching the difference between being a yoga...

Yoga Alliance

How to Update Your Yoga Alliance Teacher Profile Step-by-Step

‘Tis the perfect moment for a revamp, no?   As many of us are reinventing how we share yoga in the world, it’s an excellent time to give our Yoga Alliance profile a tender loving upgrade and share all the ways we’re growing as teachers! Read on to learn...

Yoga Nidra Training Certification: Immersion, Online, Or In Studio

Since emerging into the Western world, yoga has grown and evolved immensely through different styles and variations. The ancient Eastern system is now a Universal one that yogis practice, teach, and preach all over the world. Old, young, weak, and strong - there's a...

How To Log Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours

If you've decided to join Yoga Alliance (and to maintain your RYT certification), then you'll need to log your Yoga Alliance continuing education hours. Once you’ve completed some of your CE requirements, you'll need to log those CE hours as soon as the certificate...

Teaching Yoga

How To Prioritize Student Feedback On Zoom

If you are looking to prioritize student feedback during your live Zoom yoga classes, you may not be as concerned with creating a reusable product; however, I still suggest using two devices if possible. Using two devices enables you to pin or spotlight yourself on...

How to Lead a Live Online Zoom Yoga Class

With all that’s going on in our world today, we need to offer our yoga community new and innovative ways to maintain their practices and stay connected. As you can imagine, many yoga teachers are beginning to offer online yoga classes via Zoom, a video conferencing...

Chakras and Kundalini

Wanna know about the chakras colors, how they work, and how to balance them? Then check out these posts all about the chakras and Kundalini Yoga. See all of my posts about chakras and Kundalini Yoga here.

Yoga Pose Directory

Explore different yoga postures, alignment, and yogic philosophy behind the poses.

Product Reviews

Check out my honest opinion on yoga mats, yoga props, books, and clothing in these helpful product reviews.

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Yoga By Benefit

Find the yoga sequence right for you.

Yoga Philosophy

Learn yogic philosophy, practices, and postures for a deep dive into traditional yoga.


How To Do Breath Of Fire (Kapalabhati) Safely

https://youtu.be/SQS4Ad-16vE Breath of Fire Fast Facts Sanskrit Name: KapalbhatiBenefits: EnergizingHeatingDetoxifying Contraindications (who should *not* do this breath): Cardiac problemsSpinal disorders (like a painful, herniated disc in the low back)Respiratory...


Why the Aquarian Sadhana Is The Ultimate Morning Yoga Practice

I like to say that the little things we do every day are more important than the “big” things we do every once in a while. If you’re a yogi, you know this is true! Just think about how it feels to get on your yoga mat after a couple of busy weeks where you just...

Venus Mudra: The Seal of Clarity & Empowerment

Mudras may be the #1 most under-rated element in a balanced yoga practice. Can you even name one? Ahem. No points for venus mudra 🙄 Mudras are often used like rainbow sprinkles in yoga class; an exciting addition, but definitely not the main attraction. However, when...

Adi Shakti Mantra: Manifest Your Divine Femininity

As you begin to dive deeper into your yoga practice, you may begin to pick up a few practices outside traditional asana. Those familiar with Kundalini yoga may already be well versed in the use of mantras and their benefits. However, even if you've never practiced...

Prenatal Yoga

How To Relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience all sorts of changes to their body. Many of them encounter pain in areas that they never had problems with before pregnancy. One of those tricky spots is in the pelvis. If you feel pain in your pelvis during pregnancy or after giving birth,...

What To Consider When Taking a YTT While Pregnant

So you’re about to bring a mini human into this world, but also can't stop thinking about taking a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)? You are not alone. If you're wondering, "can I take a YTT while pregnant?", rest assured there is something for you out there, no matter how...